Russian Cupid Review : Is It Legit? My Own Personal Experience!

legitimate russian dating site Russian Cupid

Russian Cupid Review : Is It Legit? My Own Personal Experience!


Russian Cupid Review : Is it Legit?

russian cupid review

Russian girls are one of the most beautiful in the world. With their twinkling eyes, slender bodies and golden hair, they can make any man go weak in his knees.

Take if from a guy that has been living in Eastern Europe for years now – Dating Russian girls is not an easy task; they are quite reserved, and it takes a lot of time to get them open up to you.

That “ice queen” reputation is certainly based on something.

Also, they are not very receptive to strangers, so it may be very difficult for you to get to know them when you try to meet them personally and by yourself.

To be honest – when I just moved to Moscow I was struggling big time. The first few weeks were a disaster and I could not even talk the local Moscow girls.

Thankfully – I learned that the secret to successfully dating Russian women is based on two important factors; Knowing the right people (meet friends of friends) and online dating.

This is where a dating site that is exclusively dedicated to Russian girls will be of great help to you. Russian Cupid is one of the leading dating sites that will introduce you to over 1.5million Russian beauties.

I am sure you are asking yourself the following question:

How good and authentic is this site? Will I get scammed?

Read on to know more about my honest Russian Cupid Review.

About the company

Russian Cupid is the product of the reputed Cupid Media brand, which was launched in 2000. This is a niche dating site that focuses on providing its users with the right match when they are looking for partners belonging to various countries and cultures.

This is the leading niche dating site in the world and has many sub-divisions to cater to specific dating requirements of various geographies. Russian Cupid is one of them. Since the Russian Cupid dating site is a product of the highly reputed Cupid Media site, you can be assured of its authenticity and performance.

What does Russian Cupid offer you?

Why should you visit the dating site of Russian Cupid? What does it offer you? Read on to know more:

  • Access to over 1.5million Russian beauties that you wouldn’t have known otherwise
  • Safe and authentic communication tool with the girls that you are interested in
  • Real and genuine profiles of women members
  • Transparent cost structure
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Flexibility to choose among different subscription plans
  • Honest and instant replies from women who are genuinely interested
  • Serious relationship goals, as most of the Russian girls are interested in marriage and kids
  • One of the safest online dating sites in the world
  • Translation of messages into the language you prefer

We have mentioned only some of the basic services that Russian Cupid offers you.  These may differ based on the subscription plan you choose.

Subscription plans and what you get from each of them

russian cupid review and russian women

Yes, signing up to the Russian Cupid site doesn’t involve any cost. It is absolutely free of cost. However, in order to send messages to the girl of your choice you should have a premium account. Almost all the women are registered free of cost on Russian Cupid.

However, the rule is that at least one of you should have a paid subscription plan to send messages to each other. So, you have to sign up for the gold or platinum plans of the site.

Naturally, the platinum plans are costlier than the gold plans; however, it guarantees you improved visibility and the ability to send detailed messages to the girls of your choice. Here is a basic overview of the plan costs and the services you get along with them.

Standard Plan

Cost – Free

Services offered

  • Overall matching
  • Send interest
  • Communicate with girls who have paid for a subscription

Gold Plan

Cost        1 Month -$34.99

3 months – $23.33

12 months – $11.67

Services offered

  • Basic Matching
  • Send Interest
  • Communicate with paying and free members
  • Communicate through live chat, instant messenger
  • Send and receive messages without ads
  • Incognito mode browsing by hiding your profile

Platinum Plan

Cost        1 Month – $39.99

3 months – $26.66

12 months – $13.33

Services offered

  • Basic Matching
  • Send Interest
  • Communicate with paying and free members
  • Communicate through live chat, instant messenger
  • Send and receive messages without ads
  • Incognito mode browsing by hiding your profile
  • Increased visibility and VIP treatment due to improved profile ranking
  • Double profile space
  • Advanced matching algorithms and exclusive search features to get to the exact match
  • Translation services

What do I recommend?

As you can see from the above, when you sign up for the platinum subscription plan, you are more likely to find the woman of your dreams than when you sign up for the other plans. With the platinum profile, you get preferential treatment over the other subscribers and you are treated nothing less than a VIP.

Naturally, your profile gets more visibility and page ranking over other subscribers. When you opt for a 12- month platinum subscription plan, you only have to pay a single amount of $159.99 (which is roughly around $13 per month).

Important tips

The Russian Cupid site is indeed a wonderful place to find Russian girls that match your expectations fully. However, you should follow these rules to get the maximum benefits out of the site:

  • Be very honest with your profile and your hobbies ( include that you smoke or drink, if you do)
  • Don’t lie about your physical features when the site asks for it
  • Choose a display picture that is recent and a honest representation of yourself
  • Don’t rush into anything when you are communicating with the girls
  • Take your time before you initiate to meet her personally

Final Words

Our strong Russian Cupid Review is that it is the safest online dating site that you will ever find if you are looking for a beautiful Russian girl. Here are a few observations that we have noticed while reviewing this site:

  • Russian women take time to open up to strangers.
  • They are always looking for serious relationships and think about marriage and kids when they are talking with a guy on this dating site.
  • You need to be very mature and have a steady income if a Russian girl needs to be interested in you.
  • Don’t register on Russian Cupid if you are looking for casual flings or Russian women for physical intimacy only.
  • Russian Cupid dating site gives you full value for your money. It doesn’t involve any hidden charges and is definitely not a scam.

Register on Russian Cupid right away if you are looking for a serious relationship with a Russian beauty. You can trust the site blindly because of its safety and legitimacy.

P.S – Check our overview of other legitimate Russian dating sites here!

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