​How To Pick Up Polish Girls In Gdansk? I’ll Show You!

girls from gdansk

​How To Pick Up Polish Girls In Gdansk? I’ll Show You!


How To Pick Up Polish Girls In Gdansk?

Natalia Siwiek, Kasia Smutniak and Sandra Kubicka – three of the most common names you will hear about when trying to find out what Polish chicks look like. Interested in getting one of these for yourself? There are more options in Poland, but most sexperts recommend big cities.

It is easy to tell why – girls are more open minded, there is plenty of entertainment, a bit of sightseeing, girls ranging from 7s to 10s and a rich nightlife.

There are beautiful girls in every big city, but ask Polish men and most of them will point at Gdansk. It represents the fourth largest metropolitan area in Poland, as well as the most important port in the country. To top all these up, it features a few beautiful beaches too. Now, what should you know about meeting a local babe and scoring?

How to Get to Gdansk

When compared to other European airports, the one in Gdansk seems relatively small. It depends on where you fly from, but chances are even if there are no direct flights from your city, you can always find a connection. The airport is located less than eight miles away from the city, so a cab ride will not drain your pocket. You can also get a bus or a train.

All in all, some of the top airlines operating in Gdansk include Wizz Air, Ryanair and the local LOT Polish Airlines. Other renowned airlines that send passengers to Gdansk include:

  • Lufthansa
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Finnair

There are a few other options, as well as many charters. Wizz Air and Ryanair are among the cheapest options, yet Ryanair is known for having some issues with canceled flights every once in a while, so it may not be a good idea to book it too early.

Once in Gdansk, make sure you find accommodation in the city center or around it. Why? Pretty obvious – you want to be in the middle of the action, where all the girls, parties and attractions are.

Is It Hard to Hook up in Gdansk?

Hooking up in Gdansk is not hard, but it is definitely not as easy as in Eastern Europe. Basically, girls in Poland are more open minded and educated, especially when it comes to big cities.

You cannot just open your mouth, speak in English and expect them to want your babies.

Instead, you need to push a bit harder. Keep it simple – pretend you are dating girls from your place and you should be alright.

You need to ask them about themselves, show some interest, talk about your hobbies and so on. Communication is the key and no matter what, never criticize or make fun of Polish things. They are allowed to do it, but you are not.

If you are up for one night stands during a short vacation, Gdansk is a great location. You will find girls during the day, as well as during evenings, willing to party the same night and end up in your bed. On the other hand, if you move to Gdansk, dating and starting a relationship is even easier. Polish girls would rather date than have one night stands, yet one night stands are quite common too.

Given the traditional profile of this country, do not expect anything wild to happen right away. Show your manners instead. Open the door for your date and let her go in first. When you first meet her, a kiss on the cheek is always a good idea – unless you are dating a really mature lady in her 60s who would rather like her hand kissed instead.

You are expected to pay for whatever you want to do during the date. Whether you go wine tasting or you have a meal, do not ask about splitting the check – if you do that, it will probably be your last date with that girl.

Where to Meet Girls in Gdansk?

Just like in pretty much every Polish city, the game is almost always on in Gdansk. While often compared to girls from Ukraine or Belarus, girls from Poland are a bit different. They are more educated and not so eager to leave their country with a foreigner. Therefore, do not expect all the chicks to throw themselves at you once you open your mouth.

With these ideas in mind, the game is much better at night. Obviously, the party spirit and alcohol helps girls get loose. Plus, it is much easier to tell who has a boyfriend or a husband, as Polish women rarely go out at night without their partners. The Gdansk nightlife is excellent regardless of what you are looking for – it could be a classic one night stand or perhaps a girl for dating.

However, the day game has its benefits as well. The only problem is you cannot really tell who is hooked up and who is not. Look for girls or groups of girls and go talk to them. The good news is even if you get rejected, at least girls will be polite to you and smile when you compliment them – it is still good for your morale.

Cafe Absinthe is known as the bohemian bar of Gdansk – excellent for evening. During weekend nights, people end up jumping on the tables and dancing. Cafe Kamienica is just as attractive – spread over two levels with lots of girls around. Other bars worth a shot include:

  • High 5
  • Flisak 76
  • Klub Parlament
  • Browar Piwna
  • Jozef K
  • Pixel
  • Amsterdam Bar Beer & Bagels

As a general rule of thumb, most girls in Gdansk hang around the city center. That is where most of the action takes place. On another note, those who rent a car or would like to travel around, should also check Gdynia.

Gdynia is one of the few towns around Gdansk – part of the same metropolitan area – that feel more like holiday. Therefore, plenty of Gdansk beauties go there on weekends to party.

Gdansk has a big university, so there will be plenty of students around. Most of them prefer the city center. On the other hand, you can also hang around parks and areas around the main university – chances are there will be plenty of students around. Wherever you find universities and campuses, you also find inexpensive bars.

If you are looking for a quickie and you do not feel like doing all the work, you can also find girls for sex in Gdansk. Prostitution is illegal, but just like everywhere else, you can find girls pretty much everywhere. Street prostitution is not so common anymore, as most girls rent studios and advertise online or in local newspapers.

On the same note, you can find erotic massage parlors and strip clubs that can provide more than just a massage with a happy ending and a dance.

Best Nightclubs and Bars to Find Women from Gdansk

Just like during the day, the city center goes wild once the sun goes down. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs in the area – nothing in particular, just hang around. Some places have an entry fee, while others do not. Just look for the liveliest places and go in.

If you find a girl, you can also go to a bar, which will most likely be open until early AM on weekend nights. Some bars tend to turn into mini-clubs, so the music goes loud and you can dance. If you want an authentic club with lots of drinks and party people, there are four options in Gdansk to meet Polish women.

Bunkier Club is one of the best options for singles. Night Club Rozi is also worth some attention, not to mention Chmielna 101 Cooltura. Kabaret Ewan is somewhere between nightclubs and strip clubs. You can party and have some quality time, but you will also spot some half naked ladies dancing around.

Polish girls from Gdansk are quite open minded and can be approached anywhere. You do not necessarily need to go in a nightclub. Just hang around the city center and approach pretty ladies down the street too.

Pay attention to her surroundings though – if they have boyfriends or husbands, Polish chicks rarely go out by themselves. This is good news though – you can spot the singles right away. Make some eye contact first, rather than bump into her out of nowhere. Also, always smile.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, Gdansk is one of your best bets if you travel to meet beautiful Polish women. It makes a good destination for vacations, as it has plenty of attractions and one night stand opportunities, but it is just as attractive if you are trying to date.

Just like everywhere else, there are some rules you need to follow. Keep it simple, make eye contact and hang around the right places – there is no way to fail then. It makes no difference if you want casual hookups and sex or an actual relationship.​

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