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I have dated dozens of Eastern European women for the last 5 years – Ask me anything!

Questions Asked!I have dated dozens of Eastern European women for the last 5 years – Ask me anything!
AvatarJohn Staff asked 1 week ago

Hi There!

My name is John (32) and I have been working, living and traveling in Eastern Europe for the last 5 years. During that time I have dated dozens of beautiful Eastern European women and learned all the tips & tricks that actually work.

Every time I dated a stunning girl, my friends would ask how my old ugly face was capable of hooking-up with such beauties.

Hmm – Thanks, for the compliment, I guess?

After a few visits from friends and family in Moscow, I decided I would start writing an authentic blog about my dating experiences. A few articles are about dating Eastern European women in general, dating culture, how to approach them and where to find them.

Others are about my adventures and travels in Eastern Europe and what day- and nightgame I used to pick up women, how I avoided scams, find the hotels and restaurants, strip bars and clubs, and of course the best dating activities you can pursue.

I hope you enjoy the website and feel free to ASK ME ANYTHING!

2 Answers
AvatarKareem answered 1 week ago

John, What is your favorite country to visit? And which city did you have most luck picking up women?

AvatarJohn Staff replied 1 week ago

Good question! This year my focus will be mostly on dating Ukrainian women. I love Odessa and Lviv but Krakow (Poland) and Prague (Czech Republic) will always be close to the heart as well. Just too many beautiful ladies! 😉

AvatarEtsi answered 1 week ago

Do you have some tips on how not to get scammed? How do I know if the girl I am talking to online is real?
Thank you

AvatarJohn Staff replied 1 week ago

I always use three golden rules when it comes to online dating:

1. The 50/50 photo rule. You see, all Eastern European women will do professional photoshoots and use photoshop to edit the pictures. That is fine, but if the profile does not include “your daily snapshot” photographs I go to the next one. It should be around 50/50.

2. Move the conversation to a private network as fast as possible. Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp.. Facebook! Whatever it takes. It does not matter if you need to pay for the first message or two – but if she insists on using the paid platform you should dump her ass right away. Especially if you need to pay for translating services as well.

3. When they ask for money right away. Most of the time with some bulls*t excuse like a family tragedy or emergency.

Good luck!


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