The Best Characteristics of a Romanian woman? – What to look for!

Characteristics of a Romanian woman

The Best Characteristics of a Romanian woman? – What to look for!


The Best Characteristics of a Romanian woman? – What to look for!

There’s a certain mysterious element in a Romanian woman that is hard to describe. She does carry her self with a flowing grace, and she has an elegance that comes to her naturally as it comes from many years of them practicing ballet and out of wearing those high heels for a long time. Just the way we all like it! 😉

Amongst all of them, the Romanian girls just stand out.Not for one, but many reasons. Some of these reason are  which essentially what makes Romanian ladies wonderful girlfriends and eventually truly awesome wives!

They are not stupid

Romanians are a race who takes education very religiously. All the people from Europe place a lot of value on the attainment of culture and knowledge. Their parents push them to attain a broader knowledge of all kinds of world history, arts and all the different cultures. Most girls are very much open minded and do not reject the others just based on their personal or religious beliefs.

Trust me – You can get into intelligent and thought-provoking conversations with them!

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They have awesome physical features

The woman coming from Romania are very well recognized as some of the most stunning and beautiful looking women in the whole wide world. They seem to have the best metabolisms in the world and are just slender naturally. Their eyes are shaped like almonds, have the fullest lips and their long legs seem to be everlasting. Very different compared to Slovakian women or Bulgarian chicks.

They come in all sorts of bust sizes, but the lips are their prized possession. They got that Angelina Jolie thing going on!

They are not bitching

Most women are friendly and  extremely outgoing. Now, they may look unapproachable (this is probably because they like to keep a resting bitch-face) but once you have taken the time and spent the energy to get to know them, they are in fact very friendly and love to make new acquaintances all the time. The girls have a very positive attitude towards life and people are very grateful. At the same time, they do not like to engage in negative talk about other people. They take it as a sign of negativity. Something that is very commons amongst women from the Balkan area.

They are not predictable

You will not ever feel bored in their company. There is enough personality to keep you entertained for your entire lifetime. They would always have something that they would want to say, and are never ever afraid of saying it (no matter what the circumstances are). You will never know what their next move may be, which in turn means that your relationship will never get bored as they will keep it excitable by their nature of never being predictable.

They know what they want

Slavic women will always end up taking advantage of whatever situation they are in. They understand what it is like to grow when you had nothing, which comes from being raised under a Communist Dictatorship. Hence, they will never be happy to take no as a response, and will end up doing whatever may be needed to get to what she really wants.

They do not depend on you

Eastern European women do not depend on their own men to be taking care of their needs. Their mothers had been very independent in their own times and they thus lead by their own examples. They are very hard working and do understand very well that they can do it all on their own. As a matter of fact, they would rather try and then fail (and then try all over again) rather than asking someone else for help.

They have a sexy accent!

If you have never ever heard the very famous accent of the Romanian women, let us tell you that it sounds a lot like a mix between French and Slavic. Especially when they are trying to speak English, it is the very cutest thing to hear. It is very similar to the accent of Croatian women.

They are very committed

And this is true for almost all the girls from Romania. A girlfriend from Romania is hugely committed when she is in a relationship with anyone. The morals and the values they live by have been strengthened and refined by their parent and their grandparents, and they will go to any lengths to live by them.

They are not at all into playing any sorts of games and are very to the point and straight forward, especially when it comes to matters of love and relationship. This is very different from the Czech dating culture or Serbian girls.

They have been raised into learning how to fix the broken things and not just throw the broken things away. Therefore, you can count on them to stand by your side through the thick and thin. You will always find them standing right next to you in your time of needing their support.

They just love to party

You just do not know what you have been missing if you have never ever gone partying with a girl from Romania. It is almost like saying that you have never been able to go to Ibiza: and once you have, it is never the same ever again. To get to have fun and to enjoy life is really part of their genetic build up.

They just honestly love going to parties and there is nothing that they will not do to make sure that you are feeling comfortable and that you get a night that you would never be able to forget. Trust me!

They are crazy in bed

If you have a girlfriend from Romania, she will always ensure that you are kept entertained the most. They are not defined as wild cats, or minx when they are in the bed for no reason. Never afraid in getting down to try any new tricks to suit the mood. On the contrary, they actually enjoy trying out new things. Their Slavic blood makes them very passionate people in bed and great lovers!

Have fun!

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