How to Plan the Perfect Stag Do in Warsaw – Time to Party!

How to Plan the Perfect Stag Do in Warsaw – Time to Party!


How to Plan the Perfect Stag Do in Warsaw – Time to Party!

Planning a perfect Stag Do in Warsaw will definitely give the groom and his friends the best experience of a lifetime. Warsaw is popularly known as the primitive social gathering city in Poland, as the city keeps you busy with plenty of entertainment throughout the night.

Warsaw is a place with unique history and culture that allures almost every individual. So, if you are bringing a couple of your close friends, a group of party-loving men or bringing your family, Warsaw has something for everyone and for every age.

You can enjoy around 60 fun activities that will keep you busy during your stay in the capital.

Not convinced yet?

What do your recommend, John?

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How about a private-guided bar craw where you can party till you drop and have a tremendous time with your friends. You and your friends (or even your date) can enjoy the delicious craft beer that definitely impresses them and allows your friends to loosen up a bit before the notorious night will start.

If the men want to try more hardcore, then they can enjoy vodka tasting sessions that are an ideal way to get some pre-drinks before the actual party starts.

If you want to enjoy the peak, then try some of the best racing options along with your friends. Also, you can try the exciting indoor karting, or drive the sports car with a choice five laps or one lap. Quad biking is also one of the best ways to make your Stag Do more exciting, you can get more adventure than going around the Warsaw countryside on these high powered quad bikes.


Test your accuracy against other men with some exciting outdoor paintball. Or with less hurtful but as thrilling as paintball, you can enjoy laser tag; whichever group loses they should buy drinks to the winning group. The place is not just offers shooting paintballs package, but also the visitors can try different and impressive shooting packages with different weapons and test who has the best aim.

Drinking activities

If you want to test your drinking capacity and check if it matches with the polish men, then come to Warsaw where you can enjoy a lot of drinking activities that can either keep you out of trouble or get you into trouble. If you don’t want to go around the city without getting into trouble after drinking, then jump on the party bus that takes you to top sites of Warsaw.

Also, try the strip boat cruise, it gives you an ultimate experience, what else you need when you have your friends, alcohol, and some beautiful Polish women!

Horror house

If you are looking for some thrilling experience, then try visiting the Horror House. It is a fun fear museum that assures your heart to start pounding heavily. You can find who will stay in the interactive fear museum till the end. However, if you want to spend some happy time and relaxing time with your friends, then there are several activities that will suite you without causing some serious anxiety attacks!


Make sure to include Beach BBQ and Bonfire to your package. Also, you can plan something traditional, then you can try taking some polish cooking classes, for sure your mate will be very happy to know that on your Stag Do, you did something unique for women..

Like give him some cooking skills! lol! 🙂

What activities are best?

In the day time, choose go-karting, paintball, etc, they are always famous with Stag Do groups. You can find outdoor and indoor venues; you can get these sports throughout the year. In the evening, you can take help from professional guides to help your group to avoid the heavy tourist crowd area go to the hottest strip clubs and bars. On top of all these famous Stag Do activities, you can also enjoy outstanding specials to make your Stag Do weekend celebrations. The Stag Do celebration is not an everyday event so take complete advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the fullest with your friends and family.

Cheap Destination

Warsaw is surely the best Stag Do destination that will not pinch your wallet badly Also, the conversion from Euros to British Pound is easy, and you can get a pint for as diminutive as 0.8p and also taxis form nightclubs back to your hotel won’t cost you more than 5 pounds.

Polish Food is Delicious

You can try traditional Polish Dishes, but you should stop counting your calories when eating delicious food. The normal meal contains a lot of meat and tastes delicious, just by tasting a sample is enough to find that they are super delicious and surely worth adding a few inches more before your D-day.

Free City Internet

The Warsaw city offers both locals and tourists with a lot of hot-spots spread all over the town, which makes it simple to stay in touch with your friends when someone is missing. You will get free internet without a need to register.

If you are planning a complete fun Stag Do, then Warsaw is your destination where you can get to enjoy several activities and have a lot of fun with your friends and family.

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