Tips On How To Impress A Russian Girl – Dating in Russia 101

how to impress a russian woman

Tips On How To Impress A Russian Girl – Dating in Russia 101


Tips On How To Impress A Russian Girl

You do not have to look like Jason Momoa to impress a Russian girl, but simply pay attention to her and make her feel special. She knows she is beautiful, so even when you compliment her, make sure you refer to things that men from her past have never noticed, such as her laugh or her freckles.

All in all, it takes more than that to impress a Russian beauty, so what clicks with these women? What should you pay attention to and what should you avoid? Here are a few tips to ensure you are on the right path.

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Know Her Food

The Russian cuisine is not something everyone wants to try. It is not famous and it does not involve any world renowned dishes. However, it does mean something for Russians, who are naturally proud of their heritage and culture. From this point of view, do not make fun or mention anything about their food.

If you are interested to date and get married eventually, you should know that home cooked food will be part of the game too. Therefore, it pays off getting used to a few Russian dishes. The pelmeni is among the most popular ones, not to mention the borscht. Russian salads are not to be overlooked either.

Take it to the next level and cook any of these recipes for her.

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Keeping It Real

Never ever pretend to be someone you are not, especially to impress Russian women. It never works out. Some girls like sports people, while others like athletes or intellectuals. If she is into intellectuals, do not pretend to be an engineer when your job is completely different. It will take you nowhere and sooner or later, your cover will be gone.

Furthermore, Russian women are known for embracing their partners’ interests. They will be proud of yours, so keep it real. At the same time, you want a happy life with a beautiful woman whom you share things with, rather than feeling miserable for faking it.

Be Romantic

Men in Russia are quite harsh and rough. Be a romantic gentleman and half your job will be done. If you want to take her out to dinner, find a romantic place and a good atmosphere. Make sure they have some of her favorite foods, but it may also help if you can get the staff to play her favorite music.

Candles add to the overall effect too – even if you have this dinner at home and not in a fancy restaurant. Have a slow dance before and you can congratulate yourself for the perfect date. Again, average men in Russia are less likely to do all these for a woman, so planning all these will certainly win her heart.

The Wrong Time for Sexual Talk

Russian women know they are desired by men all over the world, but they do not want to be seen as sex objects. Since they are not treated too respectfully in Russia, this is the main desire – more important than sex.

A Russian girl who dates must feel secure. She needs to experience feelings before sleeping with a man. Believe it or not, even some dumb jokes might intimidate her. However, on a positive note, once she begins to trust you, chances are she will initiate such chats herself.

Chivalry Is a Must

Russian men are often rude. They can be bashful and they lack respect for women. From this point of view, foreigners are often perceived to be quite chivalrous. You will need to raise to her expectations and show her this side of yours through small gestures.

Open the door for her, but also pull out her chair. Have respect for her family, but also tell her about yours – especially your relationship with your mother and grandmother.

Travel to Impress a Russian Girl

Russian girls love traveling. If you want to impress a Russian girl, you have to travel with her. Sometimes, a weekend getaway might do the trick for a few months. Other times, she will love planning the summer holiday with you.

Go to places that you have seen before, as well as new places that you too can discover together as a couple. There are always good offers and ideas around, without having to spend a fortune. Make sure you mention Russia too.

Ask Her Questions

Russian women have a simple logic when it comes to men – the more questions you ask them, the more interested you are. Plus, you will get to know what she likes, as well as what she dislikes. Find out everything about her – job, hobbies, passions, interests and so on. Make as much eye contact as possible and enjoy her stories and smiles.

Men in Russia are quite egocentric, so women often become background characters. Make it all about her, let her tell you her stories and she will feel perfect. Not only will you look polite and thoughtful, but you will also appear to be a good listener – something that every woman wants around.

Things That Will Never Impress a Russian Girl

Russian women want their partners to be supportive and protective. If you hesitate about things, you will look like a boy, rather than a man. Initiative is just as important. Do you want a Russian woman next to you? They like to be led, so show her some initiative.

You need a strong personal opinion, but do not be too close minded. You also need to have interests and passions, rather than being dull all the time. Finally, make sure she is the only woman in your life. Even if you are not interested in other women, do not keep in touch with ex girlfriends or random hot girls.

Bottom Line

As a short final conclusion, learning how to impress a Russian girl is more about common sense. Keep things simple and openly show your interest for her and there is no way you will fail in the long run.

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