Top 3 Girl & Guest Friendly Hotels in Tallinn – Hook Up with Tallinn Girls!

girl friendly hotels in tallinn

Top 3 Girl & Guest Friendly Hotels in Tallinn – Hook Up with Tallinn Girls!


Top 3 Girl & Guest Friendly Hotels in Tallinn – Hook Up with Tallinn Girls!

Congratulations! You have successfully picked up a beautiful Tallinn women and it seems that our tips on how to meet Estonian women and how to approach dating in Estonia is finally paying off! You have an amazing connection and with her smoking hot body in that perfect dress you just know that tonight will be your lucky night!

You arrived at your hotel and before you can push that elevator button to bring you 2 as fast as possible to your room, you will hear a voice behind you say;

Excuse me sir, but is the lovely lady a guest of the hotel? If not, I am afraid I can’t allow her to go to your room. Sorry Sir, company policy!

Dammit! Talk about the ultimate cock-block!

Of course, you did not think for one second that some hotels might not be girl friendly hotels and unfortunately you are about to find out that this is indeed the case!

Yeah, every person who ever partied in Eastern Europe with stunning Eastern European women will tell you that they have experienced such an annoying hotel-clerk at least once!

Thankfully, when I found 2 lovely ladies at once, I was able to bribe to good old chap with 20 Euro’s, but I have had plenty of times that the hotel manager (almost always a woman) would not sympathize and just said that it was not allowed under any circumstances.

Well, do not worry as I am about to tell you the Top 3 best Girl & Guest Friendly Hotels in Tallinn which will give you no trouble when you are crushing your Estonian dating game and bringing home the Tallinn girls night after night.

Girl Friendly Hotels

Hotel Palace

girl friendly hotel tallinn
Finding a guest friendly hotel in Tallinn is a must!

Super good location, just outside the old Town, and from nearby the tram station. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the airport and has a high reputation under the local girls as being a hotel for wealthy foreigners. They even got their very own night-club next door!

Small tip; Do not go to the night-club before 1:00 AM as it will be boring as ¬†(…)! The second night I visited around 2:15 AM and made out with 3 girls within the hour. It helped of course that at time most Estonian girls are already completely wasted. But to be honest, so was I!

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Original Sokos Viru Hotel

meet girl friendly hotel tallinn estonia
You finally found that smoking hot Estonian girl. Make sure your hotel allows guests to the room!

Who does not know the famous Sokos Viru Hotel? It started as an old office building for the KGB and was notorious for its dodgy hidden camera works and other KGB devices to collect dirt on foreign diplomats in order to blackmail them.

Do not worry as now it is the number one place to be to pick up pretty girls and prostitutes. The hotel is clean and has a great service-minded staff that will do anything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There is a nightclub downstairs that is full of girls after 1:00 AM and you just have to be careful that you are not wasting your time talking to a prostitute. Of course, that is if you are not interested in such a thing!

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Nordic Hotel Forum

tallinn girls estonia
Get ready to party at the Venus Nightclub. It is located right across this girl friendly hotel.

Located right across the Sokos Viru Hotel, the Nordic Hotel Forum is slightly cheaper compared to the Sokos Viru Hotel, but the rooms are of excellent standard. If you want to save a few bucks the Nordic Hotel Forum is the place to be! The best part? It is right across one of the best nightclubs in Tallinn!

The Venus Club is a great disco where I have spent hours upon hours partying and having a crazy time. They got naked dancers, cheap drinks and great music. They only downside is that you have to pay an entry fee, but that is only around 8 USD.

If you do not get lucky there, you can always visit the sauna next door for some “paid” pleasure if you wish to do so. If you do get lucky and are able to score some Estonian ladies, you only have to walk 100 meters to get to your hotel room.

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Girl Friendly Apartments in Tallinn-Old Town under $50

Listen – You will never be risk-free if you are staying in a hotel. Sometimes you do not want to bother with anybody seeing you taking home your catch of the night. Therefore, I also highly recommend you book a private appartement in city center of Tallinn.

The good thing about having your own apartment is that you can come and go as you please, no annoying hotel-managers waiting at the door and you might get lucky and receive a discounted price.

I made a short list of great apartments that are located in/nearby the city center and all the big nightclubs, strippers and restaurants.

NN Aia Apartment

The beautiful NN Aia apartment is located only 200 meters away from the Viru hotel, which means you can still party at their Venus nightclub, saunas and discos, but without staying at the Viru hotel itself. You are also located very close the famous Red Emperor hostel. Now this hostel is FULL of young people, students and of course.. a lot of pretty girls!

Tallinn girls
Welcome to the Red Emperor Party Hostel!

You can always visit their bar and they organize a lot of fun activities like ping-pong competitions, quiz-nights and pool competitions. This is a great place to meet Tallinn girls in a more casual setting.

If you like you can also stay at the hostel, but in my experience you are limited with your “positions” when you share the room with 6 other people. – Better to walk 100 meters and have your own place!


Aarde apartment 

Cute little apartment located right in the city center and only 200 meters aways from the famous X-Club stripclub. Looks are great and traditional Estonian design has been used. You are also within walking distance of all the great restaurants and nightclubs.

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