Eastern European Women [ Why Men Love Slavic Women ]

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Eastern European Women [ Why Men Love Slavic Women ]


Eastern European Women – Why Men Love Slavic Women.

Let’s start this article with a bit of honesty, shall we?

Every single men on planet earth just loves anything exotic. It can be anything ranging from something insignificant, like food and music, to something with a really sentimental value attached to it like a relationship. For last few decades, the women of Eastern Europe have earned the reputation of being some of the most beautiful exotic women in the world.

A trade that most men around the world have noticed as well, which brings me to the following question:

What makes Eastern European women so irresistible?  

My thoughts: During my travels through Eastern Europe I discovered that the reason why men love slavic women is due to their culture, looks, and personalities. Of course – the reason comes as a mix between those three elements – but in my experience you can count on these factors to be a strong influence when you start dating Eastern Europe women. Keep in mind that Eastern Europe officials consists of 12 countries and  you will encounter a lot of differences in the dating cultures between each country.

In this blog post article, I will  describe my experiences  dating Slavic women. As I have been working for years in Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev and Warsaw I have picked up a thing or two about the local dating game that I would like to share with my readers.

And let me tell you – It is a fun, wild ride if you know how to play the dating game correctly!

The Various Dating Cultures Of Eastern Europe

Eastern European Women
Official map of the 12 countries of Eastern Europe. (Source)

Ok ok, I know what you are thinking – That is a big (….) map, right?

True – but if you have done some online research already you will notice people describe different definitions of the term “Eastern Europe” . Some definitions include Russia, some include Belarus as well – but whatever definition you like to follow when it comes to dating cultures they are all very different!

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

My top 5 favorite Eastern European dating countries (random order) are as follows:

  1. Czech Republic (Read my Czech dating bible)
  2. Poland (Especially When I Picked up 7 Girls in Under 10 days in Krakow)
  3. Russia (Moscow Was my First Experience)
  4. Moldova (No competition in Moldova!)
  5. Belarus (Welcome to Minsk)

Behind each location you can find a related article.

Don’t forget to check out the best dating sites and my overview of all the girl friendly hotels in Eastern Europe. It will save you a lot of money and trouble!

What do Eastern European Girls Want? Money Vs. Character

eastern european girls

The most common mistake is the belief that money and looks are what all women want and thus flaunting and show-off sets in. True that even these two are contributing factors, but that’s not all that girls want.

At least not Eastern European girls. For them, character and nature trump money and looks. The most important thing to note while courting a girl is to figure out her likes and dislikes and then subsequently self-introspect as to whether those factors reside within you and whether you are comfortable to inculcate those traits are not.

If the answer results in a NO, then simply back off because there is absolutely no scope whatsoever.

There is a very fine line between being rich and being successful and the Eastern European girls are masters when it comes to differentiating men on this basis. And thus all that money will bear no fruit if you do not know how to not let it take control of the mind and thinking that everything can be brought. Think again!

The Looks of Beautiful Eastern European Women

eastern European women
The looks of Eastern European women are stunning! Ranging from blonde to brunette, there is something for everybody!

They say appearances can be deceptive. And in this world of makeup and beauty apps and whatnot, to portray yourself as someone you are not, the women from Eastern Europe lead the race in breaking this stereotype. There is absolutely no denying the fact that the women from the east of Europe such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland etc. are some of the most beautiful women one can possibly expect to find anywhere.

Genetics does most of the job for them but even still, they are also women by heart. The need to look more beautiful and charming is perfectly natural, and the end result is something that is irresistible at best.

Dating Eastern European Ladies That are Broad-Minded

Eastern European Woman

Ever since the concept of feminism was coined, it has been twisted every which way to satisfy every individual’s (women in most cases) need. For something that simply intended to imply “equal rights for the genders in all aspects”, the concept has seen a lot of bizarre interpretations resulting in a high number of pseudo-feminists as compared to the number of feminists.

But the east European ladies are total rebels when it comes to actually comprehend the meaning of feminism. Cooking, having kids, being a homemaker are not misogynist concepts or statements for them. Rather, they take pride in having such values instilled in them, which is probably the reason that makes them the perfect dating material and even further.

If a strong rapport is built with them, it will definitely be worth all the effort, time, and money spent on meeting them (if someone chooses to of course!).

The fact that they accept their feminine nature so gracefully, not because they have to, but because they understand the balance of nature, is what makes them likable at the very first moment.

But that doesn’t mean that you start mistreating her. A gentleman is what they crave for. Someone who can emphasize their masculinity, but at the same time is ready to make sacrifices to save her is the definition of the “Mr. Perfect” for them.

Online Dating in Eastern Europe


Before you plan your travels to any Eastern European country I highly recommend you get a free subscription to a great dating site. This will give you the opportunity to meet some wonderful girls beforehand.

Meet with as many woman as possible and just enjoy their company, culture and of course stunning looks. I would not try to go and try your luck as you won’t be very successful. Either go out together with a local or sign up now and meet the girls for free at;

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  3. Eastern European Dating App

For more information about finding real Russian dating sites you can check this popular blogpost.

Talent can be found anywhere!

Eastern European Ladies
Hanging out with Eastern European ladies is like a fresh breath of air. They are fun, educated, amazing and of course extremely H-O-T!

As far as having a stroke of mastery in a field or being talented is concerned, a majority of the East European girls have a skill set that they have practiced for years and are darn good at it if not a maestro of the same. But it is their down to earth nature and the humble behavior that they do not boast about it or flaunt it in front of anyone and everyone.

Dancing, ballet or a super model. It is all very common in Eastern Europe.

Even if they say or insist that they are not good at anything or that they have a hobby, but are not really good at it, be rest assured that there is something special under her sleeve.

Again, this calm as a brook behavior leaves a person with uncontrollable desires to meet this near perfect woman at-least once in their life and try and see if anything special is possible over there or not.

Eastern European Dating – A Take on Relationships

The culture of hookups, one-night stands, flings, casual dating, and god only knows what, have thrown the meaning of the word “relationship” down the drain and sullied its good name.

As this culture is spreading around the globe like a cancer, Eastern European countries act as the chemotherapy for the same. The women over here understand how pious the word actually is and have till date kept the hookup culture at bay. They understand that being single and happy is more worth it than one night stands with a stranger and then regretting it later.

The dating game is a whole another ball game when it comes to dating an Eastern European girl. Even if you see an absolutely hot lady you want to hit on but don’t because you think she’s way too out of your league, just go for it.

As long as you dress smart, are confident – be it in success or retreat, and are able to sweep her off of her feet, then 70% of the job is done because East European girls always prefer a guy with an irresistible charm and charisma, even if he’s not boyfriend material… 😉

Good luck!



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