Planning to visit the Red light district in Budapest? Use my Guide!

red light district budapest

Planning to visit the Red light district in Budapest? Use my Guide!


Planning to visit the Red light district in Budapest? Use my Guide!

Budapest is one of the classic European city that offers lively nightlife with a heavyweight class. The site includes everything from iconic ruin pubs, underground electronic clubs, raves in the thermal baths, and wine bars. The night gets better in Budapest and the individuals can expect more in Budapest than in other cities.

It is considered that the nightlife at Budapest is the best in the world, however, it also attracts some con artists and a lot of holes in the wall.

Visiting the red light district in Budapest as a part of that famous Hungarian nightlife culture. But have you noticed that there is very little information online? I am sure you are wondering where you have to go, what does it cost, what are the scams and many more worries that might cross your mind.

No problem – I get it. Partying, dating and picking up foreign women can be a bit tricky. Even if you dating game is not going as planned, visiting a red light district and brothel is something you need to plan ahead.

And guess what? I will help you with that! I have been visiting Budapest for years now and in this blogpost I will describe all the in’s and out’s about sex tourism in the capital.

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Know Before You Go – The Budapest Nightlife

When you are planning to visit Budapest, then don’t forget to get your best party pants because the city will give you the best nightlife that you can ever imagine. Budapest is a city that never sleeps. If you spend a day discovering the culture and history of the city, then you might want to take some rest.  Because, most of these pubs, clubs, and bar in the city do not open until late hours, at 18:00 and many of them will be open till the next morning.

But, make sure you have enough money and time if you are planning to spend the entire night. If you want to party till dawn and enjoy the beautiful sightseeing, then you have to stay in the city for a few days. I recommend at least 3 days – Any less and you will regret it for sure.

Visiting The Red Light District

The red light district in Budapest is unofficially around Rákóczi tér and József körút. The Hungarian Government made both legal and regulated prostitution since 1999. This means the visitors are permitted to have an intimacy for money as long as they pay taxes and maintain legal documents as per the law.

But of course things were not always like this. During my stay in Budapest I actually did some research for this blogpost and I found out some interesting facts about the Hungarian sex industry and how it all started.

Girl Friendly Hotels in Budapest

HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Intercontinental Hotel - Click For Rates!Budapest5/5YesNoGreat hotel and location. Hotel lobby en bar full with girls.
Kempinski - Click For Rates! Budapest5/5YesNoAmazing hotel - but very expensive. You will only find high class girls here. Paid and non-paid. The girls are SMOKING hot though!

A quick fact check

According to the reports, it is evaluated that the prostitution industry in Budapest along with pornography produces more than one billion dollars yearly in taxes. But, the local establishments have refused to allocate red-light zones though they have the power to do so for more than eighteen years.

With that being said. Over the years the industry has been moving more and more for the streets and into the apartments. With the uprise of the internet, most girls just rent and apartment with three other girls and do online advertising for their services.

Of course – these are a bit more high level prostitutes but compared to the old days you will find less and less streetworkers. That does not mean they are nowhere to be found. You just have to know where to look.

Street workers

Street workers can be found everywhere. I made an easy overview for you to check out. Make sure you always negotiate about the prices and that you use protection. Most girls come out at around 11pm.


  1.  Szabadkai street. In front of Meridian hotel
  2. Vaci Utca street. Close to the Burger King
  3. Nearby the Sofitel Budapest hotel.
  4. Nepliget Park next to the Planetarium
  5. Intercontinental Budapest


For information only: On average girls ask for HUF 9,000 (30 Euro) for half an hour and about HUF 11,000 (37 Euro) for an hour. On the street the girls are always more expensive. They start pretty high and it is up to you to discuss a final price. They normally start at HUF 22,000 (72 Euro) per hour. Make sure you always have cash with you.

Tips and Safety

However, the red-light zone is not a safe place.

Tourists are suggested to avoid almost all strip clubs, peep shows, or any other kind of entertainments connected to the sex industry. There are quite a few incidents that are connected to tourists, they were robbed, tricked, and sometimes beaten up by huge goons. It is very important to stay safe always, both health-wise and physically if you plan to go to that particular neighborhood.

Hungary also does not have a good reputation for its sex industry, because it is a supply, destination, and transit country for women trafficking from other Eastern European countries just to get sexually oppressed.

Dating Up in Budapest

Not all men are interested in prostitutes. I understand that. It is always a hassle and you know never if you get a girls with good skills or get into a fight with some angry ass pimp. 😉

Over the last few years Dating Up (Formerly known as Sugar Dating) has become more and more popular in Hungary. Especially girls from Budapest sign up to arrangement websites to pay for they rent, college degree or new outfit.

What you get in return for your cash? Well that is the best part as you and the girl can decide that right away! Love, cuddles, massage, sex or just chats.. anything is possible!

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Common Scams

The most common scam that you will encounter in Budapest is that you will be forced to pay very expensive bills. This scam occurs mostly when a group of attractive women approach a group of men and hang out with them. These girls will take these men to their favorite restaurant or bar where the victims will be forced to pay thousands of Euros.  If you don’t have enough money, then the big personality men will take you to the ATM to withdraw the balance.

It is advisable not to go to the clubs that are recommended by an unreliable source. Also, avoid visiting the clubs that looks dingy and empty. Remember, if anybody tempts you to take into an empty bar by offering a good deal, and then stay away from those deals, because some clubs in Budapest are not worth trying as its waste of time.

This happens mostly in dodgy strip clubs and other places. It does not happen often when you visit escorts or well-known brothels.

The dodgy strip clubs focus mostly on stag-do people, which are an easy target as they a most often super drunk and loud. 

Most of the taxi drivers are also into this scam as they will suggest their favorite bar and they will charge a big fair to take you there.  If you face any of these incidents during your stay in Budapest, then call the local police immediately, the number is 112.  Also, make sure to report the incident happened in the Budapest to the Ministry so that they can close the business.

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