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Girl & Guest Friendly Hotels in Eastern Europe – Hotel Reviews & Ratings


List of Girl Friendly Hotels in Eastern Europe

Ok – You are ready to party and start dating in Eastern Europe, but did you consider where to get down and dirty once you pick up that beautiful girl?


No worries – Use my girl friendly hotel tourist guide to make sure you can always bang and not go home empty-handed. If you look at my schedule you can see a review and rating system that shows you a comparison of prices, locations, if prostitutes are present/allowed and if you can take a date back to your room with or without additional charges.

Make sure you always check the hotel policy before you book and visit as sometimes the policy might change. I will try to keep this list as accurate as possible, but I can’t guarantee all information.


girl friendly hotels in Minsk


HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Hotel Belarus - Click Here For Rates!Minsk3/5YesNo
Hotel Europe - Click Here For Rates!Minsk5/5YesNoGirls in lobby and bar and call service
Hotel Orbita - Click Here For Rates!Minsk3/5NoNo
Hotel Tourist - Click Here For Rates!Minsk4/5YesNoCall service available
Victoria Hotel - Click Here For Rates!Minsk4/5YesNoGreat location and service
Planeta Hotel - Click Here For RatesMinsk3/5YesYesSmall additional fee. About 10 USD.
Intourist Hotel - Click Here For RatesBrest2.5/5YesNoGirls in disco and bar. Old Soviet style hotel rooms

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girl friendly hotels in bulgaria

HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Arena Der Sadica - Click Here For Rates!Sofia5/5YesNoBest spot in Sofia. Great staff and plenty of working girls and singles.
Holiday Inn Sofia - Click Here For Rates!Sofia 4/5YesNoGirls in lobby and bar and call service
Grand Hotel Sofia - Click Here For Rates!Sofia5/5YesNoHigh class girls. Paid and non-paid girls. This is the place to be in Sofia for the rich and famous!
Shans 2 Hotel - Click Here For Rates!Sofia3/5NoNoVery basic. Perfect for budget-travelers. Call service possible.
Novotel Plovdiv - Click Here For Rates!Plovdiv5/5YesNoBest hotel in Plovdiv. Girls in lobby, bars and call-service. Also perfect for normal dates.
Majestic Beach Resort - Click Here For Rates!Sunny Beach4/5NoNoCall-service and girls in front of the hotel
Hotel Bulgaria - Click Here For Rates!Burgas4/5NoNo

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Czech Republic

meet czech women online
Meeting Czech ladies is easy when you explore the amazing Prague nightlife!
HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks

Ambassador - Click Here For Rates!
Prague5/5YesNoGreat hotel and location. Right nearby the red light district and bars.
Esplanade - Click Here For Rates!Prague4/5Yes/NoNoSometimes girls in the local bar. Great place to meet Czech girls for dating as well.
Radisson Blue Alcron Hotel - Click Here For Rates!Prague5/5YesNo
Hotel Fenix K+K - Click Here For Rates!Prague4/5NoNoRight next to the red light district of Prague - but also the nightclubs and bars. Great restaurant!
Hotel Central - Click Here For Rates!Prague5/5YesNoBest location in Prague at old town square.
Western Premier Inn - Click Here For Rates!Brno4/5YesNoHas a call in service - but they don't not advertise it. No problems with dates.
Holiday Inn - Click Here For Rates!Brno4/5NoNoLocated close to the best clubs and bars of Brno.
Hotel Continental - Check For Rates!Brno4/5YesNoBar was full with working girls. Great if you are alone - but no single girls here.

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tallinn girls estonia
Get ready to party at the Venus Nightclub. It is located right across this girl friendly hotel.
HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Hotel Palace - Check The Best Price!Tallinn5/5NoNoGreat hotel and location. Has its own nightclub full of girls. Go after 11.00 PM!
Sokos Viru Hotel - Book now!Tallinn5/5YesNoThe Holy Grail of girls! Prostitutes everywhere and the disco is full with single ladies! Best place I have ever stayed at!
Nordic Hotel Forum - Get Best Rates!Tallinn4/5YesNoNext to the famous Venus Club - Right across Viru.

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HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Intercontinental Hotel - Click For Rates!Budapest5/5YesNoGreat hotel and location. Hotel lobby en bar full with girls.
Kempinski - Click For Rates! Budapest5/5YesNoAmazing hotel - but very expensive. You will only find high class girls here. Paid and non-paid. The girls are SMOKING hot though!

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lithuanian women and girls

HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Europa City Hotel - Book now!Vilnius4/5NoNoAll hotels allow girls from outside.
Holiday Inn Vilnius - Book now!Vilnius3/5NoNo
Hotel Panorama - Book now!Vilnius4/5NoNo
Novotel Vilnius - Get Rates!Vilnius5/5NoNo

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Additional tips

  • Always check the latest policy of the hotel. Call and ask the staff it it’s allowed to bring your guests to the room.
  • A good tip is to book a room for two and inform staff your “wife or girlfriend” will come later. This always worked for me.
  • Check if the hotel has girls working in the bar or lobby. You would be surprised how many prostitutes you can find in these areas.
  • Order a classy escort. Not a cheap street worker that looks like something from an Exorcist movie, because the staff won’t be happy with your choice.
  • Another great option is looking for your own apartment. You will have more privacy and no noisy hotel staff – but it might be harder to find a girl.
  • Some hotels might ask for the girls ID and want her to register before going to your room. This is very common and will protect you from scammers.
  • Money talks – bullshit walks. If the hotel is not girl friendly try to give some extra money to the receptionist. This is Eastern Europe after all.
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