How to Propose to a Ukrainian Woman?

how to propose to an ukrainian woman

How to Propose to a Ukrainian Woman?


How to Propose to a Ukrainian Woman?

So, this is quite an important and responsible event in your relationship. That Ukrainian girl you have been dating is going to be yours forever once you make her the proposal. They very future of your entire relationship is going to depend on how this occasional evening goes and how it ends; after all it is not that you plan on proposing to too many girls, your heart is set out on this beauty you would like to marry.

And because most of the girls from Ukraine are romantic and emotional, you should focus all your energy to just these two areas when you are preparing to propose to her.  You must try to make the evening unusual and interesting, which should only leave positive emotions.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make a really good impression

Before we even get started, it is worth taking a note that you are making a big foolish mistake if you are thinking that money will solve everything. Yes, having that bulky bank account does open up a few more of the possibilities. However, there are people out there who do not carry around a thick wallet, but can still win the heart of a Slavic woman. In order for you to impress your Ukrainian girlfriend, you should have learnt about her as much as humanly possible. See if you can contact her friends as well. It would be much easier for you to surprise her, if you know the girls’ preferences beforehand.

Where do you go for the date?

When you are getting down to choosing the right place for your romantic evening, you will need to think of some of the nuances, like what time of the year it is and what would your love lady prefer? In summer times, apart from the restaurants, the movie theaters and other such places, you could invite her for a picnic at a park where you could sit and wait for her while making hearts with paper, for instance.

Another option you can think of in terms of a romantic (and very much in the budget too) date could be the sighting the setting of the sun, which you both can enjoy from the rooftop of some high-rise kind of a building. And do not forget to grab a blanket, a few candles and a hot chocolate.

Give her a surprise of flowers

This is the easiest trick in the book for any woman in any part of the world and guess what.. it works very well in Ukraine too!

Give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The only problem will be that they will wit her by the end of your romantic evening. If you are not picking up your lady from her parent’s home so that she gets a chance to put the bouquet in water, have your friend or a courier service deliver the flower bouquet towards the end of the romantic evening.

By this time, you would have finished your dinner or walking around the park. Once the people from the courier company call for confirmation of the delivery, just put in a nice apology to the woman and make an excuse that one of your friends from work is going to be bringing some important documents for you.

The bouquet will still be fresh and continue to be and become a real live evidence which you prepared for your romantic evening.

Give her more compliments

How would you impress a girl from Ukraine for pretty much any occasion? It is as simple as saying some really nice compliments. You will have more chances of getting her approval if you are open about showing her your feelings for her. Tell the woman that you really like her cute freckles, her beautiful eyes, or her delicious perfume.  Do not feel afraid in expressing aloud your thoughts. First of all, the compliments never fail to be flattering, and then, the women will really know that you are in real love with her. However, just do not keep making one compliment after another throughout the evening, seek out the right moment to do so. For instance, if you just told her a joke, and she laughed and smiled, and you liked the way she laughed, then do tell her all about it. There is nothing that gets people closer as much as sincerity.

Choose the right place for your romantic evening

When it comes to women from Ukraine, dating calls for a lot more than just walking around the entire city and then sitting in a restaurant or a café. You should try to stay clear of from any of these ideas and call the girl to a where only those people go who know one another for a real long time. There is always a risk of disappointing your date, so if you do not already know, do not hesitate to quiz her about her hobbies before you go ahead and plan the evening.

If she happens to be into sports, then buy a couple of tickets to the game or ask her to come to a sports bar with you. However, if you are dealing with a lady who has a romantic inclination, organizing a picnic at a park or taking her to a theater if it is already getting cold outside. These places tend to be much better compared to the one where most couples usually end up going to. So, such choices will definitely be a good choice to propose to your girl.

Cook something by yourself

You may want to invite the love of your life to your home if you know how to cook something well. Of course, the simple meals that you cook on a daily basis will not the best choice for this special evening. Think of a dish that you can prepare well and that goes with her taste buds. Use all your culinary skills to impress the girl of your dreams.

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