Finding Cheap Places to Eat in Prague – My Favorite Places!

cheap restaurants in prague

Finding Cheap Places to Eat in Prague – My Favorite Places!


Finding Cheap Places to Eat in Prague

Prague is the place where you can enjoy delicious food and beer at a very affordable price, and the prices in affordable restaurants range from 100CZK to 250CZK for complete dinner and beer. The city has several bars, restaurants, and cafes where you can get delicious local delicacies and also some global dishes for a very great price. You can as well look for cheap local Chinese restaurants where you can get a complete meal at 80 CZK that can fill your stomach.  A meal at KFC and McDonald will cost your around 100CZK, however, most of these cheap restaurants will not accept credit cards.

Here you can find some of the best and cheap places to eat in Prague so that when you visit the capital you will find it easy to get cheap food!

Da Tarquinio

It is one of the best restaurants in Prague that has got any positive reviews, but it is yet very affordable restaurant where you can enjoy mouthwatering food. The place is filled with artistic surroundings and the dishes have authentic Italian flavors, and staff are passionate about their job and offers quick services. Everything in this Da Tarquinio will make you come back to this Italian restaurant.  Here you can expect a liberal portion of delicious desserts, mouthwatering pasta, and big slices of pizza. If you love Italian food, then Da Tarquinio is the place for you where you can enjoy delicious Italian food at a very affordable price.

Den Noc

When you visit Prague, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Den Noc, where you can enjoy delicious Pancakes at a very affordable price. The place offers yummy pancakes at any time, you can have them early in the morning or before going to bed, or whenever you want and wish to eat pancakes. Den Noc is the place that is always ready to make your food craving come true at any time and you can have the way you want your pancakes to be sweet or salty ones.

Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro

Sad Man’s Bar and Bistro is one of the popular burgers places in Prague. Also, here you can enjoy delicious appetizers and tasty sandwiches. It is one of the best and affordable Bistros where you can get yummy and filling meal at a very cheap price, also it is the perfect place to full fill your taste buds after exploring the beautiful Prague city.  The services at Sad Man’s Tongue Bar and Bistro are outstanding and the food is delicious. When you are here, don’t forget to taste the delicious veggie jalapeno burger that will enhance your taste buds for sure.

St. Martin

It is one of the popular and cheap restaurants in Prague that you don’t want to miss at any chance. St. Martin is a very small place with only ten tables, but, it is the restaurant that every visitor wants to come to enjoy by eating delicious food. However, if you want to have dinner at this place, make sure to book your table before and enjoy scrumptious food. St. Martin offers excellent service and a lot of food choices to the visitors. It is a guarantee that you are going to enjoy these delicious foods and wish to come back again and again during your stay in Prague.

La Piccola Perla

This restaurant is one of the affordable restaurants in Prague that offers the delicious Mediterranean and Italian dishes that you will taste great. You can have a delicious meal for less than 8 US dollars, which is 175.26CZK, you will get a yummy pasta dish with authentic flavors that makes you remember the delicious taste for a long time.  The prices are very affordable for the quantity and the quality of food that you get. The service that you get at La Piccola Perla is outstanding, but, make sure to reserve a table before going to the restaurant because though it is a very small but also very famous restaurant in Prague.

Bistro Sister

Bistro Sisters is just the place where you can enjoy yummy sandwiches, and it is for sure that no visitor will leave the place without tasting Bistro Sisters’ sandwiches.  You are sure to enjoy these delicious sandwiches and you crave to have more before you leave Prague. The sandwiches at the Bistro Sisters are creative, tasty, and fresh and also they not just yummy, but very healthy as well. After eating the sandwiches you are sure to feel energized and will be ready to explore Prague more.

 U Magistra Kelly

U Magistra Kelly is the place where you can try all local dishes in Prague. Also, it is one of the best and cheapest places to eat in Prague. The place is filled with great aromas and charming surroundings and the place is surely alluring all the tourists when they pass by the restaurant. You can enjoy feasting the delicious Czech dishes, when you are here don’t forget to try the goulash or the potato and pork dumplings if you want to remember the taste forever.


It is another outstanding restaurant in Prague where you can expect the best and affordable meal.  The restaurant offers all local dishes that may not look fancy, but they taste very tasty and delicious and the affordable prices that make these genuine dishes even tastier. If you don’t crave for fancy looking food, then Ferdinanda is just the place for you where you can enjoy home food.

These are some of the cheap places to eat in Prague. Finding the best and affordable eating place can always help you enjoy your vacation more as it not only help you save money but also fill your stomach with delicious food.


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