Why Are Estonian Girls So Beautiful?

why are estonian girls so beautiful

Why Are Estonian Girls So Beautiful?


Why Are Estonian Girls So Beautiful?

When you think about the beautiful Estonian women, you can only imagine blue eyes, long legs and blond hair. To some other people, Estonia is all about fog, the red roofs of Tallinn and the Baltic Sea. These are only some misconceptions related to Estonia, yet some of these ideas are actually true.

However, just like everything else in life, Estonian women come with both particularities and exceptions. So, why are Estonian girls so beautiful? What makes these girls some of the most appreciated ones in Europe when it comes to beauty and potential relationships?

Features and Characteristics of Estonian Girls

While blond is the predominant hair color, you will also find many brown and black hair girls, as well as a few redheads here and there. It is mix of everything, so there is something for everyone. Features are also quite diversified – you will find beautiful shy girls, as well as hot tempered beauties who turn you on with their attitude only.

Generally speaking, Estonians are both passionate and gentle. Some men find them to be slow, while others find them in a rush. The truth is somewhere in the middle. They are not too spontaneous and they do like to plan everything in advance. But on the other hand, they make quick decisions without thinking too much.

Some would say they are efficient. If she is into you, chances are she will make it obvious. On the other note, you will know if you are about to get rejected, without facing any tricks.

In bed, everything is balanced. Estonians are not like Russians or Ukrainians. They do not like to give only. They also like to receive. You will enjoy a sexual experience with a perfect beauty, but you will also have to make it worth. They come from a place with options – they can travel around and meet foreigners, they are educated and they can land good jobs, so they are not desperate.

The appearance makes Estonians worth a shot. They usually have thin or slender bodies – well toned and with the curves in the right places. They have long legs and they like to make it obvious with skinny and tight jeans. Their faces are beautiful – large expressive eyes and full lips. Hair is normally long and well looked after.

They know they are beautiful, but they will not show it off. Instead, they try to look as good as they can and they always wear suitable clothing. They reveal just enough, but not all – you will either have a full back, a short skirt or a generous cleavage.

So, what is their secret?

beautiful estonian girls

The Looks

Whether she has pale white hair or dark hair and blue eyes, it is worth understanding what makes an Estonian girl so beautiful. The location itself is quite convincing. Estonia is a Baltic country. Most countries in that area are known for having beautiful women. Take Poland, for example.

On another hand, Estonia is also considered to be a northern state. In other words, it was exposed to the Scandinavian culture. It is a mix of slavic and northern genes. Now, everyone is aware of the slavic beauty – Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland and Russia, only to name a few.

On the other hand, Scandinavian girls are also said to be extremely beautiful – especially the Swedish, Finnish and Icelandic.

These are two different standards of beauties. One of them is volcanic and slightly darker in appearance, while the other one is pale white and angelic. Mix them together and you have the definition of perfection.

Other than that, statistics show that 99% of all Estonians have colored eyes – this is one of the highest percentages in the world. Estonian girls also have large eyes, so their beauty is even more obvious. Look one of these hotties in the eyes and she will instantly hook you in.

Their bodies are also great – slightly curved where they should, but also slender. In fact, Tallinn – the capital of Estonia – is one of the capitals with the lowest obesity rates. When compared to other countries, you will notice that large fast food chains are not so overcrowded in Estonia and mostly because women do care about what they look like.

More than Their Appearance

Definitely not. There are many aspects that make Estonians so attractive. While older generations are more fluent in Russian and not really in English, young girls can speak good English and they are more westernized. When compared to other countries in Europe, Estonia has one of the highest literacy rates.

Women are clever and likely to carry a conversation or land good jobs. If you are up for a relationship and not just a classic one night stand, an Estonian girl will raise with you, rather than support you from the background.

It also makes no difference what religion you are, as three out of four Estonians declare themselves to be atheists. In other words, Estonia is known as a secular atheist country, so there are no religious restrictions associated with it.

To make things even better, Estonia has ethnicities from many countries known for their hot women. You will find lots of Polish girls, as well as Serbian, Hungarian, Finnish, Czech, Spanish and Russian girls. Even if they are born in Estonia, their parents came from other countries, so you have a mix of genes and ethnicities to choose from. This is one of the aspects that makes Estonia such an attractive country.

A Short Final Conclusion

As a short final conclusion, you do not have to be Casanova to understand Estonia’s popularity among those who want a girlfriend or a few casual hookups while on holiday.

So, why are Estonian girls so beautiful?

There are plenty of reasons – more than any other country has. It is a hidden gem in Europe when it comes to women and sex.​ And if you are really interested in meeting real and honest girls from Estonian, I recommend you sign up for Baltic Cupid.


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