A Tourist Guide For the Red Light District in Warsaw!

red light district warsaw

A Tourist Guide For the Red Light District in Warsaw!


A Tourist Guide For the Red Light District in Warsaw

The best place for sex tourism in Poland is Warsaw, the capital city of the country. With prostitution being legal, this place offers you a wide selective range of prostitutes to choose from in designated areas. You will find most prostitute activities in massage parlors and nightclubs since brothels are illegal in the country.

Street prostitution is declining over the years, however, you will find a good number of prostitutes around the main Warsaw Train station area and on the banks of the Vistula River. Warsaw does not have any designated red light districts as such but there are few concentrations of brothers in Nowogrodzka, Jerozolimskie, and Wilcza.

Most brothels function disguised as nightclubs and you can find many fliers or pamphlets everywhere around to guide you to such places. You can also engage in erotic massages by smoking hot Polish beauties in a sauna or a spa.

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Ok – back to business. Here is a quick guide on how you can enjoy as well as be cautious while visiting the red light areas in Warsaw.

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Beware of your taxi driver

Warsaw is a highly congested city and so it is often recommended to walk rather than take a cab. But, if at all you take a cab, be cautious of the brothel or club your taxi drivers takes you to. Most of the times, taxi drivers and brothels have the arrangement to bring tourists to specific brothels and rip them off completely.

It will start with a few drinks but once the girls are into you and the drinks start pouring, you will be charged with a hefty bill later. Prices of drinks in such places start at a really high price.

Visiting the Strip Clubs

Warsaw has a reputation for harboring the largest number of strip clubs in Poland. There is a wide range of strip clubs and can choose a club based on your budget. The strip clubs in Warsaw work on the “champagne system” whereby, the cost of the liquor is increased in order to cover the commission charges of the girls.

Sexy lap dances by hot Polish girls are a major craze among sex tourists in these clubs. You won’t be able to resist the perfect bubbly asses of the Polish girls. It will be worth your time and money.

Attractive sex shops

The sex stores in Warsaw are famous for their vast collection of erotic and unique sex toys. Some stores may charge a very high price, so it is better to first look around some few stores and then decide where to buy from. But, each and every sex shop is unique with its collection of vibrators, masturbation aids, and many others. There are many sex shops distributed all over the city.

Erotic Massage Parlors

You will find many massage parlors in and around the area that offers erotic massages by sexy masseuses. These parlors will give you sensual and erotic massages along with a handjob. If you can’t resist and want more than that, you can request for more intimate services. Overall, massage parlors are a common way to experience the smoking hot Polish girls in bed.

Beware of the honey trap

warsaw hookers

You may go crazy checking out all the beautiful women in the city, but you need to be always smart and diligent from being trapped by these girls. In Warsaw, most foreigners or tourists are approached by young beautiful girls who will act very friendly and start flirting with you. Later on, these girls will take you to the nearest bar or club and start ordering drinks for the group. The flirting will get more intense with casual touches.

You may not be aware but in the end, you will be charged with a bill of hundreds of zloty. You will have no choice but to pay because there will be bouncers who will make sure of that. They will even go to the point of escorting you to the nearest ATM. Therefore, it is always better to go to clubs or massage parlors to fulfill your desires.

Girl Friendly Hotels in Poland

HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Check Rates! - Holiday Inn WarsawWarsaw5/5YesNoGirls come in frequently at the lobby and bar
Check Rates! - Marriott Hotel WarsawWarsaw5/5YesNoGirls in lobby, bar and front desk can help you as well.
Check Rates! - Radisson Blu Centrum Warsaw Warsaw5/5YesNoBest hotel in Warsaw for picking up girls. I love this place. Girls in lobby, bars but also a lot of students.
Check Rates! - Mercure Hotel GdanskGdańsk5/5YesNoRight in city centre. Close to all the clubs and popular hangouts. Girls in bars and lobby.
Check Rates - Sofitel Wroclaw Old TownWroclaw5/5YesNoPerfect location. My favorite place to stay in Wroclaw
Check Rates! - Art Hotel WroclawWroclaw4/5NoNoPerfect if have a lower budget.
Check Rates! - Tumski Hotel WroclawWroclaw4/5NoNoSweet little place. No extra services but no problem to bring girls back. Just need to show ID.
Check Rates! - Novotel CentrumPoznań5/5YesNoThe only girl friendly hotel left in Poznan. Perfect place to hangout.

Always use protection

Though prostitution is legal in Warsaw, there are very little measures taken to avoid STDs. It is always advisable to not have unprotected sex no matter what your desires are. There is a wide prevalence of STDs among these girls, so be sensible enough to protect yourself during the whole trip. You do not want to make your trip a nightmare by returning home with an infection.

Beware of human traffickers.

The course try has a record of high numbers of human trafficking cases. It is also believed that many of the prostitutes and women working in these places are involved in such activities. These women may act very friendly and polite in the beginning but they might spike your drinks or take you somewhere else.

So always have your guard up and try not to get wasted when you’re in clubs or bars. You never know where you will wake up the next morning.

Sauna and nightclubs

You will find places that will give you all the services of a sauna, massage, and a night club as well. These places are usually preferred since you have the luxury to do all things in one place without the hassle of looking out for places. Some provide excellent sauna facilities while others have amazing nightclubs with sexy dances.     

Beware of pickpockets and stay safe

Most of these areas in Warsaw are known for pickpocketing and other criminal activities. Always keep your money and other things securely. It is advisable to keep your money in a fanny pack or somewhere that isn’t easy to access.

There are also a lot of gang-related activities that take place. Make sure that you don’t roam around alone much and if you see any unusual activities then run away from there. You do not want to end up in jail during your trip.

And there you have it!

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