Best Stag Do In Tallinn – Enjoy A Night Out With The Guys!

stag do tallinn

Best Stag Do In Tallinn – Enjoy A Night Out With The Guys!


Best Stag Do In Tallinn

Looking for a stag do in Tallinn? The Estonian capital is an excellent choice for some fun, whether you plan a night out with the boys or you want to organize a bachelor’s party away from home.

Either way, there are many things to do, lots of activities and plenty of beautiful girls. Obviously, many things require booking. In other words, you cannot just go there and expect everything to be ready for you.

Therefore, a little planning will work a long way, especially if Estonian girls are among your priorities. So, what do you need to do and where should you go?

Where to Find Birds?

Looking for a quick stag? There are plenty of girls around the streets looking forward to hook up. Many of them will do it for a fee – in other words, prostitution is legal in Estonia, as long as it is not organized. If you want to hang around with the guys, do it over weekends. On Friday and Saturday night, take a walk around the Sole street, which used to be the main hub in the city. There are still some streetwalkers hanging around at night, but not as many as 10 years ago.

The McDonald’s area and the Viru street are not to be overlooked either, yet it is usually hit or miss.

So, where do you go for more quality birds then? Given the popularity of the Internet, most girls advertise online or in local newspapers. You can call and go to their place or they will visit yours. Some of them post pictures as well.

Trying Your Game in Tallinn

Many foreigners visit Tallin, especially from Scandinavian countries and Russia. You will still be quite exotic for being a foreigner. Luckily, the Tallinn nightlife is quite rich. Just like everywhere else, most of the fun takes place during weekends. You will find all kinds of girls there – from 5s to 10s. Some of them are quite picky, yet others can be loose. You can find yourself a date for your holiday or a classic one night stand.

Foreigners are associated with two things – wealth and sex. In other words, some girls might think you are wealthy, so you will have a higher chance to score. Some others will think you are there for sex only, so they might ignore you.

IBIZA Nightclub is probably the best club in the area – excellent for parties, good looking girls, affordable drinks and lots of people. Club Hollywood is also worth some attention – in fact, higher quality girls come here, yet prices are also a bit higher. Other nightclubs worth being mentioned include Venus Club, Nightclub Cafe Amigo and Club Studio.

Estonian ladies tend to go loose when it comes to parties and alcohol, so the nightlife is your main chance to score. You can also find and approach hotties in bars and pubs. As a general rule of thumb, stick around the city center – the old town has all the good bars, pubs and restaurants. 

Have a Chill – Enjoy a Massage

You and your friends can enjoy a traditional massage for relaxation, but you might as well try an erotic massage parlor. What do you get there? Well, the massage is not that professional. It is still relaxing, but do not expect an expert working on your muscles and tendons. On a positive note, you will get massaged by a relatively naked lady – usually 8s or 9s. Other than that, there is no way you will leave the massage without a happy ending. If you want more, ask upfront and inquire about prices.

Salong 666 is your top choice, followed closely by Club Kapriz. Bio Massage is just as interesting, yet there are not too many girls in their early 20s, but older. Other massage parlors to consider include:

  • Golden Massage
  • Erotic Touch
  • Red & Black
  • Oriental House Relaxing Studio

Again, anything can be discussed and expect everything to have a price. Many girls advertise their relaxing services in newspapers and over the Internet too.

Get a Lap Dance First

Looking for a quick turn on before the actual action? Strip clubs make a good opportunity before actually going private with a girl.

Soho Bar is known to have the most beautiful girls in town, but Nightclub Burlesque and Excellent Club are also popular among both locals and tourists. Tips are alright, lap dances are better and some girls can be asked for more – you might get some rejections though. Always be polite if you ask for sex and do it in a friendly and comfortable manner.

Other strip clubs worth a trip include:

  • Lasso Bar
  • Casanova Club
  • Mister XXX
  • Paradise
  • Borsi Gentleman’s Club

Mister XXX has some of the most experience strippers in the entire country. In fact, it even has a few branches in Thailand – owned by the same people.

Other Things to Do

You do not necessarily need to look for Estonian women to enjoy your time with the boys. Sure, they make good entertainment at night, but you might as well take some time to explore the city during the day. The old town is where most of the action happens – plenty of attractions, good architecture, lots of bars and restaurants. Visit Toompea too – a nice hill to get over a hangover packed with even more bars along the way.

Other stag ideas in Tallinn include:

  • Motor paintball
  • Demolition derby
  • Quad biking
  • Target shooting
  • Bubble football
  • Stag arrest – good for a bachelor’s party
  • Go Karting
  • Ice Fishing

When it comes to accommodation, stick to the city – ideally, as close as possible to the old town.

Party on!

As a short final conclusion, girls from Tallinn represent a top attraction because Estonia is one of the countries with the highest amounts of models.

However, when you go there with the boys for a stag, make sure you spend some quality time together as well and not just with random local hotties.​


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