​Marrying An Estonian Woman – What You Need To Know!

marrying an estonian woman

​Marrying An Estonian Woman – What You Need To Know!


Marrying An Estonian Woman – What You Need To Know!

Visiting Estonia for a holiday is one thing. But meeting a girl and decided to pursue a relationship is completely different. When things get serious, there are certain things you should know before marrying an Estonian woman. The truth is you will get to know pretty much everything upfront.

It is not like you will get married the next week. Instead, you will spend months or years getting to know your girlfriend. Given the traditional profile of Estonian women, she will make sure you know exactly what to expect.

So, what are the main considerations in the process and what does it take to do it right with an Estonian beauty?

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Estonia has some of the most beautiful women of the Baltic States.

Communication Requirements

Fortunately, Estonian women are down to earth. They are less likely to confuse you and they will be straight to the point. Whatever it is you want to discuss about a wedding, just put it out on the table. She will always appreciate honesty and you can count on her telling you anything.

With all these, Estonian women are extremely polite. Especially in Tallinn. They are well mannered and fragile in communication. Even if it is not a positive discussion, she will make it feel like one. While girls from other countries take 10 minutes to express their points of view, Estonians can do it within a few seconds only.

A typical Estonian does not necessarily enjoy making small talk. They do not like to have a chat while waiting in the queue or talking just because it is alright to do it. If they have nothing to say, they will simply shut up. In fact, Estonians feel comfortable being quiet and enjoy silence.

Obviously, it does not mean that you should expect complete silence. You just need to know that compared to girls from western countries, Estonian girls like to keep it quiet and only talk when they have something to say – and then, they do it in a really efficient way.

Marrying an Estonian Woman – The Right Time to Do It?

It is always the right time to get married one you find the girl of your dreams. But when it comes to Estonian brides, there are some unwritten rules that most people stick to. They are not general and there are plenty of exceptions, yet most people follow these trends for some practical reasons.

First of all, the summertime is the best time of the year to get married in Estonia. Why? Easy! Locals claim the summer is the most beautiful season of the year. Besides, you would rather get married on a warm, sunny day than on a miserable day. Who wants rain, mud and no outdoor ceremonies on their big day?

Other than that, it seems to be more time to organize things during the summertime. Days are longer and you can get more done before the sun goes down. Schools are off, many people have lots of holidays to take, so there is a good chance most of your friends will be able to attend the wedding.

As for the best days, Fridays and Saturdays are the best options. Saturdays are better because most working people are off on Sundays. With all these, it might be wise to have your wedding booked on the first or last month of summer, rather than in the middle of it. Many Estonians have midsummer plans – usually during July and the first three weeks of August.

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The Ceremony, Church and Reception

A typical wedding in Estonia consists of three phases. The official ceremony is the first and legal one. This is where you get married – you sign the papers, require some witnesses, kiss the bride and even have a small reception on site. The whole thing barely takes an hour.

The second phase is the church. Even if they are not religious, most Estonians go through the church phase as well, mostly for their parents, grandparents and older relatives. It is just part of the game and it should not take more than an hour.

Once the religious part is done, the reception is the actual party. There are more types of traditional foods served as well as buffets. You can expect around four courses. There are plenty of drinks as well, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. However, the wedding cake is the big thing – it is served late in the night with tea or coffee.

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Games and Traditions

Since not everyone knows everyone, most weddings have a game where people are introduced by name or profession. Group photos are also taken – altogether and individually. The first dance is a moment everyone waits for – you will need to train a bit. You will take a few lessons to make a good impression. It is usually a waltz.

At the end of the wedding, the next weds are decided. Some couples choose the bridal bouquet method, while others will simply choose a couple and give them the hat and wreath – a slight push to get married. Things vary from one couple to another, so it is up to you and your future wife.

Visa and Living in Estonia

Just like every other couple, you have to plan your life further. Where are you going to live once you get married? If it is Estonia, make sure you double check the requirements upfront. The country is in the European Union, so other EU residents will not need anything to live there – only some form of ID. If you are not an EU citizen, you might get a visa as you get in the country, which will have to be formally extended – lots of paperwork, so it is best to hire a lawyer.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, finding Estonian girls for marriage is not hard and it will take you far. Girls are beautiful, loyal and they tend to be down to earth when compared to girls from other countries. However, just like for any other wedding, you need to plan everything ahead.​



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