​Albanian Women – 10 Dating Facts You MUST Know!

Albanian women

​Albanian Women – 10 Dating Facts You MUST Know!


Albanian Women – 10 Dating Facts You MUST Know!

Albanian women can easily stand out in the crowd when it comes to their feminine appearance. Most of them are slim and toned, but they also have some fine curves that literally no man can resist. In terms of facial features, they have almond shaped eyes and delicate features. Believe it or not, Albania is among the countries with the highest concentration of beautiful women. Now, what should​​ you know before dating an Albanian beauty?

Family Comes First for Albanian Women

Albanian families are large. Most families have at least three kids. They are close to aunts, uncles and cousins, so the family’s ideas are extremely high. If you want to have a relationship with an Albanian girl, you better make sure you can get along with her relatives too. She will not introduce you to her parents unless she thinks you are the one though.

Albanian Girls Are Marriage Material

As a general rule of thumb, Albanian girls are considered to be marriage material all over the world. They are known for being more loyal than western girls. Even when it comes to Balkan countries, no other nation can match their loyalty.

Most girls from Albania will be next to you regardless of your situation. If you are looking for a relationship, chances are you will go through both good and bad times. Obviously, there are a few exceptions here and there too, but generally, you will be impressed.

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Reputation Is Important for Albanian Women

Women in Albania do care what the neighbors and society in general will say about them. From some points of view, this is good news because they will always try to look their best, regardless of the age. On another note, it could be a bad thing too. They do not want to be seen with too many men before getting married. Getting an Albanian lady can be challenging then, so you will need to push a bit harder than in other countries.

In other words, you have to be a gentleman and keep it to yourself.

Appearance is Critical

Whether she goes to the grocery store, an event or just a date, an Albanian girl will always look perfect – head to toe. Everything counts, including the outfit and the hair. You can show off your Albanian girlfriend on a regular day, but chances are she will break some necks if you take her out to an event or a more formal party. Looks are important. They want to look good and they will never cease to impress.

On the same note, you have to put some effort and look sharp as well or you will be considered lazy.

albanian girls

The Country Is Important

Crack a joke about Albania and you will be left alone – guaranteed. When on a date, she will most likely leave if you make fun of her country. She might as well reply angrily and hit back at you. No matter what her reaction is, one thing is for sure – you will regret it.

Cooking Is a Must

There are more reasons wherefore women from Tirana (and other parts of Albania) make such good wives. One of them is cooking. If you manage to make her fall in love with you, you will taste some of the best dishes in the Albanian cuisine. Cooking is a family activity that girls perform with their mothers. By the time they grow up, they already know how to prepare some great meals.

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Party Mode On

While most Albanian girls tend to grow into traditional families, the truth is they are quite social and can enjoy a good party every once in a while. Girls from Albania are less likely to reject going out on a party with you. They are easy going and can be introduced to your friends too – just make sure you do not have a bunch of female friends though. Take your Albanian girl anywhere and you will make the difference.

Many Virgins

Albania is still a traditional country, so many girls grow in conservative families. They have to follow some rules and they must respect the family’s reputation. For this reason, they are less likely to change boyfriends too often. They do not want to be seen with too many men or it will ruin their reputation.

Sex is normally forbidden before marriage and surprisingly in today’s society, many girls manage to do it. However, there are less virgins among Tirana girls, which is a more open minded city compared to the rest of the country.

Expect a Hardworking Woman

A few generations ago, women had to work hard to keep the family going while their husbands were struggling to make money. The spirit is still alive today. Sure, times have changed, but women are still taught to work hard from an early age.

For this reason, an Albanian beauty will never settle for a lazy man. If she works hard, she expects you to be on the same level or even higher – in everything! You have to look good, sharp and work hard if you want to stand a chance.

Questionable First Relationships

Albanian singles are known for keeping their private lives private due to the gossip around them. The more Albanian ladies you talk to, the more often you will hear this line – “You are the first guy I am talking to”. This is usually a lie, but you can play along – who cares, after all?

It is all part of the game. Girls try to avoid the strict rules of their families, so they will keep their past private. It does not mean that you are dealing with an amateur though – you might be surprised.


Bottom line, Albanian singles are beautiful and easy going, but things change when you try to get them into your bedroom. It takes some work and you might face a few rejections, but once you start a relationship – be it for a night or for months, you will love every bit of it.​

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