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Top 4 Best Romanian Dating Sites of 2019


Top 4 Best Romanian Dating Sites of 2019

The best Romanian Dating Sites of 2019 allows you to meet virtually thousands of like-minded individuals and connect with them instantly through your tablet, desktop, and the Smartphone.

Romania does not have much dating prospect and that is why many available women prefer online dating to find a nice and perfect guy.  Also, currently, many women in Romania are not interested in Romanian men and that is why they are finding other prospects and looking for different platforms to find the perfect man.

Don’t believe me? Read my ultimate guide on understanding Romanian women and how to date them! It is all you need to know about picking up those beautiful girls!

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First things first!

Now, there are many ways where you find the best woman using a list of the best Romanian dating apps and sites. Each of these apps generated the list that facilitates you to concentrate on the Romanian statistical wide database to arrange through and more significantly have real women.

Like said earlier, Romania caters a very few dating sites as it has very small dating prospects. That is why, many people still consider the classic Facebook as their dating app as it is free.. and to be honest.. It SUCKS!

Most Romanian girls on Facebook are not interested in dating foreign guys. Most of them do not even speak good English! Therefore you need to find a good dating site on which Romanian women are already in the mindset of finding a suitable partner abroad.

Here you can find some of the best Romanian Dating Sites that can help you connect to the individual to change your status from single to couple!

You are welcome! 😉

best Romanian dating sites
Romanian girls love online dating. Before it was only Facebook but now you see more and more women switch the specialized foreign dating sites.

RomaniaKiss is my favorite Romanian dating app and site. It has been offering the best online dating service since 2017 and because it is so new, no other guys know about it!!

This app is created for those individuals who are looking for a healthy and long-term relationship by finding a single and perfect Romanian bride/groom. The app offers all the basic features, including instant message feature, chat rooms, email, and also some rare features like it allows you to have a video chat and an option to make a video profile.

However, the app allows you to create a free profile, but it needs a paid subscription to connect with other members. Thankfully, it is really cheap and the app offers a wide choice of affordable subscription choices to select from. They also avoid scammers and do additional profile checks.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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Romanian Cupid

It is the biggest online dating app that has an impressive Romania and International user base also. However, the design of the app is a bit crowded as it has a lot of features. The signup procedure is fast and the search feature provides quick results. It also included some added features like voting on pictures to show your interest by saying great, etc, that can be useful when you want to accolade a new connection. You just need to sign-up for a paid membership to get more advantages.

A large range of beautiful and intelligent Romanian women use Romanian Cupid app/site to find a more serious relationship and most of these women will be interested in finding foreign men, which means foreigners have more chances to get connected with beautiful Romanian girls. It is advisable to have a less language barrier as it helps you to make those vital connections more quickly.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Badoo is also one of the top dating apps and it has more casual vibe than other dating apps like Sentimente.  The app offers the best approach to meet beautiful Romanian and European women, but it is NOT easy.

At the Encounters section, you can find profiles and flinch right or left. Also, at Badoo, you can find feed where you can check all the users who share the same interests and excitements with you are presently close by. You can also find if any user crosses your path previously in the day. Also, you can find when and where it happened if they share the same interests.

In both places, liking a profile can connect the individuals if the interests are common and you can exchange messages. Badoo is one the best dating app that is totally free to use, but if you are looking for advanced features such as chatting with most popular Romanian women, then this app is not the best choice.

The response rate is just to low ( 1 out of 10) and there are just too much fake and non-active profiles

Rating: 2.5 out 5 stars


Currently, Tinder is gaining popularity and it is considered as the number one dating app all over the world. Now, it is easy to get connected with the hottest single and eligible Romanian girls through Tinder dating app. Now, with the introduction of Tinder Online, you don’t even need to swipe your phone left or right.

Tinder principle is very simple; if you like the profile, then swipe right and if you are not, then swipe left. When you both like each other, then nothing can stop you. You can exchange as many messages as you want once you get connected with the girl/boy. On Tinder, all the significant function like unlimited messaging and swiping is totally free. But, there is a limit for free users as Tinder allows the user to swipe 100 profiles in every 12hrs for free.

You will be surprised to see how quickly you can swipe 100 profiles, particularly when you are living in a big city like Bucharest with a lot of users. In reality, individuals who use Tinder dating app live in or close by big urban areas, and it is the same in Romania as well. Generally, only 27 percent of singles who use Tinder live in rural or suburban areas. Also, you will observe that the majority of these individuals are between 18-years and 34-years old.

However, Tinder is not a perfect app if you are looking for older women, and also, it is not worth a try if you are looking to have a serious and genuine relationship.  If you use Tinder in combination with a more serious app such as RomaniaKiss, then you can expect quick results.

The response rate is about 20% – but there are also so many prostitutes on the app it sometimes because impossible to find a legit date. Especially if you are staying in Bucharest.

Rating: 3 out 5 stars

Final Words

These are some of the best dating apps and sites that offer the best experience to the users. Some app like RomaniaKiss allows you to use the app not just to connect with eligible and single Romanian individuals but it also allows you to make friends, have a casual date, hook up or you can as well find someone who wants a serious relationship.

Users can browse through photos, enjoy chatting, flirting, making matches, and have fun with these mobile dating apps.

Good luck!

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