​8 Things You Did Not Know About Dating Azerbaijan Girls

Azerbaijan girls

​8 Things You Did Not Know About Dating Azerbaijan Girls


8 Things You Did Not Know About Dating Azerbaijan Girls

Azerbaijan girls represent a gem of the former Soviet Union. Although they are often overlooked, the truth is their features and style put them above other top rated cultures.

Now, dating a local girl can be a bit tough if you fail to do your homework. So, what are the most important facts to know about these girls?

Azerbaijan women

Common Looks in Azerbaijan Girls

From many points of view, local girls are absolutely perfect. If you like Middle Eastern women with beautiful and seductive brown eyes, lightly tanned skin and long dark hair, you are in the right place. While looks vary a bit throughout the country, this is the most popular appearance around Baku – the capital and a large city where women actually look after themselves.

Generally speaking, obesity is less likely to be an issue in Azerbaijan. You will find plenty of fast food chains, as well as street food stalls everywhere. But somehow, women manage to maintain their bodies in perfect condition. They are normally thin, yet, just like everywhere, you will find women in all kinds of proportions.

In order to describe faces, try to imagine Princess Jasmine – Aladdin’s girlfriend from the famous Disney movie. Local girls are beautiful and will probably seduce you with their beautiful eyes.

Azerbaijan Girls Versus Albanian Women and Other Nationalities

In terms of looks, Azeri girls can be compared to a few Eastern European girls, yet there are a few differences. If you have traveled to Albania before, you should know they are somehow similar to Albanian women – thin, good looking bodies, great proportions, nice facial features and seductive eyes.

From the same point of view, they are also similar to Romanian women. However, you are less likely to find too many blond girls in Azerbaijan – a major difference from Eastern Europe. All in all, no matter what color their hair is, they all have the same seductive eyes that will drive most men crazy.

Family Ties

Azeri youngsters are tightly connected to their families. If you are interested in longterm dating, make sure her family likes you or you may not get too far. Sure, all local girls are trying to live a more independent lifestyle – away from parents, having their own money and never being judged. But at the same time, they never forget where they came from.

Their family connections are tight and they spread throughout the entire family – including cousins. It will be a long time before she will put you before her family – maybe after a few years of marriage.

There is nothing to worry about though – it is perfectly normal for well raised children to look after their parents.

Body Care and Appearance

In terms of body care and appearance, Azeri girls do pay lots of attention to their style. Young girls especially look after themselves. You might as well find beautiful ladies in their 40s or 50s taking pride in their looks, especially if they are single.

Fashion is a trend in Azerbaijan. You will find both high and low end brands, so everyone is up to date with the latest trends. You will find young girls climbed on high heels, with an amazing make up and professional manicures. Hair is never overlooked either, especially as girls from Azerbaijan like to keep it long.

Simply put, they do take pride in being beautiful and they also show off.

Languages Spoken by Azeri Girls

English levels are similar to pretty much any other country part of the former Soviet Union. Most people under 40 years old are able to understand the basics. They know a bit of English from the Internet or television movies. Younger people can carry a relatively decent conversation with you.

However, Russian goes a longer way. Azeri is the official language in the country and it sounds like Turkish. Russian is quite strong due to the past Russian influence. In fact, it is the second language in the country. Most people can speak and understand it.

Religious Rules

Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. Despite being secular, many Muslim traditions are still in place. Never forget this aspect when it comes to women. Generally speaking, public displays of sexuality or affection are not acceptable, regardless of how sexy some girls dress. They should not be touched or kissed unless you are married to them.

However, if she makes the first step or shows obvious signs of interaction, you can go ahead then. Just make sure that you do not misread these signs.

Dating Foreigners

As a general rule of thumb, most young women die to meet men from western countries. They would rather date a European or an American than an Azeri man. Many of them dream about living in countries that do not trap them, such as the UK or the USA. Marriage with a man from such a country shows class and status, but it also represents the way to a better life.

Being in a western country allows them to live a fuller life. They can be independent and they can skip all the judgment from family, neighbors and relatives.

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Girls from Baku Versus Girls from Other Towns

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, but not really a paradise for women. Religious and cultural elements hold them back from showing their entire sexuality off. While they exude sensuality, they cannot fully express themselves.

Most of them require independence – something that they cannot achieve in Azerbaijan, not even in Baku. In fact, Baku is even stricter than other towns in terms of sex, so you are more likely to score in smaller towns.​​ You can read more about my time in Baku here.


Bottom line, women from Azerbaijan might seem hard at a first glance. It is not necessarily them, but the society around them. There are a few good aspects that make your effort worth though.

First, you are about to join a world of exotic beauty, a world full of women that other countries are less likely to match. Second, the local culture keeps changing and so does the women’s attitude.​


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