Learn The Truth About Dating Bosnian Girls In The Next 60 Seconds.

bosnian girls

Learn The Truth About Dating Bosnian Girls In The Next 60 Seconds.


Learn The Truth About Dating Bosnian Girls In The Next 60 Seconds.

Bosnian women are very beautiful and obviously, men want to date such beautiful balkan girls at any given time.  Dating these cuties is definitely blameless and sweet, but it is also very hard to get a chance to be with Bosnian women. The Bosnian girls are known for their amazing commitment to what they do, and they have great penmanship, beautiful eyes, and frenzied hair.

They are very beautiful, charming, and smart, BUT should know these important facts about them before you choose to date a Bosnian girl.

Before we get to the wild stories, let me tell you a thing or two about the local dating culture and the characteristics of Bosnian girls.

First things first. Their stunning looks can’t be denied!

bosnian women

Bosnian women try to look pretty and give a lot to appearance. Similar the Russian and Ukraine girls, Bosnia is known for its fast fashion sense and the clothes that the women of Western-Europe wear for special events is considered the normal daily fashion in Bosnia. No matter how rich or poor they are, Bosnian girls will follow the latest trends in fashion and makeup and they try to be modern when it comes to their looks.

They rather drink water and eat dry bread for the rest of the month if it means they can spend more money on their looks. Something that is very common in the slavic culture.

Funny fact; They don’t go to the supermarket without wearing a proper dress, even to small grocery stores in the neighborhood.  They feel that going out poorly dressed or without makeup is not an option

Therefore, when you date a Bosnian woman, then don’t forget to praise their appearance!

A very important thing to remember, never complain and hurry up when she is getting ready.

This is very important to follow if you want to keep your girl in good mood. Trust me! I tried it once and she slammed the door so loud that her cat almost got a heart attack!

Full of attitude.. In a good way of course!

You should know that Bosnian women can be very stubborn. Even though they look amazingly beautiful, they still have full of attitude.

When dating Bosnian women it is essential to stress freedom, equality of will and fidelity to making choices during a negotiation.  Always remember never take any important decision without consulting or involving her. Even if it is your view it should be approved by her as well.

As always – Family comes first!

Bosnian girls maintain a special bond with women in their family.  You should ready to share your royalty with women in her family as it is very important because the Bosnian girl will discuss everything with her sister, mother, or with any other close members in the family.

With everything, I really mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

All other women in the family will do everything to help. You will see that all members are friendly but watchful.

The people are close and everybody knows each other in their town and that is the reason many young ladies feel that dating is a delicate issue. After all, they don’t want to become to talk of the town if they are randomly hooking up let and right with strange foreign men.

Where to start?

bosnian girls

The thing that you have to be concerned about is that Bosnian women can be a bit tricky to approach. How tricky, you ask? Well they value the ‘feline and the mouse’ type of approach.

Which means that you have work to do my friend!

They know that they are very attractive and they wouldn’t allow you to get them easily. You should put a lot of effort into making her get attracted towards you.

During my travels I experienced that these type of women get impresses by the following characetrists in a men;

  • Work hard. Be a good ranked employee or entrepreneur. You don’t have to be Bill Gates but you better not be un-employed either.
  • They love a guy that can cook!
  • Don’t discuss war, because they are trying to forget what happened to their country previously.
  • Gives flowers and candy. Red roses are the best option.

Work VS. Family

Their life partner is more important for them as their labor. If you want to marry a European girl who puts her family first before anything, then you should also follow the same rule. You must be loyal to your spouse and your kids will see their observant mom constantly. European women can go for work and they can do it outstandingly. But, in any circumstances, if she needs to choose between work and family, then definitely she will choose her family first.

What about the English language?

Young Bosnian women who live in big cities can easily speak English; however, ladies from towns are not good at speaking English. Most of them are actually not interested in learning languages. The language boundary can be a problem that keeps you from conveying reasonably.

Dating Bosnian Women Online

There are a couple of methods that you can date Bosnian girls online. There are several famous dating apps and services that can help you find active and beautiful Bosnian ladies who can make wonderful wives.



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