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​Why Nobody Dates Women Of Montenegro? And Why You Should!



Why Nobody Talks About The Women Of Montenegro? And Why You Should!

Located in the Balkans, Montenegro is known for a few things – part of former Yugoslavia, beautiful beaches, great mountainous landscapes and stunning girls. It is one of the small, yet modern and beautiful gems of the Balkans.

Whether you visit the country or you move there, Montenegro girls will most likely outweigh everything else. Sure, you can still spend some quality time on a local beach or explore the surroundings, but you will be amazed by the girls wherever you look. But then, how hard is it to actually get along with one?

Dating Culture of Montenegro

Dating in Montenegro is not different from dating in other countries, yet there might be a few differences here and there. Communication is quite important when dating Montenegro women, yet different areas come with different expectations.

City Versus Countryside Montenegro Girls

Montenegro is a small country, yet you should get ready based on where you are. 

City Montenegro Girls

City girls are more open minded. English is usually taught early in schools, so most of them will be able to have a conversation with you. They are not afraid of the unknown and they might find foreigners a bit exotic. Entertainment options in a large city are quite diversified, so you will have to pick dating locations carefully. If you are looking for a one night stand or a short relationship during your visit, you are more likely to find it in a big city.

Countryside Montenegro Women

Montenegro countryside girls are a bit different. They may not be as good as city girls in English, but if you are looking for a relationship, they are generally more loyal. They might be easier to impress because entertainment in a village or a small town is quite limited. At the same time, it takes a bit of extra work to gain their trust, as they are not so used to foreigners.

What to Do on a Date?

Simply put, you need to communicate. Just like other women, girls from Montenegro like to talk about themselves. Pick a quiet location, such as a bar or a pub. Cinemas are not such great ideas, as you cannot talk too much. It is worth noting that girls in Montenegro are more used to having a drink on a first date. Therefore, you can leave the dinner for another date.

Clubs are also not worth it if you are on a date, yet they make a good option if you want a one night stand. Alcohol, loud music, partying girls and lots of fun – girls are more likely to talk to you and even approach you or give you signs when they are into you.

Characteristics of the Women of Montenegro

women from montenegro

Women in Montenegro vary widely in appearance and style, yet there are a few characteristics that can describe most of them. They are normally taller than other Balkan girls and feature long legs. They look quite feminine and have delicate features. For example, they have almond shaped eyes and they are less likely to look aggressive in features.

While this is not always a general rule, most girls are lean, yet you will also find exceptions. If you come from the west, you will be surprised by their looks. There is a natural beauty everywhere you look.

How come? Easy! Local girls have been exposed to the importance of good looks from an early age.

There are plenty of manicure and pedicure salons everywhere in Montenegro, as well as many self employed professionals who work from home. Hairdressing salons are just as popular, not to mention tanning spas, skin treatment clinics and so on. They do pay attention to fashion. Even if you cannot find as many luxury shops as in western countries, they know how to wear their clothes the right way to look amazing.

On a daily basis, women from Montenegro are mostly casual. You can spot them in comfortable jeans and dresses, yet the sports style is also popular. Clubbing apparel is way more different and takes everything to the next level. Girls like to display skin and look sexy, yet it is important not to see their explicit attire as an invitation to sex.

Montenegro girls like to look good all the time – whether or not they are looking for a man. Never make assumptions when approaching a sexy girl. She might be wearing the most revealing dress ever, but she will ditch you straight away if she has a boyfriend or a husband. Use common sense, be friendly and polite if you want to be successful.

Women from Montenegro look better than women from other nearby countries for a few reasons. They have the Balkan beauty, but since Montenegro is a much richer country than other Balkan countries, they also have the tools, services and facilities to maintain their beauty and push it further. Therefore, they look much better than Albanian or Bosnian girls.

Where to Meet Girls of Montenegro

montenegro girls

You can meet girls in Montenegro everywhere. If you are planning to approach beautiful women as you see them, get ready to face some rejections first. Ideally, you should opt for public places, such as shopping malls. You can approach girls in bars too, but make sure they are not out with other men. You do not want any trouble with angry husbands and boyfriends.

Simply go to a beautiful girl, say hello with a smile on your face and ask her if she speaks English. You can then introduce yourself and go on from there. If she does not speak English, move on.

Approaching girls is much easier in a club. As a general rule of thumb, a girl surrounded by other girls is more likely to respond back because she is confident with her friends nearby. Also, you know for sure that she has no male companions – at least at that moment.

Podgorica is the capital and has plenty of choices in terms of bars and pubs. The top rated ones include Street Bar, Blues Bar and City Pub. They are located in good areas and swarm with people on weekend evenings. When it comes to clubs, Velvet, District Club and Mr. Stefan Braun dominate the nightlife in Podgorica.

The Budva nightlife is not to be overlooked either. The small touristic town on the shores of the Adriatic Sea makes a good choice for those looking for entertainment. Trocadero, Top Hill and Night Club K3 are among the best clubs in Budva.

If you are willing to travel around, Kotor and Tivat are among the top rated cities in terms of entertainment and nightlife too. They are smaller than Podgorica, but they are popular among tourists. You will most likely find girls from other nearby countries too – as long as they share the same Balkan beauty, who cares? If you go to Tivat, do not miss The Black Sheep and The Clubhouse. As for Kotor, Maximus will simply surprise you.

The best part about coastal towns is that you can always choose the beach and two takeaway coffees for a first date. Women from Montenegro are naturally romantic, so let them discover this side of yours.

Online Dating in Montenegro

Online dating clears the embarrassment of being rejected face to face. You know for sure that all the ladies there are looking for a man, so you cannot go wrong.


Tinder is a world renowned application – excellent for hookups, one night stands and perhaps a relationship too. It is quick and easy to use – no experience needed. Set some pictures up, a few words about yourself and you are ready to go. On the downside, it is not as popular in Montenegro as it is in western countries, so you will barely find a few profiles.


Badoo can be used both through a website and an application. It is an international website that allows finding someone in no time. It is more popular than Tinder in Montenegro, but it still lacks results. You might be lucky and find your perfect match there, but generally speaking, you are a bit limited.

International Cupid

Every country has its own leading name in terms of online dating. InternationalCupid.Com seems to be the one working for Montenegro. It provides access to the highest amount of profiles in Montenegro. Everything is realistic – no supermodels trying to sleep with you five minutes after you register and before even uploading a picture. It is easy to use and has a mobile version too.

My Final Thoughts

Bottom line, girls from Montenegro are a special kind of breed in the Balkans. They share the Balkan beauty, but they are more modern than girls in other Balkan countries, so they are well maintained. Most city girls speak decent or good English. They are open minded when it comes to foreigners, while the entertainment ideas for dating are extremely diversified. Whether you choose a fancy bar or a walk on the beach with some takeaway drinks, local girls are not too picky and would rather focus on you than the environment.​


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