Slovakian Women [ Unbelievable Facts About Dating in Slovakia! ]

slovakian women dating in slovakia

Slovakian Women [ Unbelievable Facts About Dating in Slovakia! ]


Slovakian Women [ Unbelievable Facts About Dating in Slovakia! ]

Slovakia girls
Slovakian girls are so much fun to date. They are kind, cool, educated and have a wonderful personality.

Close your eyes and imagine hundreds of rugged yet enchanting castles and chateaux, thousands of mysterious yet glorious caves, and an awesomely skillful football player with a funky spiky hairstyle.

Are you visualizing Slovakia? Okay, probably not.

By the way, that football player I’m referring to is Marek Hamšík, a fave player of mine.

All right, close your eyes again, and this time, imagine blue-eyed ladies blessed with alluringly slim physiques and irresistibly beautiful faces.

This time, are you visualizing Slovakian girls?

Yes? Good!

Now, have you ever wondered what it would be like dating slovak women? Sure you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this.

So, I’m going to give you some juicy intel on dating in Slovakia, which city offers heaps of options for potential hookups, the nightlife, the bars and clubs you ought to check out, and even how to score with attractive Slovak singles before you actually visit the country.

Sounds goods? Keep reading then!

The gorgeous girls of Slovakia

slovak ladies, slovakian women

No doubt, among the best things about going to this central European country are the beautiful Slovakian women.

On the facial front, many of them actually look like models for Pete’s sake!

You’ll find plenty of lovely slim-bodied brunettes and blondes, many of whom possess Slavic high cheeks and captivating blue or almond green eyes.

In terms of height, though, they are not that tall. As a matter of fact, a lot of the Slovak girls who caught my eye from a distance were rather short, and so were the ones I made contact with.

Start Your Path to Meeting Single Slovakian Girls!

Approaching Slovakian chicks

slovak girls slovakian dating

Generally speaking, I found them to be polite and friendly when approached.

While they may be agreeable to interacting with you—a total stranger—don’t think for a second you could easily reel them and get a quick fling via flattering words and smiles.

No, first off, some are quite conservative, and one of the reasons for that could be due to their Catholic upbringing.

Christianity is, after all, the main religion in Slovakia, and while a good number of Slovakian girls are rather loose in their religious observances, some follow them pretty strictly.

The second thing is, Slovakian ladies are generally a faithful lot—faithful to their boyfriends that is. Making them betray their boyfriends would be an improbable task.

Also, don’t be a freaking jerk, okay?

How would you feel if some foreign dude drops into your home base, seduces your girl, and scores? You’d be mighty pissed, right?

So, with that frame of mind, move along from the already taken ones, and keep your approaching game going until you find one who is single.

By the way, check out this site if you wish to find plenty of available Slovak singles.

Finally, rather than flings and one-night stands, long, committed relationships are very much valued by Slovakian women.

If you’re interested in a Slovakian girl for marriage, then you’ll obviously appreciate those last two qualities: Faithful and committed.

Marriage? Uh-oh, I’m getting a little too far ahead here.

Let’s back up a bit and get back to talking about dating Slovak ladies, which you can get relatively easily, if you hit up a big city like Bratislava!

Meet The Bratislava Girls

bratislava girls
Bratislava girls

One of only two cities that crosses the 100,000 population mark (the other being Kosice), Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.

Even though Bratislava is small, it is an interesting place what with its charming town squares, various lakes situated within as well as around the city, plus scores of soothing parks featuring ample of strategic spots for making out with your newly acquired Slovakian girlfriend!.

The girls here, based on my experience, are cordial when approached. Rejections were few and far between, most of which happened because of the language barrier. They are just as nice as the girls from Lithuania and other Baltic countries.

Luckily, many Bratislava girls speak okay-to-decent English.

Of course, some were simply not keen on entertaining my advances but still, they declined in such a friendly, easy-going manner, and this got me even more interested in dating a Slovak girl.

Bratislava Nightlife

slovak ladies
Meet the Bratislava girls in the vibrant city nightlife!

Like the city, the nightlife scene here is small but good and pretty interesting overall. You’ll find countless of people packing the streets on summer nights—Fridays and Saturdays, especially—chilling out and drinking.

As you wander the streets of Bratislava at night, you’ll notice a wealth of bars where you can score potential dates. Make sure you don’t pass up on checking out this gem of an establishment called U čerta.

The place is lively yet the atmosphere is pretty laid back, plus the selection of drinks and interior are some of the most interesting I’ve seen in a bar.

It has no shortage of interesting locals, and I actually pulled my first date here on just my second night in the city!

Other awesome bars that you’ll want to check out for potential dates or bring your date to are the Cuba Libre, Flame Culture & Music Venue, and KGB (no, not THAT KGB, this one stands for Krčma Gurmánov Bratislavy, or Gourmet Pub of Bratislava).

For a cozy Slovakian dating experience, be sure to visit the Ginger Café Gallery. This is one of the coziest dinner hangouts in the city which I’m sure you and your date will appreciate.

What’s that you say? You thought it would be better to find hot Slovakian women in nightclubs instead of bars?

Yep sure, you’ll find tons of local hotties there too.

Bratislava Clubs

Being a small city and with a rather limited population, Bratislava doesn’t seem to have a lot to live up to in terms of club scene. However, it does that and more.

There’s quite a lot of exciting Bratislava clubs that you can go to including Masquerade, Channels, Fuga, and my personal fave, Nu Spirit Club, which was always filled with loads of beautiful Slovakian girls who were mostly friendly and willing to entertain advances.

If you can bring your A game here, you might just be able to pull a few dates with some cute Slovakian chicks.  If you’re interested in scoring with a few older ladies, you might want to try your luck at the Harley Saloon located out of the city center. The crowd here is a little older, and the place rocks like you wouldn’t believe!

Girl Friendly Hotels in Slovakia

Picked up a girl? Congratulations!

Now it is time to book yourself a guest friendly hotel room and get the party started.

HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Crown Plaza - Check for rates!Bratislava4/5NoNo

The best way to pull date before heading off to Slovakia

Dating in Slovakia can be fun, interesting, and exciting, but the only real concern is whether you can score at least a single date because no matter how good your game is, luck plays a big part.

Some Slovakian girls may already have boyfriends, some may be too conservative, and some may not be interested in hooking up with anyone at that moment in time.

My first trip there was great and as I said earlier, I scored a date on my second night.

But my second trip to Bratislava wasn’t as thrilling. I talked to over a couple of dozen girls over two nights, but nothing clicked.

Rather than going bar to bar, and nightclub to nightclub in search of potential dates, it would be best to use this free Slovak dating site called International Cupid.

This site would allow you to score dates with a few good-looking Slovak singles, before you head over to their country to meet up with them and enjoy some jolly good times at the places I mentioned throughout this post.

Good luck!

P.S – If you have an extra day or two I highly recommend you travel to Hungary and explore the city of Budapest. There are some amazing girls here as well and you can read all about it in my dating Hungarian women guide.

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