Kiev Escorts: How to Find The Best Girls And AVOID Scams in Ukraine?

kiev escorts

Kiev Escorts: How to Find The Best Girls And AVOID Scams in Ukraine?


Kiev Escorts: How to Find The Best Girls And AVOID Scams in Ukraine?

I get asked this question a lot about Kiev escorts;

John, how are the prostitutes in Kiev? 

My answer?

Cheap, beautiful but oh so tricky!

With over 9,000 active girls, the capital of Ukraine has become (next to Prague) a famous sex-tourism destination for American and Western European men. With average prices of 600 UAH to 1500 UAH (20-45 USD) for sexual services, you can see why it has become the next best thing since sliced bread for men that are looking for a bit of adventure.

But is it indeed all fun and games? No – Because with everything in life, the good always comes with a fair share of bad. And in this case, it is in the form of being scammed, getting robbed or worse, catch a STD!

No worries – Read this guide carefully to protect yourself, find the best (and legit) girls and make sure you get the best “bang” for your buck!

See what I did there? 😉

Disclaimer: We do not promote or offer any adult services. All information is for educational purposes only!

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Is prostitution legal?

The answer is: No.

But just like their Polish neighbors, the Ukraine government has ignored the widespread of prostitution in the country. After all, it brings in a lot of money from foreign visitors. And in a country like Ukraine, the old saying “Money Talks, Bullshit Walks” is still very much applicable.

The girls that do work in Kiev (Kyiv) are mostly from outside the city. Around 80% of the prostitutes come from the other cities and move to the big city to earn more money, study and find a better life. The living conditions in the outback of Ukraine can indeed be very harsh and offer little opportunity for a young girl.

So, is there a fine if you get arrested for prostitution?

Yes – but it is so minimal it is almost laughable. The prices are around 375 UAH (18 USD) and you need to pay in cash. It is nothing of course, and that’s why a lot of girls will consider these fines the cost of doing business.

Recently, there has been some announcements that the government would call the family members of the girl is she gets arrested. Word on the streets is that this announcement was just a publicity stunt. Nothing has happened so far.

Red light district

There is no red light district in Kiev. You will  have to meet the girls through either an escort service, on the streets or in bars and nightclubs.

Keep reading for an overview on how to find these places.

Do’s and Don’ts

Now that you have told you the basics, it is time to explains the do’s and don’ts when finding a prostitute in Kiev. The business is booming and you can encounter a lot of scammers. Please read the following list carefully and if you have any doubts just leave a comment below or e-mail us directly.


  • Always pay with cash.
  • Always use protection. According to Wikipedia, the experts have estimated that in August 2010 almost 1.3 percent of the adult population of Ukraine was infected with HIV. This number is the highest in all of Europe.
  • Ask for the prices beforehand.
  • Be extra careful with escort websites. They advertise with fake profile photos. The escort that will arrive at your doorstep might look very different.


  • Waste your money and time in strip clubs if you are interested to bang. They will strip you dry of your cash in no-time without any sexual service.
  • Use a credit card. Like NEVER!
  • Let the girl order the drinks in the bar of clubs. They will overcharge you. You go and buy the drinks.
  • Trying to hook-up with a non-English speaking girl. It is a waste of time.

Kiev street hookers

Kiev escorts

The most popular locations to find street prostitutes are the Victory Square, Mandarin Plaze, Brovarskyi avenue and Khreshatic square. Most girls charge around 500 to 1200 UAH (20 to 60 USD) – but the hotness of the girls varies a lot. Normally, the guys take the girls in their car or back to their hotel/apartment. You can find girl friendly hotels in Kiev in the next chapter.

One important note;

A lot of Ukrainian women dress up in very sexy outfits. Do not approach just any random girl on the streets and ask her free. It might result in something nasty if she is indeed not a lady of the night. 

The street girls in the city are more expensive. Outside of Kiev you can also find a lot of girls on the E40 towards Zhytomir. This is a 20 minute drive from the city center and about 7 km out of Kiev.


