How To Find Macedonian Women That WANT You – My Best Tips!

Macedonian women

How To Find Macedonian Women That WANT You – My Best Tips!


​How To Find Macedonian Women That WANT You – My Best Tips!

Better known as part of the former Yugoslavia, Macedonia is a small country in the south of Europe closed between beautiful mountains and decorated with wonderful ladies. With girls looking like Katerina Ivanovska, Dragana Chuprina or Elena Risteska, it is no surprise why men find this place to be like heaven on earth. Whether you plan to move to the quickly developing country or you hope to visit soon, here is everything you need to know about the dating culture in Macedonia. Up your game and boost your success with Macedonian women overnight by following a few simple ideas.

Dating Culture of Macedonia

It is important to know what to expect from local girls – or better said, what they expect from you – before going out on a date.

City Versus Countryside 

Depending on where you travel or go, you will meet city girls and countryside girls. Each category has its rules in terms of dating.

Dating City Macedonian Women

City girls in Macedonia are more open minded and speak better English. They are better educated and they are relatively used to foreigners around – at least during the tourist season. Whether you are after a classic one night stand or a longterm relationship, you are more likely to get a date in a city. Moreover, there are more options for entertainment in a city than in a small town or village.

Dating Countryside Macedonian Girls

Countryside Macedonian girls are different. They have not been out too much. When compared to city girls, they may not seem as open minded. You can still have a basic conversation in English though. However, if you are after a longterm relationship, they are more loyal. On the same note, scoring a good one night stand can go in two directions – it could be way too easy or way too hard, depending on the girl.

What to Do on a First Date?

Keep it basic on a first date. Girls in Macedonia are used to going out on a coffee or a drink first. It may not be a good idea to ask them out for dinner because they want to know you more before eating with you. From this point of view, a coffee makes a good choice. Opt for a top rated place.

Stick to basics and get to know her better. You might as well extend the date and do something fun, such as having a walk in a park if the weather is good. Any activity after a drink will be a bonus. It is up to you to determine if you can go for a kiss on the first date. Generally speaking, she will give you enough signs that she is interested in you.

As for your outfit, opt for casual, but smart casual. She will look stunning, so you have to be in the same range.

What not to Do on a First Date

Unless you meet a girl in a club, do not take her there on a first date. Clubs are just like theaters or cinemas – you might have fun, but you cannot talk too much. However, if you meet a girl in a club, the atmosphere, entertainment and alcohol will help you score faster.

What Girls in Macedonia Look Like

macedonian girls

Girls in Macedonia have a classic Slavic appearance. The area has been ravaged by many empires and cultures throughout the history. Blood mixing has a slight influence as well, so you can easily tell the difference between a Macedonian beauty and other nationalities.

If hair is a thing for you, you will find everything in Macedonia – brown, blond and burning black. All natural. Obviously, many girls are fashionable and dye their hair, but you can find natural beauties in any color you want.

Facial features are beautiful. Everything is well balanced – a typical style for Slavic women. Take each trait individually and they will exude sensuality. The eyes are usually big and warm, while the lips are full. Take a look at some of the most famous Macedonian models or celebrities and you will notice that they all have big lips and eyes.

When it comes to the body, girls from Macedonia strive to look like models. The good news is that most of them actually succeed. Walk down the streets of a large city and you will see a potential supermodel every few minutes. Legs are long and slim, while curves bring back the memory of a Coca Cola bottle.

Apart from being naturally beautiful, local girls tend to look after themselves as well. You will find many high end stores around, lots of makeup stores, nail and hair salons and so on. Looking good is a thing for Slavic countries and not just for Macedonia.

When comparing to nearby women, Macedonians are quite similar to Serbians. Despite being close to Greece, they are finer than Greek women. While Greek ladies are attractive as well, their facial features are not as fine and delicate.

Where to Meet Girls in Macedonia?

Macedonia is not a big country, so much of its population is concentrated in the capital – Skopje. Sure, there are many small towns and villages around, but most youngsters get to large cities for more opportunities. For instance, they finish school or high-school in their hometowns, then they move to bigger cities for college, university or more jobs.

Bars and pubs might be the best place to meet girls. This is where your first date should start too. Irish Pub St. Patrick is a cozy option to hang out with friends and check some girls out. If the weather is good, opt for Cocktail Bar. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy some cocktails on an outdoor terrace – ideal for hot summer days. If you want a more intimate environment, Badu Bar might be the best option – great cocktails, a cozy atmosphere and good prices.

Meeting girls in bars can be a decent idea, but do not get your hopes up. Hitting on random girls is not going to work so well, as you have no idea whether they speak English or have boyfriends. Sure, you can still try, but go for larger groups of at least two girls – they feel more confident and they are more likely to talk to you.

If you want to meet girls from Skopje and hook up, clubs make a much better option. Fortunately, the nightlife is Skopje is brilliant – hot girls, amazing outfits and lots of fun. Club Epicentar is one of the top choices in Skopje, not to mention Club Avenue. Havana Summer Club makes a great option in the summertime too. Prices are decent, while parties tend to go wild. Clubs open up around 10PM or 11PM, so you should go around midnight. Plenty of alcohol, lots of fun and the party spirit will make the job easier for you – finding a girl should not be a problem.

When it comes to dating and getting to know your girl, restaurants and parks make good options for a second date or at least the second part of a first date. Parks like Skopje City Park and Park Woman Warrior are great for a walk with a takeaway coffee after having a drink in a cocktail bar. As for second dates and dining options, Kolektiv, Plaza de Toros and Distrikt Bar & Kitchen are the fanciest options in Skopje.

Online Dating in Macedonia

Just like in every other country, Macedonians are mostly focused on certain websites – no reasons, it is just how it is.

POF (Plenty of Fish) works pretty much everywhere – you will find singles everywhere. However, your options are a bit limited in Macedonia. You will find a few dozen girls altogether, but they are mostly up for longterm dating, rather than one night stands. is another popular website with a fair share of Macedonians. There are a few hundred women out there, yet some of them have no profile pictures or details. There are a few pretty options, but the “market” looks a bit off. It is still worth a try though. seems to be the place where Macedonians are most active. There are hundreds of girls and you can sort by the newest girls or the last logged in. You will find new faces every few days, so this might be the online dating website that works for Macedonians. The best part is you do not have to pay for a subscription, but browse around and get messages without spending your money. There is, of course, a premium feature that gives you access to premium features. You only need to get the girl’s number though and you are ready to go, so communication is key.


As a short final conclusion, women from Macedonia are beautiful and definitely worth some attention. It makes no difference if you are there on holiday or you plan to move. Play your game right as a foreigner and there is no way to fail.​


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