Meet Girls From Ljubljana: A City With No Male Competition!

Ljubljana girls

Meet Girls From Ljubljana: A City With No Male Competition!


Meet Girls From Ljubljana: A City With No Male Competition

There are no doubts about it – Central and Eastern European girls can easily stand out in the crowd. The Balkan beauty is a mix of far Eastern influences, great genes and perfect bodies that no man can resist to. Ljubljana girls make the difference in Slovenia, one of the counties that belonged to former Yugoslavia. They underline the loyalty of the east and mix it with the modern influences from the west – something that no other culture can match.

Here is everything you need to know in terms of girls and entertainment in the vibrant city of Ljubljana, whether you plan to move there or visit.

Dating Culture of Ljubljana

ljubjana women

No matter where you come from, there is a decent chance you will work out how women from Ljubljana work in terms of dating, yet you may still run into some things that make no sense.

Ljubljana Girls Versus Countryside Girls

Ljubljana Girls

Girls from the Slovenian capital are more open minded than those from smaller towns or the countryside. It is not about the beauty, as the location makes no difference. Instead, it is about how they perceive foreigners and what they are willing to do for fun. A city girl will most likely be more sophisticated, but she will also speak good English and can raise to western expectations.

Countryside Girls

Countryside girls are more loyal, which is great if you are looking for a relationship. Some of them may speak English, but they will be a bit introverted when it comes to foreigners. Sure, you will still look quite exotic, yet they sometimes fear the unknown. This rule applies to small villages, rather than towns and cities.

Why Choose Women from Ljubljana?

Unless you move to a village or small town for the rest of your life, there are no reasons not to choose women from Ljubljana over countryside girls. Furthermore, while visiting, chances are you will never get bored in the Slovenian capital. As for smaller towns, entertainment is quite limited.

How to Approach Girls in Ljubljana

Generally speaking, approaching a girl in a club is the easiest way to score. Girls are happier, a bit dizzy and looking for fun and entertainment. You can also approach a girl in a bar – you could be more successful if she is there with more girls, as she will feel more confident. When doing it down the street, you might want to stick to busy places, like shopping malls. Of course, in any of these situations, it depends on how attractive you are and whether or not she has someone.

It might be much easier to join a dating website or find someone on a hookup application for your smartphone. It clears the embarrassment of being rejected too many times.

Time to go on a date! Confused what to do?

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The dating culture is similar pretty much all around Europe. Go have a coffee during the day – a drink is more common than a meal in Slovenia. Girls from Ljubljana would rather know more about you and your intentions. When compared to western girls, they are loyal and would rather engage into a relationship than have a general one night stand – not always a general rule though.

Dinner is quite common on a second date or just later into the first date, once she becomes more familiar with you. The Ljubljana nightlife is rich and there are lots of clubs around, but there will not be too much chatting around. If you are looking for one night fun only, you might be more successful in a club than if you actually went on a traditional date.

On another note, most people in big cities can speak decent or good English, so you can get along with girls without too much hassle. However, stick to easy words and expect them not to understand everything.

Expect hot summers and cold winters. If you go there during the wintertime, play it safe and go have a coffee or a hot drink in a pub. If you visit in the summertime, a bar with a terrace is just as handy. There are a few beautiful parks in Ljubljana, so you might as well go for a walk after your drink or perhaps get some takeaway drinks and explore the park while having a sip.

Where to Meet Girls of Ljubljana

There are plenty of places to meet a nice looking girl in Ljubljana. Premier Pub is one of the vibrant, yet quiet places where you can have a conversation regardless of the time. Opera Bar and Lepa Žoga are just as attractive. You can chill by the bar and hope to meet someone or take a girl there for a date. During weekend evenings, such places can get a bit crowded and louder than normal. However, they make great places for daytime dating.

The nightlife in Ljubljana is just as attractive. However, when clubbing, chances are you will not make too much conversation due to the loud music. Girls are more eager to talk and dance to strangers though. You will find party girls who can dance and drink all night. Many of them are looking for a pair, which is even better. Make sure you scout them well and do not go talk to someone who is there with a boyfriend or husband. Look for small signs, such as plenty of eye contact and people around her.

Some of the best rated nightclubs in Ljubljana include Klub K4, Makalonca and Gala Hala Club. Keep in mind that Slovenians (and Central and Eastern Europeans) normally go clubbing late. If clubs in other countries open around 9PM or 10PM, many Slovenian clubs open at 11PM. At the same time, no one wants to be the first there, so most people go in at midnight and the party goes crazy after 1AM or 2AM.

Most people go clubbing in small or large groups. If you travel to Ljubljana by yourself, going into a club by yourself can be a little uncomfortable. When everyone else sticks together in groups, you will be there hanging around by yourself. It might feel weird, so in this case, daytime hunting could be a better option.

You can find girls in Ljubljana over the Internet as well. Join local dating websites or use one of the numerous hookup applications for your smartphone. Finding a good girl should be a matter of time only.

Be a bit cautious about approaching a beautiful lady down the street because you do not know much about her. You can do that in a public place, such as a shopping mall or a bar. However, when you do it on a quiet street, you might chase her away.

Best Strip Clubs, Gentleman Clubs and Massage Parlors

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Some men may not necessarily like the hassle of getting a girl the classic way. It involves lots of work, a variable chance of success and more than one date to sleep with her. From this point of view, you can take a shortcut when looking for Slovenian girls. There is plenty of adult entertainment in the area. Prostitution is not illegal, so it is not that hard to find escorts. You are less likely to find them down the street though. Even if you do, it is better to opt for the more refined class for safety.

Up for some quick fun? Head to Ajsha Massage. It is the center of Ljubljana and hosts some of the most beautiful girls in the area. You have multiple package options and girls for every taste – you can even opt for two girls at the same time. Geisha Body Massage features similar services in a calm and relaxing environment.

Looking for a strip club? Hard Core Club is by far the best choice and can easily beat clubs in western countries too. No one will bug you about buying expensive drinks for dancers – even if you choose to do so, they are reasonably priced. It features some of the finest Slovenian women, while the music will keep you fresh. You can even get a taxi and limousine transfers – a full service in one place. Rocco is also a good option for erotic entertainment. You have quality girls, lots of options for food and drinks, as well as a VIP lounge.


As a short final conclusion, women from Ljubljana are above women from other Slovenian cities or towns when it comes to entertainment. They are more open minded, but they are also more modern. They look after themselves and can definitely impress with the right attitude.

Finding a good girl depends on what you look for. If you are after a proper relationship, you will need to search a bit to find the right option – dating websites, meeting girls in public places and so on. If you want a fun one night stand or some erotic entertainment, your options are much more accessible with so many massage parlors and strip clubs around.​


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