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​How To Meet Russian Girls In Dubai – My UAE Guide!


How To Meet Russian Girls In Dubai

Hot beautiful destinations always attract hot beautiful women – there are no doubts about it. The hotter the destination, the more beautiful the women. From this point of view, Dubai is like a magnet for supermodels, celebrities and hot chicks. Since Russia has some of the finest ladies out there, the mix is pretty obvious – Dubai is full of hot Russian babes looking to relax and hook up.

However, finding Russian girls in Dubai is not as easy as finding Russian girls in Russia. You need to know where to go, what to do and how to find them.

So, what do you need to know before hooking up with a Russian lady in Dubai?

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Why Russian Girls Find Dubai so Attractive?

There are more reasons wherefore you will find so many Russian women in Dubai. First of all, Dubai makes a great holiday destination. People fly there from all over the world. Given its location, you are more likely to find Europeans there. It is also close to Russia, so chances are you will always hear people speaking Russian while walking down the street.

Second, hot Russian girls always swarm places full of rich men. They know they represent an attraction – after all, who has not heard about the Russian beauty? Russia is a country of two extremes – the middle class is relatively small. While many people cannot afford traveling, the rich ones will always choose exotic destinations, such as Dubai.

Russian women in Dubai will go there to have fun, but also to find a nice gentleman to spoil them. With all these, if you are interested in one of these beauties, you need to know where to go and what to do. So, what are the hottest spots to meet women in Dubai?

russian girls in dubai

Best Places to Meet Russian Girls in Dubai

Dubai can be a bit confusing when trying to meet a lady. You have no idea where to go, but there are also some strict rules you have to follow. Simply put, you are looking for hot Russian tourists. You are a tourist yourself, so your best bet is to hang around touristy areas.

Makes sense, right?

Pretty much everything in Dubai is attractive for tourists. However, Russian girls tend to be more loose when they are relaxed. Therefore, the best places involve bars, restaurants, parks, recreational areas and nightclubs.

It is less likely to see a Russian girl going out without her boyfriend or husband while on holiday. In other words, the best part about meeting Russian women in Dubai is that you generally can tell which ones are single. Good news!

You might want to check out the best Russian dating sites!

Day Game in Dubai

While Dubai is often seen as an adult playground, locals are normally conservative. Luckily, if you are into Russian women, they are not local. Picking up a woman in a club is one thing, but harassing her is a completely different thing.

Shopping malls always make great choices during the day. Girls are relaxed and will most likely have enough time to enjoy a drink with you. You can also just get a phone number and get back to her later. Mall of the Emirates is probably the best choice, yet the Dubai Mall is not to be overlooked either. Both places are large and have lots of ladies looking around for bargains and quality stuff.

Other good shopping malls include:

  • City Centre Deira
  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • BurJuman
  • City Centre Mirdif

Your chances will be even better during a party, but since it is daytime, opt for a pool party. There is an active party spirit, as well as lots of alcohol. No man would let his girl go there by herself, so you can spot singles quite easily. Azure Beach Lounge from Rixos Premium hosts some of the best pool parties – hooking up here could be easier than hooking up in a nightclub.

Other great choices include:

  • Barasti Beach Bar from Le Meridien
  • Burj Club
  • Zero Gravity from Skydive Drop Zone
  • Nikki Beach from Pearl Jumeira
dubai russian girls
Russian girls love Dubai.

Where to Find Russian Girls in Dubai at Night?

The Dubai nightlife is quite impressive. If you failed to find a Russian babe during the day, you might be more successful at night.

40 Kong is one of the hottest clubs in Dubai – great music, great girls and a great atmosphere. This is a major hot spot for tourists, as literally everything is perfect. While often recommended by tourist agents, White Dubai is a bit dull. The atmosphere is dead, while the music is repetitive.

If you are up for something more exciting, head to Lock Stock & Barrel, which has a special night every single night. There will always be something to do in there.

Other great spots for your evening game include:

Interested in something cheaper for some evening drinks? Head to Barrels Sports Pub – part of the Majestic Hotel Tower. It is more budget friendly, but it is also quite attractive for Russians. The same goes for Casa Latina or The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill.

Now, Russian girls in Dubai are split into two different categories. Some of them are there to have fun for a limited amount of time. Some others work there full time. Others are there for sex only.

There are prostitutes from all over the world and many of them are Russian. They hang around local clubs and bars trying to pick up customers. It is up to you whether you want to pay for sex – great option if you do not feel like trying your game, but going straight to the action.

Prostitutes often pose as tourists. The main clue? You can tell they do it for a living when they ask you for money in exchange for sex.

Final Words

As short final conclusion, Russian girls can embrace more forms in Dubai. You can try your luck and hook up with your skills and looks, but you can also pay for it in one way or another and make it faster.​


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