Top 5 Risks of Visiting The Red Light District in Bucharest! – Watch Out!

red light district in bucharest

Top 5 Risks of Visiting The Red Light District in Bucharest! – Watch Out!


Top 5 Risks of Visiting The Red Light District in Bucharest!

Statistically speaking, Bucharest happens to be counted amongst the safest capitals of Europe. You can have a wonderful time without worrying about anything – but as a tourist you always need to be careful.

If you try to pick up or chat up with a prostitute, no matter if you are doing it in a public place or in a bar or a club, you are definitely asking for trouble if you do not pay attention to my valuable tips. Places like bars and night clubs, where people do end up drinking heavily, are especially at a higher risk.

Because after all, we all do dumb-shit when we are drunk!

In this blog post I will share you with you my experience visiting the red light district of Bucharest.

Yes – I was drunk, with friends and a few times in serious dangers – but that’s why I’m going to help you these valuable tips!

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The Trouble With Stray Dogs

Bucharest probably has the largest population of stray dogs for of Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, the red light district is also greatly impacted by the presence of these animals. Although the numbers have been decreasing gradually (because of some of the projects undertaken by the City Hall) they continue to be a cause of worry and a threat to the safety.

Seriously, there are more dogs than prostitutes in  Bucharest!

When the night falls, they tend to group up and this increases the danger to get attacked by quite a bit. Rabies vaccinations have been recommended, but are not mandatory.

We recommend that you should stay for away of any packs of dogs. Do not get closer to a stray dog at all, especially if you are by yourself.  It is probably better to walk together as a group or walk only when you can see the other people walking that way.

Those little f*ckers will charge you out of nowhere!

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The unofficial red light district

hookers bucharest

Matasari is unofficially the red-light area of the region and is also a place that is popular for its clubs and pubs. You can walk here without much worries since it is always lively and crowded. But you should make it a point to avoid any talks with the people who you do not know, especially the Gypsies. They will try hustle you out of every dollar that you have.

In the year 2009, there were lots of crackdowns on the prostitutes and the pimps around the Matasari area. You see, believe it or not but prostitution is actually illegal in Romania. Weird right?  There are more strip clubs and other adult entertainment per square meter than any other city in Eastern Europe.

But if you do hit the street, be careful and make sure you don’t make your business transaction in clear sight.┬áThe same is also true for the gay cruising that happens in the Operei Park, this cruising must be avoided at all costs. They are pretty homophobic in Bucharest, so if you are into guys make sure you are in a safe environment.

If you get caught!

If it happens that you end up getting caught in an unfortunate event of a police raid, just do not try to bribe them to get out of the situation because with so many of the officers around, you may get into even more serious trouble.

Police are more likely to accept bribes from the local people compared to the foreigners so that they are not contributing to the very well-known phenomenon that has just been a plague this country got.

The fight against corruption in the police force has been going on for the last so many years, and now the situation is not as bad as it was back in the 1990s. It is always better to stay on to the boulevards and just completely avoid any back streets and alleys.

The cautious traveler

The rate of crime has come down by quite a bit compared to what it used to be. But a traveler ought to be always on the cautious side. It is very rare nowadays to see any violent attacks, but if you do get attacked, then you just have to yell, ÔÇťAjutorÔÇŁ!

It is extremely difficult nowadays to just get away after committing any violent crime since everything is so closely packed together. And any noise that is loud will attract a lot of attention.

This truly is a city that just does not sleep. No matter what time of the day or night it is, you will always find people out there and around you. The policemen have gotten much friendlier now and the youngest ones of them also speak English, so you can just walk up to them if you need to ask for any directions.

In the event that you want to report a crime that happened in the red-light area or any other place, you may want to get a police report made for the crime, you should have no hesitation in such cases and go find the closest police station. They are there to help you and will do the best they can under the given circumstances.

Criminals on the street!

Like all big cities, the red light district in Bucharest and the surrounding areas are  full of muggers who may rob you and even hurt you in the process. The best thing to do is to not change money on the street, this holds especially true if you are being offered a deal for the best exchange rate that may just sound to good be true.

The way that this scam works is that one person will offer you the exchange money, and then the exchange will be made, and then after that, while you are walking back on your own way, another person who knows you have cash with you will block you and rob you. So, both the person who exchanged your money and the person who mugged you were partners in the crime.

It is a lot safer to use your ATM card instead. Get only cash that you want to spend that night and you are good to go!

Final Words

To be honest, Bucharest is a great city to party and have a good time but compared to the red light district in Prague it’s not even close. Even the ladies in Kiev are of much better quality and the safety is much higher.

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