Interested in Dating & Mating With Georgian Girls? [ A Caucasus Dream! ]

georgian girls

Interested in Dating & Mating With Georgian Girls? [ A Caucasus Dream! ]


Interested in Dating & Mating With Georgian Girls? [ A Caucasus Dream! ]

Yes, there is dating in Georgia, but like in any other culture, in Georgia you should know a few thing or two about their culture and traditions before you consider dating a Georgian girl. Sometimes people from all over the world prefer to date other country people as they feel dating in their native country can be exasperating.

Yes – Get it! We have all been there. That is why you are interested in meeting girls from Georgia, right?

If you answered YES to the above questions you are in the right place!

Georgia has its own customs and culture, so there a few significant things to consider if you are dating a Georgian girl. Let me show you have it is done!

Customary ways of the meeting are still standard

Currently, people feel that meeting someone at cafes, bars, or restaurants is an outdated process in this digital era. But in Georgia this is not the case. It is still common to meet up and start a conversation with someone at the bar while sipping your drink.

Though it is possible to meet a girl in a more contemporary way like  through social media networks, including Instagram Facebook or Tinder. All these applications are widely used in Georgia.

A First Impression

Male counterparts should know that the Georgian girls expect attention from men but at the same time, they don’ like too much attention.

Complicated, right? 

If you want to impress her, then make her know about your feelings, but do not overplay. Before committing anything, let her wonder a bit and maintain your dignity, just like James Bond.

Georgian girls like men dress up to impress them, they love to hang out with well-dressed men but keep it cool and natural. It is important to know that you never try to wear a tank top unless if you have a body like Ryan Gossling.

Remember, Georgian girls, do not like whistling, shouting words like “hey sexy,” or no shouting. Also, don’t use any silly pick-up lines, and most importantly don’t show your macho attitude. Behave like a Ryan, which he did in the movie “Crazy, Stupid Love.”

Dating culture in Georgia

Remember, if you like to date a Georgian girl, and then you should know that the Georgian girls bring their friend on their dates. Be prepared when they come to meet you, and be ready to pay the bill for all of them, for everything, including drinks, cabs, and meals.

Well, there is an advantage as well, you can use her friends to your benefits, if they like you, you can get a chance to enjoy your time with others as well. If you know what I mean! 😉

Also, don’t be surprised, if she gets a call from her mother. Most girls as well boys live with their parents and most parents are concerned about their kids and keep calling them to know when they will be back home. If she gets a call between 10 pm and 11 pm, then that means you date is over for that night, and you can expect to go to bed alone.

Thank god that has not happened to me – but I had a mate who had encountered this little bullshit twice on his dates. Then again, I am not sure of his dates were even 18+ to be honest. 😉

Virgin bride

Georgians have this cultural belief and they still have this culture going on widely in rural regions that a girl should be virgin before she gets married. That is why a wide range of Georgian girls keep their purity and virginity for their future husbands.

Not all, but some of them do!

So, don’t get staggered if you come across a determined girl not prepared to give-in and also, do not get too thrilled if you end up making out. The fact is Georgian girls somehow manage to make out without actually sleeping with you.

georgian women

One-Night Stand

Well, a one-night stand with Georgian women is not possible, but it is not impossible. One-night stands are very rare, but you can try. Before that, you need to learn the art of a glimpse. Look at the woman, but don’t stare, look at her and give a smile, but don’t overdo it, you must give her time.

If she likes you, then automatically she will give you a sign. Don’t take the sign in another way and don’t jump to conclusions, always go slow, the first step is, buy her a drink and ask her for a dance.

Also, focus on her friends, observe if she is alone or hanging out with her friends, if her friends are always around, then there is no chance of her coming with you to your place. So, it is advisable to all men that let the girl make the first move.

Women in Action

However, if the female travelers looking for a relationship or a date in Georgia, then they should know that Georgian men are a bit more modest than you think. And also, you should have your limits on alcohol consumption when you around the local men.

Also, it is important to know what you should wear when you want to date Georgian men. Georgians are very fashionable and they value trendy over sexy.  It is advisable to all women who want to impress a local man, then don’t wear miniskirts or tight skirts and don’t put much makeup.

Georgians appreciate Italian a lot, so stay more realistic and you don’t need to try hard to impress the local men as they get impressed if you come from abroad.

georgian girls

The Gay Scene

Like any place, even in Georgia night-clubs are the best hook-up places. If you are visiting Georgia, then try to meet people at Try Café Gallery located on Griboedov Street. It is one of the best places to start.  If you are not a techno music lover, then it is going to be tough as it is crucial to know that Georgia has a lot of aggressive homophobic manners.

There is a strange paradox in Georgia. You should not kiss a lot on the street and also avoid other obvious PDAs in public areas, streets, and especially near and in churches. However, you may observe that boys will put arms around other boys or they give a little kiss now and then. Though it is very inconvenient to look it is very common in Georgia.

Also, this is the place where the official gay pride events happen, mostly in Tbilisi. However, most of these events held in secret so you are interested you can ask your local friends about venues and times.

Paying money

Georgia is against such services and it is not legal, but there are places where you can find the service, but not advisable. If you still have the urge to get some professional service, then you can find them on specific saunas and streets.

Remember, it is not suggestible at all as street workers are not safe and we don’t recommend any men to indulge in these kinds of pleasures by paying money. The quality of these kinds of services is very low and not decent at all and definitely not recommended.

The current trend in these services is Chinese massage parlors where everything along with the massage happens. It may cost you between 30 dollars and 100 US dollars and don’t expect a classic ROI, in fact, it is the worst investment.  So, it is not advisable to buy specialized services in Georgia.

What happens after?

Once you managed to allure Georgian girl then you surely deserve a cigarette and light-it-up with a relaxed smile on your face. If you do not smoke, then there are chances that the woman does. However, most Georgians girls do not like one-night stands, and they try to change sex into something different, and of course, it is not an issue for male tourists. So, you don’t need to worry about the relationship, because you may not have to take her out on a date again.

You are free to exchange FB profiles, and give some respect to the intimate intercourse, and behave as you care. Georgian girls and boys are very friendly people, and they love to receive you at any time when you visit Georgia.

Tips on where to seek pickups?

The best place to look for a pickup is in the capital: Tbilisi. Visit cozy and small clubs like Art Café Home, Café Gallery, or Mtkvarze where you can find a lot of socializing and you can easily find a possible target.

However, pickup approaches are the same in every night-club, and the girls you meet vary from the type of girls in night-club. Chardin Street is one of the popular places where you can look for pickup, also, ElCentro is also the place that offers more fashionable girls in high heels with heavy makeup, and they are ready to mingle.

These girls expect flirting, and if you are looking for a more casual and liberal partner, then you can find them in the underground techno clubs.

Be yourself

The best advice is, be yourself.  Don’t try to fit into something that you don’t like, and don’t try some stereotype to have a successful date. We will never encourage any individuals to force themselves to be something for anything or for anyone. Never try to force yourself to impress someone or trying to do something that you never want to do and never did before.

Relationships, great sex, and dates all should sync with your personality and it will happen anywhere, either in Georgia or anywhere else.



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