Pick up Russian Women Like a Pro – Dating Guide 2018

Russian women

Pick up Russian Women Like a Pro – Dating Guide 2018


Pick up Russian Women Like a Pro – Dating Guide 2018

Finally! You have arrived at my ultimate Dating Guide on how to become an expert in picking up honest, loyal and absolutely breath-taking Russian women.

For the last 3 years I have been moving around in Russian between Moscow and St. Petersburg for work. During this time I have learned all the in’s and out’s on how to successfully date and pick up Russian women.

And let me guess..

You to are interested in mastering the Russia dating game!

Ok, ok I get it!

You have read already dozens of articles and slowly you are loosing your mind. All these different advices are creating a massive cloud of misunderstanding on how to approach Russian girls and where to meet them.

Let me get straight to the point! – Forget those rubbish old articles. They are out-dated, misinformed and most important lack any form of practical experience.

Even the Russian ladies that I date laugh at these websites.

To be honest – Times have changed and the country that is well-know for its beautiful women, delicious foods, cheap vodka and an abundant supply of AK-47 assault rifles has changed a lot since the fall of the USSR.

In this article I will show you how Russian girls are responding to the new modern dating culture and if they are still interested in meeting foreign men or if they rather focus on the locals these days.

Ready to meet some beautiful Russian women?  – Keep reading, comrade!

How to date a Russian girl? – Understanding the Russian dating culture and lifestyle.

Russian girls

Listen , I am sure you have seen many TV-shows, You-Tube videos and interesting movies that show a very interesting but yet unrealistic view of the Russian culture and how to date a Russian woman.

Yes, yes. They love their drinks, Russian chicks are hot and the food is delicious. But despite what the media likes to show you there is much more to dating a Russian beauty than meets the eye.

And with more I mean a lot more!

Meet the Russians! Family comes first.

Russian beauties

Let me explain to you a little bit how the rules work.

After all, I can honestly say that after 3 years of dating several hot Russian girls that the first rule in dating one is trying to convince her that you are worthy..

And guess what?  With “her” I do not mean the girl you are actually planning to either date or hook up with.

Wait, what? If not her, than whom are you talking about?

The grandmother A.K.A the Babuskha!

Yes – In order to get a Russian girlfriend you will need to get the trust of this old Russian women that will be lurking at the door as soon as you walk through the door!

You see, the Russian culture is much more focused on family traditions compared to Western Europe or the United States of America.

The grandmother is highly respected within the family order and I can guarantee you that your new Russian prospect will listen to her opinion about the men she is dating.

Which in this case are you, my friend..

Now I know what you are thinking – Well, I am not interested in a relationship right away, but in a quick weekend hook up or a one night stand will do the trick.

Sure, if you lucky enough to find such a girl you will have a great evening, but keep in mind that most single Russian ladies still live together with their parents.

And guess who will be there in the house as well?

You guessed it right! The Babushkha

Therefore, I highly recommend that when you plan to visit her house you should bring lots of gifts for her and the family.

Flowers for your date and her mother/grandmother will certainly give you some extra brownie points! A nice bottle of vodka will do great with her dad.

Be friendly and act like a gentleman and all will be good. Russian people are known for their great hospitality.

Act like a jerk and you will find out very quickly if that Urban myth about all Russians having an Ak-47 at the house is true or not.

Just kidding!

What are Russian women like?

beautiful Russian women

Maybe the second most popular question I get asked all the time is:

Tell me John. What are Russian Girls like?

To be honest, that question does not have a simple answer. After all, there will always be good ones and bad ones when it comes to dating foreign women. It does not matter much that you are dating in Russia.

I have met the most beautiful Russian women that were kind, friendly and had a great attitude towards a foreign relationship.

I have met Russian models that were horrible human beings and were only interested in their Instagram profiles and materialistic things. And they were also 99% of time high-level Russian escorts in disguise.

Let me give you a few quick pointers:

  • Most Russian girls are kind. They are family orientated and certainly interested in dating foreign guys
  • Date within your league. If you think you can just pick up solid 10’s because you are Western you are sadly mistaken. I have seen this happen all the time and most people get also scammed this way.
  • Picking up Russian women in English is almost impossible. You will need to learn a few basic Russian sentences,
  • English is spoken better in the large cities, compared to the country side.
  • The best way to get to meet Russian girls is either through online dating or with local friends. Going by yourself has a 0% success rate. Trust me!
  • The women in Moscow are most difficult to date. Very beautiful, but also high maintenance.
  • Dating in St. Petersburg is much more relaxed. It does take a bit more time to get to know them, but once you are there all will be good.

These are my main tips in a nutshell. But of course, there is much more to single Russian woman than just these tips.

Intersted to find out where to meet the real ones? Keep on reading.

Where to Meet Russian Women? Cities, bars and more!

moscow girls

No worries – Now that you know what their personalities are like and what the Russian dating culture is all about I can explain to you how you can approach your dream Russian girl… and be successful at it!

Finding the right location really increases your chances by at least 300% when it comes to meeting Russian girls!

Location, location and location. That should be the keywords when your start exploring the singles market in Russia. If you are a non-native or do not speak Russian well, you will want to focus mostly on the Western part of Russia


The ladies in the Western part of Russia seem to be much more international orientated, have a higher English-speaking level and seem to be more open-minded when it comes to dating foreign gentleman.

For some reason anything past West-Russia seem to be much more focused on their own small cities and communities.

I visited several large cities like Novosobirisk, Vladivostok and Krasnoyarsk and had very little success when it came to meeting new ladies in these large cities by myself.

It really had to come to introductions through my colleagues or groups of friends. And the Russian girls that I did meet spoke zero English.

I did notice however that there were a lot more Russian singles in the Eastern of Russia – but unfortunately they were not focused on dating foreign men.

