4 Best Eastern European Dating Sites of 2023

best eastern european dating sites

4 Best Eastern European Dating Sites of 2023


4 Best Eastern European Dating Sites of 2023

Online dating in Eastern Europe has never been more popular. With the uprise of social media, dating applications and authority websites like this one, the connection between East and West has become much more stronger. A good reason to write an in-depth review about the 4 best Eastern European dating sites.

Get ready to meet your Eastern European beauty as we scan the internet and review the best dating platforms of 2020 for you to check out. The sites and applications were reviewed on the following:

  • Location
  • Legitimacy
  • Cost per membership
  • User experience

There is a good chance that you already encountered some of the websites during your Eastern European dating quest. That is great, because all websites that I recommend are companies that have legit reputations and offer (almost 100%) scammer free profiles.

Ukraine Date

eastern european dating sites

Ukraine is the most popular destination when it comes to online dating in Eastern Europe. If you read some of my blog post you can see that I have had great success picking up gorgeous girls in Kiev and survived a crazy 5-day bachelor party in Odessa. Both times I used the Ukraine Date App as part of my dating strategy.

The application is easy to use and for less than a dollar and a half per day you can scroll through hundreds of legit profiles. On the site you will also find a lot of girls from Moldova and some of the southern cities of Russia. Recently, I have also noticed that girls from Warsaw are present on the app. This makes sense as a lot of Ukrainians have been working Poland for the last few years.

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Sugar Dating Eastern Europe

Why waste time when you can get straight to the point? Have girls waiting for you when you arrive at your destination without any trouble. Interested? Sign up here!

Russian Cupid

eastern european dating

Although owned by the same company, Russian Cupid puts all their focus on finding real Russian and Belarusian girls. The site is the largest of them all and offers a wide variety of women that are all looking for serious relationships. I used this site many times during my stay in Moscow.

Note: It is free to sign up so I never had an issue with it. 🙂

The women are absolutely stunning on this website and you will understand instantly why men love the slavic women so much. Girls are approachable – but be ready to do some work in order to break the ice. This is really common in the Russian culture so do not worry about her not be interested in you.

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Romania Kiss

Characteristics of a Romanian woman

The best dating site of Romania. Period!

Check out my review in this blog post. The site is easy to use and has a good response rate. The best part? The site is almost new so competition is very low at the moment.

You can use my guide on how to date Romanian girls together with the website and you will be a Romanian dating expert in no-time!

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Why focus on Eastern Europe?

Most men will agree with me when I say that we are interested in dating Eastern European women because of their looks and characteristics.

It is just hard to believe that some of the women look like Victoria Secret models, but have the heart of sweet and innocent girl. It is just something that does not add up in Western Europe and America. There they would be arrogant, on instagram all day and act very high-maintenance.

Something that becomes a huge turn-off if you ever dated a Slavic women. You will blame yourself for not trying to explore these dating cultures before!

The rest of Eastern Europe!

But what if you are interested in meeting women in other countries? Well – that is a good question. Depending on your needs you can always find stunning women on international cupid.

Of course – Niche based dating sites will always perform better – but with not sign up costs it never hurts to check out and see what is available. If it sucks – you just delete the app.

But you might even encounter that hot Baltic women, beautiful Polish babe or a stunning Czech girl that you never planned on looking for.

The problem with niche sites is that they are actually really.. uhm.. NICHE!

That means you will always focus on one country. If you are not sure yet which Eastern European country you want to explore, these international websites are perfect!

Once you have found your favorite women – you can start reading my country specific dating guides and learn how to approach them, pick them up, date them and how to build a long and meaningful relationship!

Or just get laid!

Whatever you want. 😉



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