Best Strip Clubs in Prague – My Favorite Places And Avoid The SCAM!

best strip clubs in prague

Best Strip Clubs in Prague – My Favorite Places And Avoid The SCAM!


Best Strip Clubs in Prague

Prague is the party capital of central Europe that is famous for hot joints. The increase in sex tourism visitors and the popularity of hen and stag parties have increased the adult industry, and now it is catering both for locals and tourists tremendously.

The Czech Republic offers the best climate compared to the United Kingdom, and some strip joints are standard disco-type places that feature topless dancers, but some are more like bordello with strip shows.

When you visit Prague for a Stag Do party, you will be welcomed by the people on the streets who offer you to visit these strip clubs, and they will start offering all kinds of deals.  However, there are lots of cheaters out there and you should be very watchful and alert because if the strip club with twenty beautiful girls, will be very expensive.

To avoid such disaster, here you can find some of the best strip clubs that can help you choose the best one for your Stag Do celebrations.

The Wenceslas Square and the side streets and the square itself contain a lot of strip clubs. I explain more about this famous area in my Prague red light district guide. The most popular and costly clubs are Goldfingers that is placed under the Ambassador Hotel, also, you can find K5 Relax and Darling Cabaret that offers the best possible entertainment to the visitors.

Most of these strip clubs present private strip shows and more to fit into your fantasy. If you want to hire a Czech girlfriend for the week I recommend you check out this website. You pay and you shall receive. 😉

Also, all these strip clubs have an entrance fee, but if you have any promotion coupon with free entrance offer you may still have to pay between 200CZK and 600CZK.  Usually, drinks are more costly compared to normal night clubs or pubs.


Goldfingers is one of the popular strip club or cabaret in Prague. This strip club is located under the 5 * Ambassador Hotel located on the Square. It is an inveterate strip club with a complete show involving around 15 gorgeous girls and the entertainment lasts around one-hour maximum, and it does not offer any brother section. Entrance fee is around 500 CZK and alcohol is very costly by Prague standards. Also, it follows strict rules and does not allow the public to have physical contact with the girls. However, if you want private dances, then they can arrange dancers that involve touching but it costs 1500CZK.

Darling Cabaret

Darling Cabaret is located at Wenceslas Square and it is also one of the popular and costly upmarket venues that contain three show stage floors and three bars. The club offers limousine arrangement from most of the central hotels, and it has a VIP section. The club offers very expensive alcohol and maintains a strict dress code. The club has plenty of beautiful girls on and it offers continuous stage show that includes toys and lesbian shows. At Darling cabaret, most girls offer added sex services, but they will charge a lot. Darling is surely the most costly strip club in Prague.

Atlas Cabaret

Atlas Cabaret is located on the same street where the Darling Cabaret is located. However, Atlas is a bit smaller club compared to Darling. The club offers continuous stage show and it has three floors that feature topless showgirls, go-go showgirls, a couple for a lesbian show, couples for a live sex show, girls performing the autoerotic show.  Atlas is in fact, a brothel night club that has sixteen rooms for hire. The club looks less attractive and less alluring setting, which makes difficult for bigger groups to sit together to watch the show. This cabaret was started in 1998 as the first brothel night club in the Czech Republic. After 6-years the club underwent refurbishment and the original plan was turned into a three-floor club. The entrance fee is about 200CZK and it has no dress code, also, alcohol is cheaper than other popular cabarets expect lady drinks and Champagne.

Hot Pepper’s

Hot Pepper’s strip club is located on Wenceslas Square that is placed next to the disco Duplex dance club. It offers the all-night show, including a lesbian show, exotic dancers, private parties, and a stage show. All shows are sternly non-contact, but you can pay more for private shows.  Also, you can enjoy watching non-traditional dance show on the catwalk, and a stage shows that is popular among English Stag Do parties. The prices for Striptease shows are mostly the same as the other strip clubs in the central Prague area. There is no entrance fee to enter this club, and it offers two for one beer special and it offers several other unique shows, and the best part is there is not closing time for this club.

Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo is located conveniently between OTS (Old Town Square) and Wenceslas Square. It is the biggest modern club with an outstanding interior made of redwood and glittering metal, and the design looks like the submarine of Nemo the Nautilus. The Captain Nemo club features very intimate and private shows. All good looking girls on the stage performance with laser shows and the best thing is, though it is a modern club still it is slightly cheaper than the other popular clubs.


This Extasy strip club is located a bit away from the city center, it is located in Zizko, and it is a less expensive club than others. If you contact them, then they will send a taxi to your hotel that takes you to the club and back to the hotel for free. The club offers the normal range of stage shows with around 15 beautiful girls performing on the stage. Also, it offers private rooms with water beds and other amazing surprises, also the club allows you to take their girls to your room. The Extasy offers the best cabaret shows comparatively other cabarets.

Also, in Prague, you can choose Stag private group strip instead of the Strip Clubs and it offers the best deal that includes Lesbo and Groom Dinner Show for a specific price per person, and you can enjoy three-course meals, champagne toast, lots of beers to the Groom and friends. The Stag Do group can enjoy the action as it consists of two girls, and they perform three shows in total with the groom. These private stripteases are more fun than the strip clubs.



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