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Legitimate Russian Dating Sites – [Avoid Scams & Meet Real Russian women]


Legitimate Russian Dating Sites – [Avoid Scams & Meet Real Russian women]

legitimate russian dating siteYou might be planning a wonderful trip to Russia and you are planning to stay an extra few days in Moscow or St. Petersburg to meet some beautiful Russian girls. As you are visiting I am sure you are interested in finding out what the best Russian dating sites are for foreigners?

After all – Who would not want to date one of these beautiful Russian woman, right?

But finding the right website might be a tricky experience. You might wonder if you investing your time in legitimate Russian dating sites, if the profiles are real, what the costs of the memberships are and what type of girls you will find online.

Are you ready?

Just sit back, relax and follow our important tips to make sure you get the best dating as quick as possible without any troubles. We did all the research for you and made sure that we have selected an amazing list of Russian dating sites that are legit, cheap (some free), easy to use and most important… get the girl!

Read the text carefully – Each Russian dating site comes with its own perks and flaws.

Let’s check it out, shall we?

Russian Cupid Review – Legit or Scam?

legitimate russian dating site

One of the most famous dating websites of Eastern Europe are the Cupid websites. They have two version which are the Ukrainian dating site and the Russians girls site.

Let’s ask the million dollar question – Is Russian Cupid legit and is it worth the money?

Russian Date is absolutely worth the money to meet beautiful Russian women online.

Is it 100% legit? – Not really, but no online dating sites will ever be!

Russian Cupid has an average of 95% real dating profiles and all of the profiles are screened for scammers, which will give you a great feeling when you sign up. One of my colleges in Moscow has used this site over  2 years and has been meeting Russian chicks almost every weekend.

A membership is free, but it comes with limited capabilities – but will give you a great impression on how the website looks.

The paid options is  just over 1 USD per day and you can contact and talk to as many Russian girls at once.

My verdict: Legit and go for it. Sign up for free, check it out and if you see something you like just give it a try. A night out with a boring Western girl will cost you 3x as much!

Elena Models – What happened to the number 1 dating site in Ukraine?

legitimate russian dating site

Next to Russian Cupid there was Elena Models. This website used to be the one of the top Russian dating sites in 2012 to 2015. The website was very small and was full of legit Ukrainian and Russian girls and for just a few bucks you could talk to 100’s of them. Unfortunately, the company was purchased by some big player and they completely changed their interface, profiles and layout. Till this day I have no idea what happened, but once these new changes were made a lot of negative reviews appeared.

Currently, I have no idea what the status of this website is – but unfortunately they good ‘ol saying “Do not change a winning team” does apply here. Hopefully they will change back quickly again.

Or maybe somebody else picks up the old concept again… Hmmm.. Maybe an idea for this website? What do you think?

My verdict: Do not do it untill they change back again. Too many hot Russian girls with fake profiles at the moment.

AnastasiaDate – Fake profiles everywhere?

russian women dating

Sometimes you will come across something that has such a bad reputation that you might find it hard to believe that the company is still operational. Unfortunately, over the years the famous AnastasiaDate (one of the first dating websites ever) has become a scammers paradise and the reviews of its costumers only confirm this.

I am sure you heard of the website It is a website that shows reviews of certain products and services and the feedback that AnastasiaDate has received from its customers is … well how should I put it? B-R-U-T-A-L!

Siwar wrote;

This is a mail I got from a “real girl” in the site after I found the “truly real one” – the message speaks for it self :

“What the hell you want for me? Few years ago some girls used me, they said that we will make a pictures for me for international casting for model agencies, “you need to say few words about yourself on camera and we need your passport in case if the agency will choose you and you will fly somewhere for working on the contract”. I lose all the contacts of this girls so I’ll message to this website and I will complain about all this and will ask them to delete this profile, thank for letting me know about this! I appreciate it. What else you want from me?!”

Evegeny wrote;

This is a fraudulent site. The agency does not allow to get the contact details of the ladies no matter how much you can pay. You can only write letters and pay money. They do not answer your questions. This is beyond all possible limits. Such people should be put behind the bars. Terrible experience.


  • – Wow! That was a close one an thankfully they both saw the scam coming from a mile away! 

My verdict: No way, Jose! Stay away from this website unless they have a serious make-over.

Extra Tips on How to Avoid The Russian Dating Scams

Even if you visit a great website there is always a possibility that you are talking to a scammer. It does not matter if this is a Russian dating website or any other.

Always be careful and keep in mind that you want to confirm as soon as possible that the other person is indeed the person on the pictures.

  • Move the conservation to WhatsApp or Facebook as soon as possible. If she wants to keep talking though the website only make sure you do not pay for the messages.
  • Get a webcam session as fast as possible
  • Always focus on girls who have basic English-speaking skills
  • Never transfer money!
  • Be realistic when it comes to the pictures. If she is a smoking 10+ and you are an old fart with a beer belly… You might want to re-consider and think about why she would want to talk to you in the first place..

Final Words

The results speak for themselves – Russian Date is by far the best free Russian dating site on the market today. No hidden charges, fees for stupid translations and others make it that much better then their competition.

Use it together with my tips on how to avoid the Russian dating scams and you will be ready to meet your new Russian girlfriend.

Good luck!

P.S – If you ever have any questions on a online dating experience or you want to check if that Russian beauty you have been talking to for months is legit? Let me know!

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