What I Wish Everyone Knew About Baltic Women

baltic women

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Baltic Women


What I Wish Everyone Knew About Baltic Women

When you travel to the Baltics for the first time, you will notice that all three countries are very similar to each other. The buildings look the same, the food is almost the same, and even people like very similar between them. But, as you spend more time in these countries you will notice more and more differences.

This is even truer when we talk about the Baltic women. The Baltic girls are very beautiful, smart, and they like the company of people that come to visit their country.

If we try to find the best between Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian women, it would be an impossible mission. But we will give our best to find out the characteristics of each country and find out which ones are the best.

Looks and characteristics of Baltic Women

If you are the one that likes some boobs and curves on your woman, then Estonian women are the choice for you. They have the best curves out of the 3 countries. Lithuanian women have a body that resembles those of Asian types if it’s something that you like.

That means little curves, little ass, and small boobs.

Latvia is a combination of these two, having all sort of body types. A problem that can be considered with Estonian women, is the fact that the country has an increasing obesity problem. Thin Estonian women win this competition by a mile.

Another beautiful feature that can be found on Estonian women is their beautiful blue eyes. More than 50% of the Estonian population has blue eyes. But when it comes to beautiful faces, Lithuanian women are the ones that take the golden trophy. They have one of the most beautiful faces that you can find around the world.

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They love their drinks!

If we talk about their drinking skill, Estonian girls are again top of their branch, being the kind of women that love to have a great time and are fun to hang up with. They also can talk pretty good in English and they can have a conversation with an experienced person.

Latvian girls are the opposite, meaning that they are very guarded and take a long time to open up to a stranger. That might be due to the fact that they believe that every foreign man is a sex tourist. Lithuanian girls can be a combination of both types, but they are usually the type of women that are shy and detached.

What about the language barrier?

From all the Baltic ladies, those from Estonia have the strongest English skills, while the girls from Lithuania have the weakest English speaking skills. Latvian women speak well English, but there are some problems with Russian girls that don’t speak it at all.

Some of the best places to go out are found in Estonia, as Lithuanian clubs tend to be too cheesy, while those from Latvia are filled with scam-artists. If you get tired of clubbing, you will find a very good conglomerate of bar and pubs in Estonia, where you can enjoy a drink or two. Estonian women are also more likely to go to pubs, and that is a frequent nightly activity.

Something that all baltic ladies share is a deep connection with their traditions. They respect with great intensity their families and all the traditions that they have from the elders. Being more connected to their families, these girls don’t open up as easily as the western girls.

They like to be explored before going further, and they like their man to be caring and understanding. You can call them Baltic bridesbecause these ladies are marriage material. Being rushed into getting physical is not their thing. They need time to decide, and they consider that a true man never forces them to do anything.

Dating Culture in the Baltics

When it comes to dating, nightclubs were the most common place where people went to meet a date for casual sex and short-term affairs. Baltic women that go to nightclubs expect to find these things. But when it comes to the families in Lithuania, for example, the majority of them have met their special someone in common places, like the workplace, school, university etc.

Nowadays, dating someone that they have met online has become one of the most common methods to meet somebody. In the year 2000, this practice was only acceptable for some people, while from 2010 and on, dating online was a very normal thing for the youth and middle-aged people.

The difference between dating online in the Baltics and doing it in the western world is that most people here come to find their soulmate and are looking for long-term relationships. In the Baltics, there are special websites that are meant for dating just for casual sex. The average sexual partners of Lithuanians, for example, is only 3, most of them spending their lives outside of the dating scene altogether.

Chivalry is king!

When it comes to dating, it is common chivalry that a man pays for the women, but this trend is only requested and even demanded by girls that are not into something serious. If a Baltic woman has the intention of going into a serious relationship, these details don’t matter that much to her, while a one-night-stand girl wants to be spoiled and to receive gifts.

Back in the days, around the year 1990, Lithuanian girls were swept away by a foreigner that came there with their charm and fancy things. Meanwhile, Lithuania has become richer, and an American or British working-salary isn’t something to impress anymore. Therefore, trying to impress with money is not as effective as actually being charming and treating her very nice.

The difference between cultures may look very obvious when you want to hook up with a Baltic girl. For Baltic women, the beauty standards are much higher than normal, as they are expected to be very well dressed and in a good shape. This standard is very criticized in western culture. Baltic ladies also expect from men to try to look their best most of the time, therefore a t-shirt with jeans might come as unappealing for them.

So – What is the best place to visit?

It is hard to pick only one country in the Baltics to date women, but if we’d had to pick one, Lithuanian would be that choice. One of the reasons for this choice is that you can easily get there by air traveling, which is a plus. Also, a very important note for Lithuania is that almost everyone there that is under 30 years old speaks English, which is a good thing.

It’s a cheap country, according to the Western standards, but the quality of life there is really good, especially in Vilnius, the capital. What is nice about this place is that it hasn’t been yet ruined by drunken western tourists, and I hope it stays this way.

Regarding Lithuanian girls, they are less inclined to be attracted to fast seductions and one night stands. They prefer a man that gives them patience and time, takes them to dinner and walks in the park, and is getting involved emotionally with them.

While being a foreigner means that you don’t live there, telling her that you stay for a long period of time or that you will come back soon will make her more confident, even if she isn’t looking for a long-term relationship. Long walks in the park, coffee dates, and meaningful conversations goes a long way with Lithuanian women.

They prefer a man that knows what he wants and that is not afraid to show his affection towards her. But Lithuanian women are very careful with their public appearance, therefore displaying the affection publicly is not something they like. They love elegant behavior, and it shows them that the man is of high class.

Don’t try to impress them with money or things that you can buy, but rather with being attentive to what they have to say and making her feel special. Nothing wrong with having money and enjoying something expensive on your dates, but don’t make that the focus of your attention. Lithuanian women prefer to be respected and charmed. If you think you can get her easy, that’s when you lose her.

Talking online over Facebook or Whatsapp before dating makes her more comfortable with you getting close to her, even sexually. As conversations online are private, she won’t shy away to express her true feelings. Lithuanian women are confident in themselves and their beauty, and that makes them super appealing and fun to talk with.

Final word

There is a lot to say about Baltic women and they provide an experience that you need to feel at least ones in your life. They are beautiful, smart and very confident women. Even if it’s not that easy to make one become yours, the effort is very well rewarded by what you get in return. Don’t shy away to treat her nice, because she will return the favor to a much higher degree.

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