Is It Safe To Date Girls From Sarajevo? The TRUTH Will Shock You!

sarajevo girls

Is It Safe To Date Girls From Sarajevo? The TRUTH Will Shock You!


Is It Safe To Date Girls From Sarajevo? The TRUTH Will Shock You!

When you think about Sarajevo, you inevitably think about the former Yugoslavian country and the war that torn it apart. About three decades later, Sarajevo is a flowing city in the beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are plenty of modern facilities, people are civilized and the girls are simply stunning. Being the capital of the country, Sarajevo is obviously the most modernist city in the country.

Lots of people speak English today and the options for entertainment are countless – both during the day and during the night.

Dating Culture of Sarajevo

sarajevo girls

The more you become familiar with the dating culture in Sarajevo, the easier it becomes to fully explore Bosnian girls.

Sarajevo Girls Versus Girls from Other Towns

Sarajevo girls are capital city girls. Just like in most other countries, capital cities are more advanced than other towns. From this point of view, people are also more open-minded and can enjoy more things for entertainment. 

  1. 1.) Dating Sarajevo Girls

Women from Sarajevo make no exception from the rule – living in the capital adds to their modern status. They embrace different things with an open heart, so a foreigner will always get more attention than a local. Since the country is not in the EU (although it applied in 2016), people from Bosnia do not have the opportunity to travel too much around Europe, so foreigners represent a different kind of breed in terms of exoticism.

The good news is that locals speak good English. Even if it is not perfect, you can easily get along with girls as long as you speak slowly and use easy words. Most of them can easily understand and express themselves, so going on a date should not be a problem.

2.) Dating Girls from Other Towns

When compared to Sarajevo, girls from other towns are not so open-minded. They speak less English (the smaller the town or village, the less English they speak), yet these areas have their benefits as well. They are not used to the big city life, so pleasing them is easier. Other than that, if you look for a relationship, countryside girls are normally more loyal.

A good mention is Mostar, but keep in mind that must of the girls here are Muslim. Therefore, the dating game won’t be that easy compared to Sarajevo.

Importance of Religion for Women from Sarajevo 

Religion plays an important role in Sarajevo. The majority of the population is Muslim. Religious Muslims will not date men who do not share the same values. At the same time, they would rather engage into a relationship than spend a fun one night stand. Obviously, it depends on how open-minded they are and how important religion is for them.

There is also an impressive percentage of Christians – they are more keen on dating foreign men. Also, they are more likely to date people from other religions.

Where to Go on a Date?

Well-  Ain’t that the question of the day?

Your options for dating Bosnian girls are quite diversified. If you are interested in a proper date and a relationship, you need to communicate. There are lots of bars, pubs and restaurants around, as well as parks for a good conversation. The cinema is not a good idea, as you cannot talk too much. If you are a foreigner, you might as well visit some of the top attractions in the area and have a coffee in a pub – it makes for a great day out. 

One night stands

Two words: Sarajevo nightlife!

If you are looking for one night stands or casual hookups, clubs become a better option. There is plenty of alcohol, so pretty much everyone is in a good partying mood. There will not be too much communication, but at least you will find more girls interested in just having fun.

It pays off going to a club with one or more friends – being by yourself will feel a bit uncomfortable when everyone else is in groups. Especially if she is already with a group of friends.

Where to Meet Girls of Sarajevo

girls from sarajevo

If you are not sure where to take a girl from Sarajevo, play a safe bet – take her to a nice bar or pub and have a good conversation. Girls love being listened to, so ask questions and share some details about yourself every once in a while. Zlatna Ribica is one of the best rated bars in the area. It is a cozy casual cocktail bar open during the day as well.

City Pub makes a good choice as well. It has a warm atmosphere and looks warm and comfortable. You have good music in the background at just the right volume to give you some privacy without making the chat uncomfortable.

Pink Hudini is not to be overlooked either. It has a more intimate atmosphere and makes a good starting point for a date.

The Veliki Park makes a good choice if you have a sunny day and you want to spend time outdoors. Grab some takeaway coffees and take your date around the park for a fresh walk and a good conversation. You can also try Pionirska Dolina for the local zoo, some rides and a good laugh. Nothing feels better than riding all those attractions and having a walk before grabbing some food at a local restaurant.

Remember this: Drinks over meals!

It is worth noting that most girls would rather choose a drink for the first date than a meal, so do not invite them for lunch or dinner, but a coffee. Inviting a girl out for dinner will take her out of her comfort zone. You can do that once you two are familiar one with another – whether on a first date after a drink or a second date.

You have a few good options in dining, with Apetit Restaurant being the top rated choice among locals. It is casual and nicely organized for some privacy. Karuzo is more elegant and requires more attention. It is the kind of place where you take someone to impress. Other casual restaurants in Sarajevo include Mala Kuhinja and Klopa.

Welcome to the nightlife of Sarajevo

When the night kicks in, Cinemas Sloga is probably your best option for Sarajevo nightlife entertainment. It is one of the most vibrant nightclubs in the area, closely followed by Monument and Underground Club. Expect to hear lots of house and dance modern songs and hits. A club is not a good option for a first date, as there will be close to no communication. It is different if you go to a club and you meet a girl there though.

On another note, the effects of alcohol are obvious and beneficial when clubbing. Women from Bosnia are more likely to have fun, socialize with strangers and experience something different when in a club. They are in a good mood and easier to socialize with. Just like in any other club, keep an eye on your potential targets first and make sure they are not there with their boyfriends or husbands.

Best Strip Clubs, Gentleman Clubs and Massage Parlors

Sarajevo may be a capital, but it is not as diversified as other big European cities when it comes to adult entertainment. When getting a massage or attending a striptease show, you want quality, cleanliness and safety. There is only one place in Sarajevo that can raise to such expectations.

Cabaret Gentlemen’s Cristal Club is the optimal choice for those who want some quick fun, without having to go through the hassle of finding a girl on their own. It is the first strip club in Sarajevo and is designed after similar clubs all around the world. It is located in a safe area, close to two popular hotels among tourists.

You can sit next to the stage if you want to communicate with the girls, but you can also take a seat back and enjoy from the distance. You have private booths if you want a lap dance, a private show or a sexy massage. While you can use real money too, the club has its own money, which can be purchased with real money.

While you can find smaller strip clubs or massage parlors for adult entertainment, Cabaret Gentlemen’s Cristal Club is probably the only option worth some attention in terms of safety, hygiene and entertainment.

Final Words

Bottom line, you need a plan to get one of the beautiful Bosnian ladies into your life or bed. It depends on what you are looking for – if you want a relationship, it might take a bit longer than normally. You need to put in the effort and work, meet the right girl and take your time.

If you are looking for an exciting one night stand, it might be a bit easier, yet Bosnian women are not so much into this kind of entertainment. You need to find the right place and the right woman, then say the right words.

Each form of dating has its own recommendations – go to a cozy bar if you want a classic first date or reach to a vibrant nightclub for a more open minded interaction. Whichever your option is, just like most women, Bosnian ladies like sharp and elegant men, so get your best shirt and put some cologne around your neck.


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