How I Picked Up 7 Krakow Girls In Under 10 Days! A Step by Step Guide.

krakow girls

How I Picked Up 7 Krakow Girls In Under 10 Days! A Step by Step Guide.


How I Picked Up 7 Krakow Girls In Under 10 Days! A Step by Step Guide.

Me and my mate were planning a bachelor holiday in Poland after a year of hard-work at the office. We already visited G’dansk last year and now we planned to visit Warsaw and Krakow. I did my online research on the dating culture and nightlife activities in both cities as I started thinking: “Why is it that there is very little information online on how to pick up Krakow girls?”

The worst-scenario you can encounter during your Krakow holiday is that you and your mates end up in a situation where nobody hooks-up with anybody!


Because you were not prepared. Thankfully, I already visited Krakow for a 10-day period and did all the research for you. Most guys choose the wrong accommodation, miss a HUGE opportunity by not participating in local internet dating and focus way too much on their daygame, whilst neglecting the Krakow nightlife.

Let me show you how I picked up 7 girls from Krakow in under 10 days!

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Where do You Meet Girls in Krakow?

Krakow girls
Staying in a hostel is smart way to meet new girls!

Krakow – The Lost World Of Polish Hotness

Oh yeah – I did just make the ultimate reference when it comes classic novels. The famous novel “The Lost World” was published in 1912 by writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and told the story of an expedition to a plateau on the South American Amazon area where mysterious prehistoric animals still survive.

Wait a minute, John – Did you just refer to Krakow girls as prehistoric animals?

Of course not! What I’m trying to say is that Krakow is “The Lost World” when it comes to meeting beautiful Polish women in uncharted territory.

You see – Many foreigners are always focused on visiting Warsaw when it comes to Polish women.

As a matter of fact, I started my dating journey in the capital as well – but little did I know that as soon as I had landed in Krakow I discovered a  whole new world..

And if was filled with stunning looking Krakow girls!

Good question!

As I arrived at the train station it was actually pretty easy to find a good accommodation in the city center. I visited the city in May so thankfully the busy season had not started yet. I always use for my bookings as it is fast, simple and cheap.

If I am not traveling for business I always follow a few rules that make it a lot easier to meet new people. These rules are really simple;

  1. Always stay in a party hostel. You will already meet girls in the hostel. This is a lot easier compared to business hotels. And even if you find a good one night stand you can always book a room in a hotel nearby.
  2. Stay in the city center! Well duh! This is where the action is happening!
  3. Visit a local Polish dating site a few days before you arrive. Also switch on your Tinder and start swiping, my friends!

Please follow the above steps to make your stay in Krakow a success.


In one word: Difficult!

The girls look amazing but for some reason they are not very keen on meeting complete strangers. We have tried public parks, cinema’s, coffeehouses and much more.

For some reason it is not in the Krakow DNA to be very open to foreigners when it comes to the daygame. We gave up after 3 days and started focusing on online dating during the daytime.


krakow girls
A quick coffee date in the morning! Found her on a local dating site.

Now this is a lot more fun! I highly recommend you go on one of the many local pub-crawls or Krakow nightlife tours as it will be a lot more easier to meet girls this way.

Our guide was really amazing and he helped us out a lot with the translation. We visited over 25 bars & clubs during our 10 day stay and my mate got lucky with 12 stunning looking ladies.

I had to take second place with just 7 – but I was very happy with the results. It does help if your mate is blond with blue eyes and looks like Chris Hemsworth though..

Thankfully – Girls never party alone and there was always a cute friend that I could practice my few Polish sentences with. It was a lot fun.

Recommended bars:  Pijalnia Wodka i Piwa, Singer, Cybermachina Game Club, Amnesia 2.7

My Verdict

I stayed for 10 days with my mate at a local hostel. We both were pretty successful and eventually hooked up with a whole bunch of Krakow girls. Of course – sometimes it was just making out, having fun but about 1/3 was eager for much more!

The breakdown:

2 girls through this dating website
1 girl at the hostel
4 girls during the pub-crawls and in the nightclubs

Total = 7 !

Not bad!

A quick summary:

  • Stay in the city center – Preferably a party hostel or hotel
  • Join a pub-crawl or other organized events.
  • Forget about the daygame! It sucks big time and I have seen other foreign visitors complain about this as well.
  • Start online dating right way!

If you seek more information about dating Polish women in general click here!

How was your experience in Poland? We’re you successful in dating some Polish girls? Leave your experience in the comments below.

Good luck!


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