What is it like to have a Ukrainian wife? [ You’ll NEVER Guess..]

Ukrainian wife

What is it like to have a Ukrainian wife? [ You’ll NEVER Guess..]


What is it like to have a Ukrainian wife?

A lot of foreign gentleman travel to the Ukraine to meet their future wives. If you spent an afternoon on Google, you will see that the marriage business is booming and Ukrainian women have become one of the most desired women to marry.

But did you actually consider what it is like to be married to a Ukrainian lady?

After all, most guys only travel to this exotic destination due to the looks of the women – but if you are truly interested in finding a partner for life I suggest you read this blog post carefully.

My friend Chris has been together with his wife Mascha for the last 6 years of which they have been married for the last 3. He is from Berlin, Germany and a co-worker of mine. She is from Kiev and has been working as one of our sales-assistants at the head office. After spending several months together, asking Chris the important relationship questions (and double-checking with Mascha if Chris his marks were indeed correct 😉 )

I decided to write this blog post and prepare you for what you can expect when marrying a Ukrainian girl.

Say goodbye to your privacy

I always joke about this one with Chris, but after spending several years now in Kiev I know for a fact that this statement is 100% true. Once you marry (or start dating) a Ukrainian women you can say farewell to your privacy.

Like – Forever!

But don’t be worried as I actually mean this in a funny way. You see, family is number one when it comes to Ukrainian culture. Once you get married you new family in law will be everywhere!

  • Need to do the dishes? Her mother will help.
  • Need to do laundry? There she is again?
  • In need of some booz? Grandpa has a moonshine business.
  • Is the roof is leaking? Her dad will be there in no-time.
  • Need a nanny? The grandma is already on her way!

There is no escaping! Unless you move away from her city, be ready for having the family over almost daily. It is a really wonderful experience if you are family oriented. You will never have to worry about finding a nanny or calling a plumber. Everybody knows somebody and as always… no family member will ever take NO” for an answer.

Be ready to gain 10 pounds instantly

Ukrainian women love to cook!

There – I have said it! Cooking for their husbands is something that a lot of Ukrainian women love to do. As they focus more on the traditional roles in a relationship they can cook you a delicious breakfast, lunch and diner, day in and day out. Of course it is all part of their independent lifestyle and work – but it is simply in their genes to be kind, thoughtful and helpful towards their husbands.

Now that does not mean you won’t encounter any high maintenance women when you start dating in Ukraine. Fortunately, those are pretty easy to spot beforehand. If you are lucky you will find a really traditional Ukrainian girl who will rock your world daily if you treat her right.

Warning: I am not responsible for the massive amounts of delicious foods, drinks and candy you will eat on a daily basis. You better join a gym or something! 😉

You will never be bored

There is one thing about Ukrainian women that separates them from their Western-counterparts. A lot of Slavic women have a huge “will to please” when it comes to their partners. That means that your wife will do everything in her power to look beautiful on daily basis. Hair, make-up, clothes etc. She will work hard to look her best for you – even after a few years!

If you are worried that it will change after giving birth to a child, let me tell you; It won’t! I have seen  girls get in tip-top shape within 3 months after giving birth. It is just something they love to do and if you support them financially, emotionally, and physically you will have a stunning woman for the rest of your life.

Oh yeah – and they love to experiment in the bedroom! 😉

Holidays everywhere

There is a holiday for everything! Be prepared to have Christmas celebrated on the 7th of january, your own Christmas, new years day, angel day, independence day, her birthday, your birthday, papa and mama birthday, about 10 weddings per year and let’s not forget about the wedding anniversaries of the senior family members.

Long story short – Be prepared to have a party almost every weekend! It is just a wonderful tradition in the Ukraine.

Tender loving care

You see – It all comes down to a little bit of TLC. Thankfully, A Ukrainian wife has a lot of it! I have seen wonderful benefits of dating a slavic girl as it just brings the perfect mix between beauty, values, respect and commitment that you won’t find when dating women from the west.

On a final note; Marriage is what you make of it. Don’t think that a Ukrainian women will stay married or faithful for long if you are not showing her the some amount of love and loyalty as she is giving to you. Work hard, be kind, keep communicating and you can have a wonderful life together.

Good luck!


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