Lithuanian Women [ Become a Dating Expert And AVOID Scams! ]

Vilnius girls

Lithuanian Women [ Become a Dating Expert And AVOID Scams! ]


Lithuanian Women [ Become a Dating Expert And AVOID Scams! ]

lithuanian women and girls

If you’ve been reading up about the Baltic States and you’re keen on dating some Baltic girls, there’s no doubt you’ve been introduced to Lithuania.

From her thousands of beautiful lakes and rivers, to her numerous dreamy forests and serene rolling hills, this Northern European nation is a feast for the eyes.

Next to Estonia & Latvia, this country also offers another feast for the eyes in the form of countless hot Lithuanians, many of whom are very receptive to dating foreign guys, ESPECIALLY if you’ve established a rapport with them before landing on their soil.

Wait, how do you form a bond with single Lithuanian ladies, when you haven’t even bought a plane ticket to their home ground?

Okay, I’ll help you out with that at the end of this guide, but first, let’s briefly talk about this commonly asked question…

Why Wait? Talk to Real Lithuanian Girls Right Now.

What are Lithuanian girls like?

The first thing you’ll notice when you set off your scouting radar is that the girls here are straight up beautiful, and a lot of them sport stunningly long, gorgeous hair.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to see hot Lithuanian girls with flowing locks that reaches their hips.

Quite a bunch of them look like models and with their mesmerizing long hair; I swear these lasses should be starring in shampoo commercials.

Along with their model-like faces and hair, their excellent dressing sense adds to their overall feminine attractiveness. Many like to wear revealing dresses with high heels, but I also found plenty who were donning hipster looking outfits.

How do they compare to other Baltic Women?

Well that is the good part. If you compare Vilnius and Kaunas to Riga and Tallinn you will notice that both Lithuanian cities are severely underrated when it comes to tourism.

Almost all foreigner who want to pick up Baltic girls plan to travel to either Riga and Tallinn – but Vilnius , and especially Kaunas, are not very popular.

Why? No idea to be honest! It could be that Riga and Tallinn build up quite reputation during the 80’s and 90’s as being the prostitute capitals of Eastern Europe, but those days are long gone.

Sure you can still have a blast – but Vilnius and Kaunas are a blast from the past as they have not been touched yet by the mass tourism of the West.

Personalty wise the Lithuanian women seem to be a lot more open minded but also less international compared to the other Baltic capitals. I think this is mainly because they just do not have that much foreigners come to visit them.

A good thing to all of this? – During my 3 week stay I hooked up with 6 different women and had 13 dates! And let me tell you – Vilnius is fun! Shooting with a real AK-47 at some dodgy underground shooting range and I even got time to drive a real tank!

Boys with their toys!

Lithuanian women facial features and physiques

Lithuanian girls

When it comes to facial features, there is this one striking characteristic that I think you’ll notice on a lot of Lithuanian girls—they possess high cheekbones.

This facial feature is also common among Slavic women and it really plays a major role in accentuating their beauty.

Also, they have nice, thin bodies.

Out of all the nations within the Baltic States, I would say the Baltic girls from Lithuaniahave the thinnest bodies.


From my experience interacting with various Vilnius Lithuanian women, I perceived them to be quite westernized.

By the way, Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Now, don’t expect them to be all talkative when you first approach and talk to them.

They are rather reserved initially, but offering a couple of drinks should do the trick in terms of warming them up so they’ll start to get chatty with you.

Their mastery of the English language isn’t great though, especially among the older ones (ages 35 and above).

It’s important to be direct and communicate using simple words and sentences. Forget about delivering clever break-the-ice or pickup lines because you’ll probably be met with blank stares.

If you do come across ones with good command of English and you feel like they are the sort who might ‘get it,’ then go ahead fire away your witty lines.

Dating in Lithuania

Every woman loves being in the company of a caring guy and Lithuanian women are no exceptions.

Therefore, don’t forget to lavish her with sweet and simple compliments. Doing so will set off her romantic vibe and brightens her mood.

As a result, she may get all horny and who knows, you may just get lucky at the end of the date! But I thought you should know thatthey are more interested in a relationship than casual flings.

It’s just the way it is with the Lithuanian dating cultureamong their women who are very much relationship minded.This is good news for foreign guys who are seeking long-term relationships, but what about those who are keen on one night stands, or casual hookups and dates?

Should you cross Lithuania off your list of potential dating tourism destinations?

Oh no, of course not. Please put the pen down and listen up…

You see, although they are in the minority, you’ll still be able to find hot Lithuanian girls who are absolutely cool with short flings. They can mostly be found when the Lithuania nightlifescene comes alive.

And Vilnius happens to one of the best places to enjoy her nightlife.

Exploring the Vilnius nightlife

Lithuanian girls

The nightlife in Vilnius is incredibly energetic and lively.

With a variety of exciting clubs bringing the night to life, it is worth devoting some time to check a few of them out as they are packed with potential dates or hookups.

Some of the clubs that I would highly recommend you stake out are Opium, Loftas, and Salento.

Bix is also another awesome club which plays rock and metal tunes.

If you’re itching to hook up with rocker type Vilnius girls, then this is the place for you to try your luck because those are aplenty here.

You know, I almost hooked up with a dark-haired Kerli (an Estonian singer) look-alike when I was hanging out at this club. The Vilnius nightlife felt amazing to me, and during my 3-week stay I was always looking forward to it.

I enjoyed the whole feel and experience so much that at times, I regarded all those gorgeous Vilnius girls wandering about as merely icing on the cake.

Yes, it was that amazing!

Girl Friendly Hotel in Lithuania

Got a date or interested in a lady of the night? Make sure you are staying in a girl friendly hotel in Lithuania. Not all hotels allow  you to bring your female guests back to the room. Thankfully, I know which places do allow it! 😉

HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Europa City Hotel - Book now!Vilnius4/5NoNoAll hotels allow girls from outside.
Holiday Inn Vilnius - Book now!Vilnius3/5NoNo
Hotel Panorama - Book now!Vilnius4/5NoNo
Novotel Vilnius - Get Rates!Vilnius5/5NoNo

Lithuanian Dating Site

Lithuanian women

Now, I did mention earlier that developing rapport before you actually go there will help stack the deck in your favor when it comes to scoring dates in Lithuania.

After all, you don’t want fly over there and end up wasting precious money and time because all the hot Lithuanians you approached either had boyfriends, or were already snapped up by horny foreign fellas, just like, ahem, YOU (okay okay.. you’re not just in the mood, perhaps you’re looking for long-term dates, my apologies).

And to avoid such disappointment, you should check out Baltic Cupid.

This is a free Lithuanian dating website and it’s a great place to track down attractive single Lithuanian ladies without leaving the comfort of your home.

Pick the profiles you like, establish contact and rapport, and then you can fly over, meet up and start dating away.

Knowing that you already secured a date (or dates) before you even step foot in the airport of a country you’ve never been to, now that is one heck of an amazing accomplishment.

Final words!

So, if you’re interested in visiting a beautiful country that’s filled with stunningly attractive women who are blessed with captivating high cheekbones, and lovely long hair, then you most certainly should head over to Lithuania.

Oh yeah – shooting machine guns and driving tanks most certainly helps as well!

Happy hunting, Rambo!

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