The UGLY Truth About Romance Tours To Ukraine

romance tours to ukraine

The UGLY Truth About Romance Tours To Ukraine


The UGLY Truth About Romance Tours To Ukraine

At first I was not sure if I wanted to write a blog post on romance tours to Ukraine. But after living in Kiev for years, dating dozens of Ukrainian women and traveling all of Ukraine, I can’t help but wonder why I keep encountering the same type of men over and over again.

So, what type of guys am I talking about?

The Western men that travel thousands of miles to a foreign country, go on several quick dates  and unfortunately leave the country alone and far poorer.

Is it their approach? Looks? Or have they been scammed by a booming business that experienced massive growth with the uprise of social media.

Let’s find out!

Loneliness is a business

If you think about the concept of business you can summarize it pretty quickly with something like; Everybody wants something. 

Unfortunately, loneliness is no exception of the rule. And business is booming!

Nobody likes to be lonely. I am sure you have encountered dozens of pop-up banners, marketing e-mails and tv-commercial that all advertise that finding the love of your life can be done by the click of a button.

Finding love has never been easier and yet so many men are unsuccessfully finding a suitable partner. Why?

Rather it’s their own flaws in a relationship or cultural differences between partners – At one point these men decided to start looking abroad. And if you google “foreign wife” for an afternoon you will see that Ukraine and Russia have become the hotspots for the foreign bride business.

A business that offers the ultimate male fantasy. A stunning Ukrainian women that is 10 years younger, totally out of your league, the perfect housewife and of course trophy fish to show off to your buddies.

Not sure what I mean with trophy fish?

“A man fishes for two reasons: he’s either sport fishing or fishing to eat, which means he’s either going to try to catch the biggest fish he can, take a picture of it, admire it with his buddies and toss it back to sea.”

Love is blind

Love is blind. Especially if you are in love with a fantasy.

The online bridal business is booming. When I visit Odessa during my holidays I see hundreds of busses full of foreign men trying to find their perfect partner. American, British, Arab, Indians and recently a lot more rich Asians. They are easy to spot as they all have the same mentality when it comes dating Ukrainian women.

First for all, they still believe that Ukrainian or Russian women are still desperate to be “saved” by a Western men. They are also still hurt because of their previous failed marriage or relationship. Unfortunately, these two thoughts are a recipe for disaster but the perfect target for dating scammers.

The damage done by a previous relationship is the first step the scammers use. You arrive in Ukraine or Russia and there you are treated as a king. Personal escort to pick you up from the airport, great hotel, delicious foods and when you are scrolling through all the profiles on your computer you can’t believe your eyes.

Dozens and dozens of stunning women are ready to meet and date you. They have been texting you non-stop and you are especially interested in meeting one particular girl that you have been talking to for months prior to your arrival.

It has costs you already a bit of money buying her flowers, chocolates, translated letters and much more. But it was worth it right? Because now you are finally going to meet her!

The Scam

It is hard to explain – but the type of guys that go on these romance tours all have some form of O.C.D. They have done months of research, talked to thousands of girls, spent even more money on these chats and make lists with pros and cons for each top 3 candidate.

I was actually surprised how organized they are but at the same time kind of shocked. If you approach dating as a business plan – do you really expect to find true love?

Well, they do and unfortunately reality shows the exact opposite.

Once they arrive, all of a sudden their top 3 favorite prospects stop replying. Not a single answer and even though you will still meet women on the meets – the ones you decided to travel thousands of miles for and pay up to 5000 USD in total… well, they aren’t there!

Yes – they will leave having talked to a few women but never the ones they invested in. And I am sure you can already guess it but what do you think will happen as these gentleman travel back home?

As soon as they land there will be an e-mail waiting. An apology e-mail that is. It will be full of excuses why this girl could not meet up and that she loves you to the moon and back. You will continue in the chat routine, pay hundreds of dollars and the scamming process starts over again.

Not convinced that guys are that stupid? One of the biggest agencies did a turnover of 90 million USD in 2017…

I rest my case.

A woman’s perspective

So – Why do some Ukrainian women scam these desperate men?

Well – first of all you have to understand that there is a huge industry behind these tours. It is not a random woman sitting at her home playing the field left and right. Most women approach these agencies with the same purpose as the guys. Unfortunately, their pictures are often used for scamming purposes without them even knowing it.

You can be chatting for months without knowing who is really behind the picture. If they plan a cam session they will ask the woman to come in and explain they have found her a match. The translator will of course play both fields and the scam continues.

Sometimes the girls also go for the cash. They will get a few hundred dollars of the scam and in a country where the average monthly salary is around 250 USD, this is an easy deal to make.

Can you really blame the girls? Well, that is up to you. From my point of view I consider both parties to be dishonest. The foreign men for thinking they can find a submissive hot housewife that will be happy to live in the USA in a small 1 bedroom apartment in the middle of nowhere.

And the Ukrainian women. Who use this male mindset to sell emotional prostitution, in which they escape the daily struggle of living in war-torn country of poverty and uncertainty.

P.S – I would love to hear your experience with romance tours to Ukraine. Please leave a message in the comments below or you can e-mail me your story directly.

2 thoughts on “The UGLY Truth About Romance Tours To Ukraine

  1. Hi my name is Lou and I am looking abroad for a happy relationship with a Slavic lady. I read your column on the ugly truth and I agree. My question is what other options are there and what is the best way to meet ladies in Ukraine? I’m not looking for a submissive lady who I’m going to rescue!!! I’m not a desperate man who is a player but I’m very serious in finding a good lady for a serious relationship!!!
    I hope to hear from you thanks

  2. Dear Lou, thanks for your message. Happy you like the article. If you do not live in Ukraine, I highly recommend you start online dating first. It is not an easy process and it will take some time to find a good girl, but it is SO MUCH cheaper than flying and try to pick up girls randomly. You already mention the right stuff: You are a serious guy that does not mind to have a strong woman. A lot of Ukrainian women will appreciate that!

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