Visit The Red Light District In Moscow – Tourist Guide!

red light district moscow

Visit The Red Light District In Moscow – Tourist Guide!


Visit The Red Light District In Moscow – Tourist Guide

Moscow is the largest capital in Europe and one of the cities with the largest numbers of beautiful women. After all, Russian women are known for their perfection. Some of the world’s top supermodels are Russian, not to mention women in sports, television or music. They have perfect facial features, great bodies and slim waists. What else can you ask for?

However, given its grandeur, Moscow can be overwhelming. Finding the perfect spots for women can be tricky, but not impossible. So, what should you know about the Red Light District in Moscow and what can you find in there?

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Red Light District in Moscow – Where It Is

Tverskaya Ulitsa used to be the Red Light District in Moscow in the early 2000s. It was notorious for the 8s, 9s and 10s – girls from all over the Eastern world used to work there, from faraway Asians to Eastern Europeans. The bad news is it no longer exists. Authorities tried to clean the area and they did a pretty good job.

In recent years, more and more girls move towards free classifieds, Internet ads and directory websites, as well as local newspapers. It is definitely a better idea than hanging around the streets, especially during the wintertime.

Prostitution is illegal in Russia, but hunting girls the right way can keep you out of trouble. It is a flourishing industry, so girls will be everywhere, especially if you have some money to spend.

moscow red light district

There are multiple points where pimps (usually females) bring their best girls and line them up. You can pick a girl, but you cannot have sex there – you need to get to your hotel. These places keep changing, so it might be a good idea to just ask a cab driver to take you to the best one.

Once there, the girls will line up in front of the cab. The driver will flash the lights, so you can choose. Move on if you are not interested. There are probably hundreds of such points all across Moscow.

If you are up for a quickie, top locations for streetwalkers include:

  • Leningrad Railway Station
  • Komsomonolskaya Ploschad
  • Along Leningradskaya
  • Along Tverskaya
  • Dynamo metro station

When it comes to surrounding parts of Moscow, girls can be found everywhere, but especially in:

  • Kashirskoye
  • Kiyevskoye
  • Shchelkovskoye
  • Minksoye
  • Gorkovscoye

Bars and Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Moscow

If you are good looking and confident in your game, you can find casual hookups and sex by using your charm only. Single girls in Moscow are everywhere, yet some bars and nightclubs stand out in the crowd.

Duran Bar, Icon and Artel Bessonnitsa are probably the top rated ones. However, Coyote Ugly will also bring in some nice girls, not to mention Gipsy or Crazy Daisy.

Other interesting nightclubs to meet singles include:

  • Oblaka
  • Jagger
  • Chateau de Fantomas
  • Garage
  • Rolling Stone

Women in Moscow are more relaxed and approachable in a relaxed environment, such as a club or a bar. Once they have a couple of drinks with you, they will be more open minded and friendlier. The simplest rule is to head to the city center and have a room nearby.

Strip Clubs, Massage Parlors and Brothels

911 Aurora is probably the biggest strip club in Moscow. It features more than 50 girls and private lap dances are also part of the game. Penthouse Club Moscow is the one and only Penthouse club outside of North America. It is massive, safe and brings in a comfortable atmosphere.

Other great strip clubs include:

  • 911 Korston
  • Charm’el
  • Polar Bear
  • Bordo Club
  • Babylon Gentlemen’s Club and Bar
  • Golden Girls
  • Rasputin

Many of these places do not take it further, yet it is still worth asking. Get in touch with another man who works there, such as a doorman or perhaps the bartender and ask politely.

Erotic massage parlors will give you a poor quality massage, but a nice happy ending and even more. Ask upfront to prevent disappointment. Top massage parlors in Moscow include:

  • Relax Massage
  • Eden
  • Vanilia

You can find free classifieds for everything, from erotic massage to full action.

As for brothels, they are officially referred to as escort agencies. They are legal – you hire a girl for company. What happens after you hire her is your business – just discuss everything upfront. Some of the top escort agencies in Moscow include Babylon Moscow, Russian Escorts, Sweet Dreams or Queens Palace Escort Agency.

Again, many classifieds and online ads will bring in independent women. More and more women choose to go independent. They rent a flat or they come over to your hotel. They will do anything you want for the right price – discuss your options over the phone.

On a negative note, not everyone can speak English in Russian. Luckily, this kind of industry does not require too much talking – point, ask for the price and hand out the money.

Girl Friendly Hotels

HotelCityRatingEscort in hotelAdditional feesMy Remarks
Check For Best Rates - Cosmos HotelMoscow3/5YesNoBasic but good. Lot of students and working girls in lobby and bar.
Check For Best Rates! - Golden Ring HotelMoscow4/5YesNo
Check For Best Rates! - Novotel MoscowMoscow5/5YesNoBest hotel of Moscow. Lots of Russian women. Also perfect for dates.
Check For Best Prices - Hotels PetersburgSt. Petersburg4/5YesNoAlmost all hotels are girl friendly in St. Petersburg

Tips to Stay Safe in the Red Light District in Moscow

Try to avoid getting too drunk if you are about to pay for sex. You want to be conscious when you reach a strip club or a brothel – it is a matter of staying safe. While Moscow is generally safe, it is important to use common sense. Russians have a bad reputation when it comes to losing it – they do not care about consequences. Simply avoid conflicts and be polite. Do not act disrespectful, even if you are in a larger group of people.

To keep it safe, hang around the central areas of Moscow. That is where most of the hot babes hang around, especially during weekends.

Bottom Line

As a short final conclusion, the Red Light District in Moscow has become history. There was a time when Tverskaya Ulitsa was the main street in the city when it came to sex and passion, but the area has been cleared. Luckily, Russian beauties are still easily accessible all over the capital.​


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