9 Golden Tips For Meeting & Dating Estonian Women

estonia women

9 Golden Tips For Meeting & Dating Estonian Women


9 Golden Tips For Meeting & Dating Estonian Girls

Girls are the most unpredictable creature on earth. Approaching girls is the most difficult task a man can ever face during one’s lifetime. Girls from different parts of the world come with different backgrounds and differ in nature and have totally different expectations from the love life.

Talking in the context of the country Estonia, the girls from this country are precious in its own way. A country dominated by women in comparison to man, Estonia has its own wonders to display. Estonia women choose modeling as their occupation in the majority and they are the most gorgeous girls one can ever meet in one’s lifetime.

So if you plan to unravel the mystery behind dating an Estonian girl- this is the perfect website for you!

From the best dating sites to the nature of Estonian girls this article is all you need to read. Let us teach you the true nature of an Estonian ladies to make your dating game invincible!

estonian women
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Tradition comes first with Baltic women

Traditions are the strong bond with which the Estonian girls are bonded together. They deeply respect the traditions of the family be it attending the holy rituals or the funeral of the family.

They are not like the proper western girls who are okay with opening oneself very early. They like to be explored bit by bit and expect the person to be understanding and caring. The Baltic women are marriage material. They do not like to be pushed into being physical.

They need their time to decide and believe that a true man would not force her for anything.

Hygiene & comfort 

This is what they are particular about. Everything should be in the apple pie order and perfect. They love to keep their house tidy and prefer the other person to keep it tidy too. Living in a tidy environment is their first priority. They possess the perfect qualities to be housewives. They are really loving and caring when they start being serious for a person.


The most important value that is taught to the Estonian ladies is the self-respect. They can never accept any man in their life who is not able to treat her properly. They are delicate creatures, but can be fierce when the time comes. They want to be treated like queens and want their man to be perfect at least for her.

Buying a gym card is step number one as soon as you land

As soon as a person lands in Estonia, the first thing that he/she can do is to buy a gym card. This is because the Estonians greet the foreign guests with ultimate hospitality. The food involves porridge, buttermilk, all sorts of meat and what not. The copious amount of food served before you on your plate is capable of making you feel like a potato very soon.

If you are not going to the gym then you are doomed as the thought of making your girl feel proud of your body would become the last thing to happen. This makes it immensely important on your part to exercise daily to stay fit and fine, even after consuming a humungous amount of food. Dating in Estonia needs planning.

Praise her and her culture

No matter whether you like the culture of Estonia or not, just be polite to her and praise the traditions and the culture of the country. This would make her fall for you instantly or develop a feeling of liking instantly at least. Estonian girls are quite cute and love to hear good things about them through small things or acts. You can buy her a rose and call her a beautiful like a rose. You can cook food for her and she will never leave you. Estonian girls can be hard in the beginning, but most rewarding at the end of the day.

Take the lead man

Be confident. Be the first one to initiate the process. Estonian women love those boys who are courageous enough to ask her out on a date. They like the man who shows interest in her. This makes them feel special and loved in the most incredible way. So if you want to drive her crazy, just tell her that you like her and take her out to know her better.

Do the small little things

The small little things done right can make the Estonian girl go mad for a man. These small things can be anything. Be it buying a small gift for her parents or buying her that favorite dress she wanted to buy. Be it the candle light dinner or the perfect way to hang out with just you and her. All these ideas are something that will win her heart for sure. This is so because the Tallinn women are quite introvert at heart and like most of the time spending alone with someone close.

Family matters the most

Estonian ladies are very much connected with the family. The family values just like the traditional values matter a lot to her. She respects her parents and loves her siblings more than anything in the world. So if you really want to be the one who wants to rank number one in her list, then do the best you can to know her family. Get to know her parents better and hang out with her siblings if she has any.

Be what you are

Estonia dating rules are clear:

Never try to pretend in front of an Estonian girl. Repeat. Never!

This is going to be the most horrible thing a man can do in front of a Tallinn girl. They like the man who is true about himself. They love the man who is what he is. No false behavior is expected as they are capable of sensing that very easily.

estonian girls
Estonian girls are considered some of the most beautiful women in the world.


At the end of the day, it is your understanding and the compatibility with the girl that is going to determine if you are able to light up that spark into a fire or not.

Compatibility is something that is going to guide both of you to lead a happy life. Yes. Estonian girls like long term relationships. There is a number of Estonia dating sites too through which you can meet Estonian girl you are searching for.


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