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Great news – You have reached one the best Eastern European Dating Advice website on the worldwide web. A few years ago I decided to share my stories about dating different Eastern European women. At first I had the idea about writing a book – but a friend of my suggested to start a blog.

Fast forward and the blog has EXPLODED! Everyday thousands of visitors check out my blog and I receive hundreds of e-mails every week from guys asking for dating advice.

E-mails from average joe’s like you and me who are just stuck when it comes to dating Eastern European women! 


How to get started?

Yeah, I know – Dating can be hard. Especially if it is in a foreign country and in a foreign culture. Thankfully, I decided to write down my crazy adventures and created dozens of helpful guidelines that provide you with the basic-knowledge and tools on how to successfully date Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Latvian and Czech girls.

Select each country in the category section and learn more about how to pick up girls and how to master the local dating culture.

Of course, once you find a beautiful girl you also need a place to hang out. Now this list took me a long time to establish, but thanks to my own experience and that of the readers we have created the only girl friendly hotel list for Eastern Europe.

Check the rating, prices and locations and you will no problem getting your date back to your room or maybe book a working girl for a fun night out!

Last but not least, I made an overview of the best Eastern European Dating Sites.

With this quick overview you can check out the latest websites that offer real girls and protect you from those NASTY scammers.

Quick Overview per country/region.
















Need personal help?

Because I got so many e-mails, I decided to start a personal dating coach service.

If you need:

  • Help with finding a good girl
  • Learn how to talk to them
  • Where to find them
  • Develop a personal day- and nighttime depending on the city and country
  • Learn how to avoid the scam
  • Use a scam check to see if the your online dating match is real

I am the guy the help you out. I am your eyes and ears in Eastern Europe and have been traveling all over the place for the last 5 years. It has been a great time with lots of beautiful women, but it was never easy.

Thankfully, I did all the hard work for you and now I am ready to help you become successful in dating the girl of your dreams!

Please e-mail me to receive more information or if you have any questions. I am here to help!


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