Long story short – Focus on the Western part of Russia with cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk (Belarus, I know),  Voronezh and more.

Ok – now that you know the area you need to focus on let’s find the hotspots, shall we?

Moscow nightlife – Meeting Moscow girls

dating in russia

When you are visiting the capital of Russia I highly recommend you experience the Moscow nightlife at least once. This stunning city has a crazy variety of different bars and clubs that allow you to meet all kinds of nice Russian girls.

But listen up. You need to find the right place to be succesful!

As I mentioned before, the girls from Moscow are high maintenance. Especially the ones you will meet in the fancy nightclubs.

Therefore, I had my best luck in more local and small bars that draw students and a more normal kind of girl. But believe you me when I say that a “normal kind of girl” in Russia is still an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 according to Western standards of hotness!

They are just not that arrogant and uptight as the wannabe Instagram models. Those type of girls you should avoid at all times as you will just be wasting your time and money.

The best places to visit are the O2 Lounge, Noor Bar (great staff here), Hidden bar and one my favourite Katy O’Shea’s.

Notorious pub-crawls in Moscow

As you might have noticed in my other blog posts, I am always a big fan of pub-crawls. These activities are a great way to explore a city with a guide, get super drunk, find the sweet spots and get to meet new people.

Pub-crawls in Moscow are the bomb!

And guess what? – I can guarantee you that the guides will be able to translate for you when you finally meet that beautiful girl.

With my last two pub-crawls they even introduced me to my favourite bar where I hanged out with four beautiful Russian ladies in one weekend.

Shout out to Serge and his team!

Visiting St. Petersburg – Pretty Russian girls everywhere!

best russian woman
Beautiful Russian women everywhere!

Ah – What can I say about St. Petersburg?

I absolutely adore this city and has been one of my favourite places to hang out in Eastern Europe. It reminds of Paris but without the tourism overkill.

The people, atmosphere, historical architecture, museums and top quality restaurants make it a great place to meet beautiful Russian girls for dating.

As I mentioned before I feel like the women in St. Petersburg are a lot more easy going compared to Moscow.

I did not experience any high maintenance ladies – but it could also be due to the fact that I was already a lot more experienced with the Russian dating culture compared to my time in Moscow.

Because I was stationed here for 12 months I have truly dated all kinds of Russian beauties, ranging from English professors, to kindergarten teachers, tour guides, bar girls and even a famous like singer at one point in time.

For some reason there seems to be a lot more variety and different types of women compared to Moscow.

For example; I noticed that the level of English was a lot better and that most girls were down to earth, well educated and did not frown upon dating a foreign guy.

Where to meet the woman of St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg has such a vibrant nightlife that there will be something for everybody.

As mentioned before – Avoid the high fancy nightclubs (unless you are already with a date) and focus on the more modern lounges, bars and other more personal hangouts that do not charge 12 USD for a beer.

If you are new to the city I recommend this pub-crawl and bar tour to explore the exciting nightlife that St. Petersburg has to offer.

If you are with friends are already know people you can catch me hanging out at Cuba libre, Rugby house club and my favourite the Apotheke bar.

Using a Russian dating site – Is it worth it?

legitimate russian dating site

Using a Russian dating site is totally worth it. If you are using a legitimate dating website that is!

Thankfully, I already tried most of them, as I like to play the nightlife game together with my online dating strategy. This gives you a much greater chance to meet woman compared to just trying your luck in a bar or disco.

Why combine the night and online game?

It is just very hard to randomly walk up to girl in Russia and start talking to her. This isn’t the States or Western Europe so you need to approach the girls a bit differently.

The best free Russian dating site

I always had great success with talking to girls on Russian Cupid. This was really the only legit dating site that I have encountered that was not full of fake profiles and scammers.

They have a free option included that allows you to check out the profiles first before paying a single dollar.

If you like what you see you can purchase a cheap membership.  And for a couple of bucks you can have a 1 month or 3 months membership and start talking to 100’s of Russian women online.

Fixed fee and no other bullshit – Just the way I like it!

If you want to learn more about finding legitimate Russian dating website check out this blog post.

This post includes a list of Russian dating sites and reviews. Definitely check it out if you are serious about starting online dating.

Worst Russian dating sites?

In my experience, Fdating and Tinder are full of Russian dating scams.  It was just impossible to find anything legit on those Russian dating apps.

You can also try VK (which is the Russian version of Facebook) but I had very little success on any social media platform.

As a matter of fact – I remember one time a Russian girl told me that most woman do not like to be hit on through their social media channels.

She said; They are not in the dating mind-set. Therefore, you will have very little success when approaching them as a foreigner. 

I must agree with her as I also noticed it was almost impossible. I did have some luck trough Instagram, but those were friends of friends which made the ice-breaking conversation a lot easier.

Girl Friendly Hotels in Russia

HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Check For Best Rates - Cosmos HotelMoscow3/5YesNoBasic but good. Lot of students and working girls in lobby and bar.
Check For Best Rates! - Golden Ring HotelMoscow4/5YesNo
Check For Best Rates! - Novotel MoscowMoscow5/5YesNoBest hotel of Moscow. Lots of Russian women. Also perfect for dates.
Check For Best Prices - Hotels PetersburgSt. Petersburg4/5YesNoAlmost all hotels are girl friendly in St. Petersburg


Final Words

And there you have it!

All my tips and tricks on how to meet gorgeous Russian girls, understanding the Russian dating culture and how to find real Russian dating sites to improve your chances.

If you have any question please feel free to leave a comment below or send me a e-mail. Don’t forget to check out my other dating guides for Serbia, Czech republic and Bulgaria and about Eastern European women and culture in general.

Enjoy your stay in Russia!








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