A price overview of sexual services in Kiev:

Type Price per hour
High-level escort 3000 to 5000 UAH (80 to 125 USD)
Mid-level escort 1000 to 2000 UAH (25 to 55 USD)
Street hooker 500 to 1200 UAH (20 to 60 USD)
Massage 650 UAH (30 USD)
Oral- or handjob on streets 500 UAH (20 USD)

Disclaimer: We do not promote or offer any adult services. All information is for educational purposes only.

Nightclubs and bars

The nightlife in Kiev is truly something special. As I have lived in capital for several years, it has become easy to spot the popular nightclubs and bars where most prostitutes hang-out.

These are my top 3 favorite places:

  1. D-Lux
  2. Shooters
  3. Ok bar

These are the type of bars where you know you can a lady of the night. I would not always recommend to visit these places with a date or your girlfriend. I visited a few times with my girlfriend, but she hated the amount of attention I received. The girls can look absolutely stunning here and it will be hard to keep your eye focused on the date. About 75% of all the girls in these bars are prostitutes.

It they are drinking by themselves, approach you, dance with you… big chances are.. she is a hooker!

The quality of the girls is mixed. A lot of students go to Shooters – but most of them are not that good-looking. If you visit Byblos Ok bar and Velour you can find the most expensive hookers of the city.

Go out, have fun and make sure you check our the rest of the clubs and bars as well:

  • Avalon
  • Dante Park
  • Arena
  • Avalon
  • Byblos
  • Serebro
  • Buddha Bar
  • Mokko
  • Safe

Strip clubs in Kiev

escort kiev

There are a few strip clubs in Kiev that are worth visiting. They accept bachelor parties and the quality is comparable to Odessa and other Ukrainian cities.

I am sure you are wondering:

John, can I also sleep with a stripper?

Well, as a matter of fact; You can!

Most strippers are also prostitutes – but there is one problem. There core-business is stripping and if you want them to come with you back to your place you will have to pay.

And with pay, I mean pay. It can be close to 300 USD per hour as she wil charge you for the hour she is not stripping + her services to you.

Double charge – right?

Here is a golden tip:

When you are looking for a prostitute – make sure you seal the deal 30-60 minutes before closing time. This way you can get a great “discount” for the leftovers of the night.

I use this approach at almost every city that I visit. In Qatar I even got a three-some with two hookers for 50% off!

Trust me – it works!

And always book for one hours first. Don’t get suckered into two hours because you are thinking with your dick instead of your head.

List of strip clubs in Kiev:

  • Arena Cabret
  • Boiler Club
  • Millenium
  • Men’s club Penthouse
  • Tato Club

Girl friendly hotels in Kiev

girl friendly hotels in kiev

If you want to bring an escort to your room you have two options; Either you bribe the receptionist or book a private apartment for yourself. Almost all hotels in Kiev have prostitutes that are “exclusive” to hotel guests. It will not be so easy to bring in a hooker from the streets – but why would you bother if you can have some hot babe send directly to your room.

My top 7 girl friendly hotels in Kiev:

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Final Words

And there you have – Your No. 1 guide when it comes it Kiev Escorts. Make sure to protect yourself at all times when you are visiting the city. If you keep the above tips and tricks in mind, you can have a wonderful time.

Disclaimer: We do not promote or offer any adult services. All information is for educational purposes only.

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  1. Thanks for the info, I will be visiting there in August and it has been difficult to find good info. Some of those girl friendly hotels you listed looked pretty upscale, how accurate do you feel your intel is?

    Thanks again and I will let you know about my experiences 🙂

  2. Hi John!

    Pretty accurate. Most girls focus on these hotels because the guest have more money. You can compare it to Asia where almost all the upscale hotels are full with working girls.


  3. Hi there,

    I am booked at the Dnipro Hotel for the end of Aug. you mentioned that they were girl friendly, how recent would you say your info is? I wish I could ask you some more detailed questions but I am not sure of your guidelines 🙂

  4. Hi there,

    What is meant with “girl friendly hotel”. A hotel where the girl can go to your room without problems? I mean, my hotel is not on the list (Cityhotel), will it be impossible to book an escort?

  5. Hey John,
    Only couple of nights in Kiev, happy to stay in the most expensive hotel, as long as I don’t need to go to night clubs, which ones would you recommend. ??

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