How to Plan The Perfect Stag Do in Bratislava?

bratislava stag do

How to Plan The Perfect Stag Do in Bratislava?


How to Plan The Perfect Stag Do in Bratislava?

So, you want to have a memorable Stag Do in Bratislava for your close friend? You want to get the most of what this small city of Bratislava has to offer? And you also want to be enjoying every moment of it rather than just staying busy with the organizing part.

Well, you have arrived at the right blog post!

We have a very good knowledge of this pearl in Eastern Europe, and we will give you the most perfect plan from the ground up. Your first Bratislava Stag Do adventure shall be ready for you just when you land at the airport.

Ok, so now what is the city of Bratislava about? No, it is definitely not a smaller Prague.

Bratislava is amongst very few remaining unadulterated hidden gems which deserves a lot more attention, but slowly and surely its getting there. Well, it seems like a wide variety of the top quality of the Slovakian beers may be the reason. 😉

Blava, the name the locals call it by, is located on the banks of the river known as the Danube, which does have an excellent gastronomy.

Very cheap shopping and a sort of UFO blinking down upon you the whole time – and yes, how dare we forget the super-hot and super kind girls that you will find in the entire city. Just ask for it, hard parties, instant dates and chilling the whole day: Bratislava is calling out to you!

Place it on the map!

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The tiny city called Bratislava happens to be a historic masterpiece with bloody and solemn memories. The capital city of Slovakia happened to be the site of the coronation of Hungary’s kingdom and has forever been strategically important as a hub because it falls on the borders of two different countries, Hungary and Austria.

Bratislava is the colorful melting pot of many countries and religions like the Hungarians, Slovaks, Austrians, Czechs, Serbs, Jews – which makes up for a wide variety of very interesting faces and for sure, some of the best-looking beautiful girls from Europe.

As you walk down the streets here, you can also feel the rich heritage of the generations who have lived their entire lives behind iron curtains, however the freedom to speak freely, love and thoughts is now much stronger than it ever used to be. With over 500,000 people living in it. Blava is the largest in Slovakia – the center of the city.

Both modern and traditional, the city is always budding with youngsters who are very open minded. You can find most of them in pubs drinking really cheap beer. The downtown goes absolutely crazy during the nighttime; shining clubs and amazing chicks will be escorting your path, and hopefully your guide will make sure that you do not get lost.

Getting there is easy!

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If your initial thoughts are that Bratislava Stag Do is very far away from you and for your friends, let us do some calculations together. There are at least 2 budget airlines that can fly you directly from England to Bratislava in around two hours and fifteen minutes. And it is a mere 20-minute ride on a cab from airport to center of the city and then it is all boom and bang.

You are finally here, in the center of a heavenly party in Eastern Europe. Here, basically all the public transportation is consisting of buses, trams and trolley buses. You are free to get your tickets that will stay valid for a certain time (all the way from fifteen minutes to seven days) even though you have to change the buses in the middle. But do not put a lot of stress on your minds thinking of rides that last for an hour.

Do not even think much of the public transportation anyway. There is one and only one important detail for you to remember: night buses that operate after midnight (only in Bratislava) run at almost one-hour intervals.

And yes, we forgot the climate. We will describe is as a typical continental type, without a whole lot of variation. During the summer times, the temperature gets up to 20 degrees to 25 degrees, sometimes even 30 degrees, so it is dry and sunny during the day.

What to see and do in Bratislava?

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We understand that a stag do including your mates is not even remotely about visiting a museum, a church or an exhibition though you will find that Bratislava is so full of them as well. Here, we are picking out some sights that are easily accessible, though, just so that you can keep mom and dad happy as well.

Just follow the route of the guy called Schone Nazi, who was on the city’s very well know citizen, and take a stroll along must-see points and landmarks. And not missing out on seeing the beautiful young women at each corner, of course! 😉

The very first thing you need to do is to pick up your group of stags, and get them all to have a cold pint. Next, you have to go to the Main A square and take some cool selfies with all the important statues which are spread in the whole area (the Paparazzi, the Watcher and the Schone Nazi himself) Get all the way up to the Old Town Hall to get a really amazing scenic view of the Castle and the Main Square.

The catacombs of the Cathedral of St. Martin’s are very spooky, but can get to cool down among the bones of the old monk on a warmer afternoon.

You can then hit the pubs and go bar hopping, may be show some charm and pick some girls that you can hang out with. Planning your stay will not be a problem as the place has a good variety of hotel.

One thing that you need to do a lot of is drinking a lot of beer!


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