Best Massage Parlors in Krakow – The ones you should not be missing!

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Best Massage Parlors in Krakow – The ones you should not be missing!


Best Massage parlors in Krakow – The ones you should not be missing!

There is nothing more relaxing that a massage at a spa place after a long tiring day. We are providing you here a list of best reviewed massage parlors in the Krakow-Poland area:

Hammam Shahrazad

This is located at Smolensk 21 Street, Krakow 31-108, Poland. Hammam-Turkish is an oriental bath place where your beauty is extracted from your body itself. You will get a unique experience of smoothing, regeneration, moisturizing, skin rejuvenation and also more services where you get relaxed in a very unique atmosphere.

It is a perfect place when you are out in groups to get the Hamman treatment. It is really nice. The staff is very friendly and also welcoming at the same time. The whole group will be able to get the whole treatment with a lot of fun. We are sure you will go back for more.

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Maha Punye Ayurveda – Massage Studio

This is located at Ruczaj 43 | U2b, Krakow 30-409, Poland. Maha Punye Ayurveda happens to be a massage, cosmetic and Ayurveda therapy center that has been inspired by the Ayurveda – an Indian, ancient form of healing naturally. The main agenda that Ayurveda works for is in finding a healthy balance amongst your inner self and the outer life. The way we live our modern lives nowadays, so full of family and work-related challenges, does create a feeling of being mentally and physically overloaded with tons of responsibilities.

This whole stress related scenario results in a loss in the sense that we carry regarding the harmony when it comes to our lives. In response to this, we usually look for methods. The primary aim behind Maha Punye Ayurveda happens to be to provide everyone with that sense of relief and help them in achieving their balances in life once again. They deliver the highest quality of therapies which are based on the very authentic style, herbs, oils, and cosmetics that are only found in the center of Ayurveda – India.

Verde Massage & Beauty

This is located at Ul. Bracka 6/4, Krakow 31-005, Poland. Verde Massage is a facility that was created as an answer in response to the customer’s needs. Right from the very start, they bring to you the very first wave full of glorious relaxation, only then they will let you go deeper into your inner self to eventually allow you to spread out your wings of your own well-being.

Once there, you may want to check out their wonderful range of the facials, aromatic massages, sauna and body treatments.

Thai Mai – Salon Masazu Tajskiego

This is located at ul. Stradomska 5A, Krakow 31-068, Poland. Thai Mai, the Thai massage parlor, gives you some relief from the busy city life and allows you to take some well needed rest in this beautiful and wonderful Thai Spa place. Their Thai therapists shall help you in restoring your lost power and you will again feel fresh and energetic like a newly born baby.

They will be offering these services in their newly opened salon in the city center: Thai Massage (the traditional one), Lomi-Lomi, Balinese Massage, Back Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Feet and Legs Massage, Gold Oil. Argan Oil based Thai Massage, Herbal Stamps Massage and the most popular massage amongst all their guests, the Thai massage that happens in their Spa with the help of Warm Coconut Oil. The staff is waiting to welcome you.

Top Nails and Spa

This is located at Rynek Glowny 6 | Krakow 30-041, Poland. In the very center of the city of Krakow, and on 6 Market Square, there happens to be a place which makes each of its customers feel special in certain ways. Top Nails Spa is a lot more than just a spa, it is professionalism redefined, their attention to the details, and their stylish interior.

All of these things combined together make up for a perfect environment for the customer’s relaxation. In this salon, the customer will be able to find a wide variety of body treatments including pedicure, manicure and of course the best massages you could ever dream of.

Face and Body Institute

This is located at Ul. Starowislna 4/1 |Krakow 31-032, Poland. Face and Body Institute happens to be the place where the passion gets to meet experience. The institute has been running for the last 10 years with the support and help of Dr. Elisabeth Dancey, who is one of the most known British medaesthetics specialists. Today, the institute has its name taken as one of the top ones running in the city of Krakow.

The uniqueness of the institute comes from the uniqueness of the people who work here with so much dedication. The people at the institute use their experience and knowledge by staying inside the confines of the aesthetic medicines, wellness and spa, cosmetics, dermatosurgery and trichology. This institute has also been awarded with the Perfect Spa prize multiple times. The Your Style magazine, also called Twoj Styl, has tagged this spa as wisdom and comfort.

The SPA by Artnail

This is located at Straszewskiego 17, Krakow 31-101, Poland. This spa has been formed for the people who really appreciate beautiful looks and their own well-being. This is the place where the customer can find tranquility which is so lacking in our lives nowadays. Just a well-trained, gentle touch of their so very skilled and trained massage therapists can soothe your mind and body. They will assist the customer in relaxing and finding their lost vitality along with their inner peace. And all of this will happen in the cozy interiors of their salon.

Oasis Beauty & SPA

This is located at Jozefa Dietla 47/1, Krakow 31-054, Poland. The Oasis Beauty and Spa is situated in the center of the city of Karlow. The beautiful atmosphere and the very professional staff shall help you in plunging into an aura of relaxation. Use of high-end technologies and the best care taking products will ensure the satisfaction of all customers.

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