Your No.1 Vilnius Nightlife Tourist Guide! Time to Party!

vilnius nightlife

Your No.1 Vilnius Nightlife Tourist Guide! Time to Party!


Your No.1 Vilnius Nightlife Tourist Guide! Time to Party!

Vilnius is the best place if you are looking to have an exciting trip. Here you can enjoy nightclubs, live music, cozy bars, and exciting modern venues. And let’s not forget about some stunning Lithuanian women!

The place offers a lot for both locals and tourists, but especially tourists can enjoy the glorious nightlife. At Vilnius, you can find some of the best places to party and have a wonderful nightlife at your favorite bars. Let me show you how it is done!

The Warming-up

With a range of outstanding nightlife options, Venues in Vilnius are competing with each other by offering delicious food, drinks, and live music with a large dance floor. All these can help you have a wonderful nightlife where you can dance and get drunk till the wee hours.

If you are looking for the activity center around, then visiting the club-hopping/bar in the old town is one of the best options. At Vilnius, many clubs are open till the early mornings, and Cozy is one of the fun places to start your fun evening, the place is comfy and gives you complete entertainment. Also, visit Café de Paris, and visit the place early-evening because it can get crowded as the evening passes.

If you want to enjoy more marvelous, seated atmosphere, then visit Ibish Lounge located near the Gates of Dawn. Also, visit Tipo Zoro’s stylish and small padded confines, the relaxed vernacular of Brusly cool and inquisitive characters. If you love to have a delicious beer, then start your evening at Avilys, which is considered as the prime brew-pub in Vilnius. Here you can enjoy an assortment of beers like honey beer and beer snacks.

Sky Bar

Sky Bar is another beautiful venue as it has a striking 22nd-floor view of the beautiful Old Town and tasty cocktails that are worth to have a peek of the old town, but the matching expensive prices and the absence of usual activity make you come out of the place after having a drink or two. Also, All Stars Sports Bar with more fiction than anywhere else shows all types of sporting events. It is the best place for men to have a fun-filled and electrifying night.

More nightclubs

If you are visiting Vilnius with your friends to spend a wonderful weekend, then you are going to gala time here for sure as the city offers a surplus of nightclubs and you and friends are sure to enjoy Prospekto Pub located on Gedimino that can gladly accommodate you and all without any difficulty. Also, Gravity & Galaxy are the best destinations for exciting club scene tours. If you are looking for a fun night out, then choose Lithuanian Wild Club to oscillate on the dance floor or enjoy watching waitresses in meager outfits, also, it has the adult club that allows the sex tourist have fun in the back conveniently.


The Helios is perfectly located in the center of the city and it is hard to ignore as it is a stylish, sanitary, inexpressive club that is always filled with people admiring themselves.  If it is not your type of hang out place, then walk a couple for long to RingBar, it is a boxing-themed sports bar where you can go as many rounds as you want along with your friends. Also, in the same area, you can find City Casino, where you can enjoy high-class cocktails and play casino games till you lose all your money. Eden Club, a strip club that will be glad to take you around all its locations to have more fun in the city.


Brodvejus is one of the most popular options for visitors as it is the place where you can have loads of fun and have a wonderful nightlife. Also, Bix Baras and the pub offer modest and bit uninspired surroundings that actually attract a lot of ex-pats and university students. If you are looking forward to having an affluent and more upscale outing, then you must visit Pabo Latino as it is considered as one of the most luxurious locations in town. It has a beautiful lavish interior, private courtyard, and balcony, which makes this place a wonderful ambiance of a global arms dealer’s cooperative. At the Fashion club, you can find top-class DJs and several interesting things across the street. Here every individual looks like a spinning, wiggling porcelain dolls.

Ladies of the night

You can also find the beautiful and trendy Absento Fejos within a few minutes walk and the place is induced with strange visions of sexy mermaid fluttering about in sexy outfits, and they blow kisses to any individual who buys them a drink. However, when you are visiting such places, you must be aware of the facts that you may end up losing all your money as the next day morning you will feel shaking and have foggy memory and you may not remember exactly what happened the previous night.

Underground Clubs

Vilnius also improving its unusual, underground prospect with clubs such as Satta, Play, Woo, and Intro attracting young, trendy university students who are very excited to meet new people and show them what is real Vilnius is all about.  Going on tour to these places will quickly get you to know the people and identify familiar faces and make friends and you feel like you are one of them that most of the visitors actually feel when they visit Vilnius.


The excitant life at Vilnius suggests a trip to Into, which is located not far from St. Anne’s Cathedral on Wednesday night for a beautiful glimpse at the enhancing reggae scene of the city. However, if you are born before the death of Marley, then you may be too old for this kind of student-style hangout. But, Thursday night is surely the night to spend at Satta. It is advisable to arrange a meeting with somebody you meet at the place on Wednesday night so they can take you to this outstanding Intro with them.


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