​Best Massage Parlors In Gdansk – A Quick Overview!

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​Best Massage Parlors In Gdansk – A Quick Overview!


Best Massage Parlors In Gdansk

Gdansk is among Poland’s most populous regions. It is known for being on the Baltic Sea coast, but also for the beautiful girls. Whether you travel alone or with a few friends, chances are you will want to experience some of the local cuisines in terms of women too. Other than that, Gdansk has an old town, a nice architecture, lots of cultural attractions and a rich nightlife.

Some of these activities can be combined. Whether you want to relax or you want to relax with a hot girl, finding the best massage parlors in Gdansk might be the key to a great day. Some of them are all about relaxation, meaning you can take advantage of several other procedures too – excellent if you travel with your partner. Others are more sexual and involve happy endings for happy men.

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Peep Show Fantasy

Peep Show Fantasy is mostly open during the day – 10 hours, from 11AM to 9PM. Opening hours might change during the summertime, when tourists kick in. It is located at Żwirki i Wigury 4, Pavilion 8. It has some of the most attractive women in Gdansk, hence its reputation among the most prolific erotic massage parlors.

There are more types of massages you can enjoy. Would you like to be dominated? Consider it done. How about a tantra massage? Or maybe you would like an oily nuru massage that involves a beautiful naked lady rubbing against your body. An hour costs around 150zl – more or less, depending on what you request. A happy ending is included. If you want more, ask politely upfront.

Salon Masazu Ambrozja

Salon Masazu Ambrozja is also rated as an erotic massage parlor. The good news is girls on site know what they are doing, so you will feel quite relaxed – it is not just about the sexual part. Located in Cygańska Góra, it is open from 9AM to 7:30PM.

You can opt for a plethora of different massages, including niche massages, such as domination, tantra or nuru massages. You can walk in and get a massage right away. Other times, you might need to wait. Once you find the perfect girl for massages, make sure you make reservations or she might be busy. Happy endings are always included. Sex is not always possible and has to be negotiated upfront. An hour normally costs between 120zl and 200zl.

Thao Thai

Thao Thai will take you to the world of relaxation. It is not an erotic massage parlor, so women and couples also come there for a relaxing session. You can choose one or two hours, but you can also opt for a regular pass if you plan to come back often, not to mention company passes. The center is located at Szeroka 86/87 and open 10 hours a day – 12PM to 10PM.

The massage parlor is based on traditional Thai massage – a common option in the Chinese medicine, yoga and ayurveda. It will restore your balance and improve circulation. It can also help against certain medical affections due to the mix of stretching movements and acupressure. Prices vary between 125zl and 300zl, depending on what you need.

Jacques Andre Salon Hair & Spa

Located at Elzbietanska 9/10 and part of a chain, Jacques Andre Salon Hair & Spa is your main choice for anything that involves beautification. Everyone on site is certified. You can opt for a plethora of treatments and not just massages – including hair and skin treatments and procedures.

Massages can be therapeutic, for relaxation, sports, on hot stones, aromatherapeutic, chocolate, slimming and so on. Prices vary widely depending on the type and duration. Many massages come in packages and extend over more sessions.

Arcadia Spa

Located at Na Piaskach 4/2, Arcadia Spa is a full spa center that gives you anything related to relaxation. It is not an erotic massage parlor though. Instead, it provides facial cosmetics, radio frequency treatments, mesotherapy with micro needles, waxing and massages, among many other procedures. Manicure and pedicure are also included – everything conveniently accessible just five minutes away from the old town.

Some of the most common massages include body harmony, fullness of life, nectar of abundance, golden fleece and so on. Prices obviously vary from one type of massage to another, as well as the duration. There is a standard price for most massages – 250zl. However, when mixed with other treatments, prices will go up. The good news is there are plenty of packages.


Located at Bolesława Krzywoustego 24, Teneryfa is a common choice among locals when it comes to erotic massages. It is conveniently located and most girls on site are 6s to 8s, yet a few 9s are also there. Why is it so popular? Most importantly, it is cost efficient. When compared to other erotic massage parlors, this one costs 130zl to 150zl an hour, so it is almost two times less. However, the massage quality is not the best – but after all, this is not why you get there.

Each massage has a happy ending. You can inquire about more – including sex, but do it upfront. This way, you know precisely how far you can go. Prostitution is illegal in Poland, so you will most likely get a negative answer over the phone. Do it in person and things may change.

The price will also be a bit higher if you will get more than just a basic happy ending. The massage parlor is open 9AM to 9PM from Monday to Saturday and 10AM to 8PM on Sunday. Opening hours might vary during the summer season.

Bottom Line

As a short final conclusion, your options are quite diversified when interested in a massage. It makes no difference if you just want to relax or you simply want a happy ending from a beautiful lady. Make sure you research the salon upfront in order to prevent unexpected surprises though.

The list goes further than that, but the above mentioned locations are the best massage parlors in Gdansk.​

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