What It’s Like Dating Balkan Women? My Beginners Guide!

balkan women

What It’s Like Dating Balkan Women? My Beginners Guide!


What It’s Like Dating Balkan Women?

The Balkan Peninsula is an enlightening region in Southeast Europe and most countries that can be signified as Balkan include, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Herzegovina and Bosnia, Croatia,  Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, etc.

Most women from these countries are interested in online dating and they are open to date men from other foreign countries. Men can easily fall for Balkan women as they are very attractive and most of the time they make great lovers and wives.

However, there are a few things that you should know.

Here you can find some of the vital things that you should know if you want to make a Balkan girl fall for you. These women are mostly well-educated, never tolerates liars, actors, and fraudsters. You need to understand the game perfectly if you want to be successful mates. No easy pickings this time!

These women know what exactly they want and they are always ready to do what it requires to get it. Men need to follow a few important steps if they want to try to entice these women.

Ready to find out?

Men should know how to dress well

You cannot stay next to the Balkan girl if you don’t know the difference between discount store jeans and the designer jeans. Balkan women can easily identify the quality of the cloth that you wear. If you notice clearly that the men who date Romanian and Bulgarian women are mostly well dressed.

Also, these women expect a lot from men, they want them to give complete attention so that they can feel like the most important lady next to you. All these things are more important if you are dating the Balkan ladies for the first time because it is important to impress her in the first meeting, otherwise, you may not get another chance to meet her later.

Always have cash in your purse

True, it is very important to have a lot of cash when you take a girl for a date. The Balkan girls cannot tolerate the men who do not spend a lot of money on them. They have very costly habits and they will never settle with cheap.  So before dating them, you should know all designer brands quickly, and also she expects you to ask her first for a drink, and next dinner, and finally to a cinema.

Also, she expects you to pay the entire bill for all the things that you enjoyed with her.  In general, women love strong men who are very challenging for them and this is more in Serbian women. Make sure to keep her excited in your company and make her feel that when it comes to dating…. it does not get any better than you!

Get ready and Wait until she is Getting Dressed

balkan girls

If you are dating a Balkan girl, then it is for sure that she the best looking girl that you have ever seen. But, when it comes to getting dressed, it takes forever for them to get ready as they are very particular in everything like what makeup they should wear or what shoes match their dress.

Well, your waiting will not go vain as when you see them dressed perfectly and looking gorgeous. The women always look the best and keep themselves always trendy.

Do not be Jealous

Well, if you are dating a beautiful Balkan woman, then you should not feel jealous when other men trying to flirt with her.  Learn to stay cool, it is important as Balkan women like men with self-confident and who believes in them and feel they are worth it. The men should never try to prove they are worthy by feeling jealous or any other outbreaks.

You must act like you haven’t noticed anything different, or try to ignore it, and soon she will appreciate you for your well-behavior and she will be attracted to your more.  But, give her own space, if you keep moving around her, then she will lose interest in she will be less attracted towards you.

Women From the Balkans are Very Demanding

Well, you will not have a smooth relationship and it may not last if you are not prompt in paying credits, bills, and dinners. Forget your relationship, if you do not make her feel like a princess.

Now and then, she will take care of your needs too like she will buy clothes, wash your laundry, and keeps the house clean, also she will act as your personal assistant. If you prove yourself you are the one for her, then she will do everything for that.

She loves Perfumes and Jewelry

balkan women

She always tries to impress in every possible way with the combination of jewelry and fashion.

Remember, this show off is not just for you and not just to impress you, but also she wants to make other girls jealous by seeing her incredible taste in fashion.

Take Your Balkan Girl on Vacations and to Clubs

As you know that these girls are pretty and they like to invest a lot of time, money, and effort to look good. If your datel is doing all this, then you don’t need to get agitated. It’s a very common thing for them.

For them, getting beautiful and ready is a need, not a desire, so get used to it.

Home entertainment and drinking beer is not her taste at all, and it does not make her happy.  You have to ensure that you are taking her to decent and beautiful places where she can leave an a good impression on you. Well, in general, all women love attention, but the Balkan women get attracted to men who allow them to have a lot of fun & laugh.  They don’t concentrate on having the best jokes but more on showing you enjoyment, excitement and overall just a great time!

They love to wear Black

For most women, black is an informal uniform which they like to wear black every season. For some reason it never get boring to them. Even when I was dating a Croatian girl I did not date to ask her to wear any other clothes. I knew she would not take it in a positive way. Her sister told me to get used to it as most women love black as it makes them feel slimmer and more in shape.

And she was like a size 2 already! Crazy, huh?

They do use colors from time to time, but not often. When you go on a first you should always compliment her clothes first and once she gets to know you it is allowed to complement her beautiful face and body. But only after she gets comfortable with you.

Tell her your opinion and what you noticed, she will surely feel flattered. 😉

Learn Geography

It is prohibited to ask a Bulgarian  woman where is Bolivia, and it gets worse if you speculate whether Croatia and Serbia are the same countries. Also, never argue with Macedonia girls about the reality of Macedonia and never try to call Yugoslavia as the Balkan area.

If you do, then you are a dead man, and looking for serious problems. Trust me! 

You will make a smashing impression to her if you know a bit about her traditions and culture.  If you are able to tell some stories and start talking about geography topics, she will be glad about your attempt to learn something about her traditions. These are brownie points for sure!

Balkan Women have a Strange Surname and Name

balkan ladies

Rule number one:

If you are not able to pronounce her last and first name without a mistake, then she will easily dump you. Don’t take it personally, but try to learn it.

Even if you keep making mistakes, don’t stop trying. Some of these girls have the most difficult names in the world and the loud disco music does not help with your pick-up game if you can’t even understand her name.

Also, never try to brag a lot, if you show off too much, she will feel that you are trying to impress her. So it is advisable to maintain some ice cold attitude so that it will have an opposite effect.

Women will get excited when men talk intimate and personal level conversation without any fear.  Allow her to talk about her childhood, travel happiness, funny experiences etc etc. They love that stuff. The best topic of them all?

Ask where she likes to travel this year! Trust me, they will keep talking forever!

Balkan Girls Love to Drink a Lot

These girls surely have a strong liver as they love to drink a lot. They like drinking shots and that is why they always carry Brandy, Vodka, and Whiskey with them. You should be ready to drink a lot of alcohol all night.

Golden tip:

If you are the guy who leads the game, then take advantage of the situation and try to play Truth or Dare. But, if it is uncomfortable to play, then ask some crazy question like if she did a threesome before or the craziest place she had sex before.

They will love it and the alcohol does the rest of the work! 😉

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  1. I now live in Montenegro since December 2018. I have since been seriously dating a most beautiful Montenegrin women I could have ever imagined. Our relationship is amazing, interesting and very strong. If I had know about these amazingly beautiful women, I would have moved here years ago. This site nail it all perfectly. Great job!

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