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Red Light District In Riga – A Rich History of The Sex Capital of Europe!



How To Visit The Red Light District In Riga

Adult entertainment in Riga can embrace multiple forms. While many things like strip dancing clubs are legal, prostitution is not, yet widely available everywhere. The Latvian capital is also known for the high concentration of beautiful ladies, so you have two options – go there and push your game to the next level or skip the hassle and find your own Ginta Lapina for a night of fun and the right price.

While Latvia is not well organized like the Netherlands or Germany when it comes to sexuality and red light districts, Riga is the capital, so it has the highest concentration of Latvian beauties in the area.

Red Light District in Riga – Where It Is

The Red Light District in Riga is a concept of the past that still hangs around if you know where to search. Basically, in the mid 2000s, Riga was the sex capital of Europe. People from all over the world came there to sell their bodies, yet local hotties were the main attractions. Street prostitution was everywhere you looked. Moreover, brothels were everywhere – all these because prostitution is perfectly legal in Latvia.

Things changed recently, as authorities decided they want the city to be famous for its architecture, culture and history. While many illegal brothels have been closed, prostitution is still legal, so the city still acts like a big red light district – you just need to know where to go.

Moreover, many escorts and brothels function over the Internet now – ads, websites and specialized services. Street prostitution is still a thing though. Most of the action takes place in the old town – not just beautiful and great for some drinks, but also perfect to meet some Latvian babes.

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So, what are the most important things to know before getting there?

Bars and Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Riga

The so called red light district is not all about paying for sex. Instead, you might as well try your game and get some girls with nothing but your charm. Nightclubs make it easier because girls are quite loose due to alcohol and the party spirit. In Latvia, they are less likely to go out without their boyfriends or husbands, unless they have a ladies’ night. In other words, you can spot singles pretty easily.

Things are a bit different in bars though, as they may hang around in groups of friends. At that point, look for signs, such as eye contact. It works pretty much just like anywhere else in the world.

Studio 69 is a great pickup place if you want to try your game, as well as First МИР and Coyote Fly. Other bars and clubs worth a shot include:

  • Friends Club
  • Rokkafeinica
  • Skyline Bar
  • Cafe Leningrad
  • One One
  • Omas Briliiants
  • Just Bar
  • Folkklubs
  • I Love You
  • Piens

Girls in Latvia carry the same standards as girls from the entire Eastern Europe. While approaching them down the street may chase them away occasionally, doing it in bars or nightclubs is a much better idea, as they are relaxed.

Red Light District in Riga – Strip Clubs, Massage Parlors and Brothels

Jockey Club is by far the most popular strip club in Riga, followed closely by Tutti Frutti. Tutti Frutti is only open on Fridays and Saturdays though. Nightclub Monroe is better known for its seven private rooms, which allow some adult entertainment one on one.

Finally, The Royal Gentleman’s Club and Candy Shop are worth a shot too. Candy Shop allows private showers with girls or sauna company. Inquire discreetly if you want more.

Massage parlors are quite diversified, but one of them stands out in the crowd – Indigo Studio. Apart from the rubbing massage, extras can be negotiated directly with the masseuse.

Brothels are not official because they are not legal. Instead, small groups of girls rent big houses – each of them gets a room. They work together like a brothel, but these places are hard to find. There is one way to do it though.

Most of the prostitution and casual sex are performed via ads in newspapers or online. Pick up the phone, call and make an appointment. Once you get there, you might find a girl in a small flat or a few girls in a larger house. They keep moving, so if you plan to be in Riga for a longer time, save your favorites’ phone numbers.

When it comes to street prostitution, hang around a few areas and chances are you will find a few streetwalkers:

  • Bars around the old town
  • The Ziedondarzs Park – Pernavas Street, Tallinas Street and Jana Asara Street
  • Statoil gas station

Tips to Stay Safe in the Red Light District in Riga

Be careful when you hang around 9s and 10s who try to lure you to certain clubs. They get paid to bring people to clubs, rather than entertain you, so you might get nothing. Do not approach girls who have company and use common sense. If a backstreet looks too sketchy to walk, simply avoid it.

Taxi drivers may also know hot spots when it comes to finding the Red Light District in Riga, but again, double check fares upfront. It might be wise to negotiate the price upfront. Simply ask how much it is to get to a certain place.

Avoid flashing lots of cash or expensive jewelry. Sure, the old town is safe if you hang around public areas, but it may not be a good idea to end up in random clubs that look like you are going back in time to Soviet Latvia in the 1940s.

Long story short

As a short final conclusion, the Red Light District in Riga used to be the entire city. The place has lost its reputation over the last decade due to the government trying to direct tourists towards more cultural areas. The good news is that such things will never disappear and the Latvian beauty is still worth it when looking for casual hookups.


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