How to Impress Beautiful Latvian Women & Girls With This Secret Guide!

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How to Impress Beautiful Latvian Women & Girls With This Secret Guide!


How to Impress Beautiful Latvian Women & Girls With This Secret Guide!

Oh yes! Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder, but a beautiful subject will catch the eye, mind and heart of a critic too. Whenever men, well! Let’s say most men, think about their date they imagine a beautiful, glamorous and a smart woman.

After all, it is a natural tendency of a man to get fascinated to a woman they find pleasing to eyes. If you desire to date a woman with a very pretty face, tall height and hence good profile,

Latvian women are never going to disappoint you. They are claimed to be the best looking European women. Adding more feather to their hat, most of them are highly educated. This factor increases their desirability quotient even more.

Start Your Journey Toward Successful Meeting Beautiful Latvian Women!

Some light on Latvian culture, women and lifestyle

Meet girls in Latvia

Latvia is a country with a fairly small population and there is an imbalance in the gender ratio where the number of women exceeds the number of men by 8%. Many Latvian women choose to settle with foreigners due their lack of trust of men in Latvia. Latvian women are well guarded about themselves and prefer to date gentlemen. Most Latvian women are highly educated, decent and have sophisticated attitude.

The younger Latvian girls are good at spoken English, so it is easy to interact with them. Riga is the country’s capital. When we talk about night life, Latvian night life is very enchanting. The country’s major attraction is its nightlife which is studded with bars, disco, clubs, casinos etc.

The night life here is safe as well as Riga, the country’s capital is no doubt the best place to meet new people and is known for its dating culture. When you choose to date a girl, the place you choose for the hangout says a lot about your intensions. As already mentioned, Latvian girls are guarded and protective about themselves, hence choosing a wrong place for a date might repel them.

Dating culture in Latvia is mostly influenced from the neighboring countries, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. 25% of the population in Latvia is Russian and there are other groups also present in a minority. It is one of the most developed countries in Europe.

Riga was the sex capital of the country for tourists in the past. Divorce rates are high in Latvia and many Latvian men cheat on their spouse and are indulged in Alcoholism. This is the sole reason why Latvian women have less faith in Latvian men and choose to settle with other European men. One thing very good about Latvian girls is that they are not racists and hence are good at heart.

latvian girls
Latvian girls are interested in dating older gentleman when they are focused on a serious relationship.

What will impress her?

For men, Latvian women mostly appear no less than a mystery. It is a bit difficult to understand them. Especially when you are from another country, you never know what they may like and what they may detest. So first of all it is important to understand their nature and how to impress them and what they like and expect from their date.

Latvian women love gentlemen. As they are highly educated hence they desire to date an intelligent gentleman who is well educated. Latvian girls love to celebrate their physical beauty and hence are sort of proud about their good looks.

Actually, there is a reason behind Latvian women being so physically good looking. With an unbalanced sex ratio, there is a huge competition among Latvian females to get a man, hence they put a lot of effort to maintain their beauty and physical fitness.

They will definitely love it when a man complements their appearance in every subtle way. So the key point to keep in mind while impressing a Latvian girl is to compliment her and nicely address her efforts she has put on dressing up.

Latvian women are impressed by men with good fashion sense. So don’t miss anything in your dressing that makes you look well dressed. Like all women on this planet they too have special interests for sturdy men. So if you are well built, your job is half done.

These ladies need to be dealt with a lot of patience and love, they do not trust foreigner men easily. So you need to be patient and genuine with them so that they feel that you are unlike other men and will not take their advantage.

What if you are already interested in marriage? Finding a Latvian Bride

It is quite easy to get a Latvian bride because women in Latvia mostly marry foreigner men due to shortage of men who are good in Lativa.

But keep in mind – Latvian ladies are smart and cannot be fooled so easily. You might want start with a good online dating site first before spending 100’s of USD to travel to Latvia. This Latvia Dating Site is a great way to talk to different types of women from different locations. 

The tag tourist’s sex capital of Riga has made them aware enough and they will know your intentions before you yourself if you wish to objectify them. They will prove to be bold and brave enough if anything unjust happens to them so keep that in mind. 

girls from riga

Where to meet and date Latvian women?

So now we know how to approach and impress a Latvian girl and what not to do. But where to find them? There are two ways-

1) Either you visit Riga, find a girl and enjoy dating in Latvia.

2) There are many Latvian dating sites where you can meet Latvian females and date them.

To be honest – I would not recommend any other city than Riga when it comes to your dating adventures. I stayed for 8 weeks in Riga and also visited the local beach-town of Jurmala.

Riga Girls Vs. Country girls – Is there a difference?

Latvian dating in Riga is mostly short-term. Foreigners have yet not explored long-term relationships with Riga women. When you are a foreigner in a country where you wish to find your date you must first make yourself well aware about the cultural norms of the place.

If you seriously wish to pick a girl for a long-term relationship don’t make the mistake of picking a girl from nightclubs or bar as most of the people there are interested in one night stands. Of course – if that is your thing, Riga (especially old-town) is the place to be!

Let me show you the clubs & bars I enjoyed most!

Riga Nightclubs and bars

Riga girls
There are many beautiful women in Riga. Make sure you carefully pick your next date and you will be in for a blast!

There are a lot of night clubs when it comes to Riga – Especially the old-town is full of big disco’s and bars. I highly recommend you stay nearby the train station at one of the many hostels.

They will have pub-crawls every night and it is a great way to explore the city and meet new people.

During my first weeks I joined 6 pub-crawls and it was great. During the 2nd one I even scored two (just graduated) girls at the same time. Shit, those were the days and it was party after party till 8 in the morning or until we passed out.

Best bars in Riga

Ok, enough trips down memory lane. Let me show you what I learned when terrorizing the Riga nightlife.

Depending on your mood I always recommend you hit the calm bars first. It will give you some time to warm up and already set out some lines for either later at night or for a different evening.

Keep in mind – You can always get a girl’s number and ask her if she wants to meet up later that night or maybe some other time. If the girls is already in your hostel it is even easier!

The best calm bars to get your blood pump going are The Aussie Backpacker Pub and The Armory Club. These two bars are really fun and one has a cool decoration of an old T2 Volkswagen Van and in the other you can hold and pose with AK-47 assault rifles.

Even a night out with just the guys are perfect in these places. Who does not like to hang out with a rocket launcher and with hot blonde busty Baltic women.

For the wild nights you should  check out Riga Black Magic (where I got my 2 students of 18 and 19) and Tim Mints. I do recommend you travel during the summer season but if possible in June. In July and August most local girls will be with their families and the city is full of foreign chicks.

Not bad as back up – but not as fun either!

Guest Friendly Hotels in Riga

HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Check Rates! - Islande Hotel RigaRiga4/5NoNoAll hotels allow girls from outside.
Check Rates! - Art Hotel Laine RigaRiga5/5NoNo
Check Rates! - Radisson Blu SAS RigaRiga5/5NoNo

Final Words

Try taking out your lady love interest to some peaceful and beautiful place where you can sit for long, undisturbed, and have a deep conversation with her. Latvian women are so much a girlfriend material. All you need to do is find the right girl and impress her. Deal gently with her and you are good to go!


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