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Are Croatian Women Easy To Pick Up? [ My 4 Week Experience ]



Are Croatian Women Easy To Pick Up? [ My 4 Week Experience! ]

The Balkan area is always something that fascinated me. I am not sure what it is exactly but ever since I saw those beautiful pictures of the Adriatic coastline next to Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, it instantly become a favorite on my travel bucket list.

In the summer of 2017 I was able to get 4 hours week off my work in Kiev. It was well deserved as my entire team worked incredibly hard and everybody was in need of a break. Normally, during the summer period we experience the low-season. All the customers are enjoying their family holidays and for me it was the perfect chance to explore the Balkan area.

And of course meet some hot Balkan women! Well, Duh!

My first stop was: Croatia! I flew straight from Kiev to Zagreb and decided to visit a few cities during my stay. I wanted to see the capital but also the famous beach towns and party islands.

Croatia is a beautiful country where you can find several beautiful East European brunettes and blondes. The Croatian women mostly have a Mediterranean complexion like a natural tan with light olive skin. It is absolutely stunning to see this crossover of hundreds of years of cultural influences show off their amazing legs and asses in mini-skirts and high heels.

I instantly knew that the legends were true: That the women from Croatia are best described by their elegant and graceful look with long necks as it highlights their attractive bodies. As my first stop was in Zagreb, I noticed right away that  a lot of women look like models and that you don’t find any obese Croatia women.. like at all!

The first three days were all about sitting in the sun, drinking cheap beers with my mates and checking out the ladies. No score, no action.. but a great way to relax! After all, I still had 3 weeks and 4 more days to go!

croatian girls
Welcome to Croatia!

Physical Features

Let me tell you a thing or two about Croatian girls and their stunning physical structure. You see –  most of them are thin and tall, which is one biggest attribute  these girls have that make men like us go weak on their knees.  They look beautiful when you see them closely, feminine, and sexy brown eyes. For some reason, I did not meet a single girl that had blue eyes. Could be a coincidence, but it did not matter to me.

If I could compare them to another group, I would see the resemble Czech and Baltic women the most. The seem to put in the effort to stay in shape. However, Croatian women usually have smaller breasts. Sorry guys, no Russian curves over here.

What did I experience during my 4 week stay?

The dating approach of Croatian Women may surprise you, in fact, approximately 70 percent of Croatian women are happy to date other men even if they have boyfriends already. Shit – Yeah that almost sounds like Western woman, right?

Well – Yes and No. I noticed that it is more a question about them loving themselves and insecurities than them not loving their boyfriends.  These women are very open-minded and love to get male attention.

Your first question should be..

So, if you want to date a Croatian girl, your first question should be:

Hi, do you have a boyfriend?

They will not lie about it, but for some reason they don’t seem to care much. Sorry, ladies that was just my experience during my visit. They will say “yes” and still ask if you want to hangout. However, if you are looking for a committed relationship, then you should be clear about your relationship goals. But, if you are into multiple relationships then you can go ahead and have a good time.

Does age matter?

Young Croatian girls are easy to flirt with as they are more easy-going compared to older Croatian women. If you want to be successful in dating, you should know that the perfect age-range is between 18 and 24 years old. Choosing this age group is not because she is more attractive and younger, but because she is more blasé than the older group. The Croatian women who are over 24 years old like to date rich men and get settled, which means they mostly look for a stable relationship.

If you are looking for relaxed relationships, then date younger Croatian women who will have the same mindset as yours. Also, younger Croatian women are happier to have casual relationships, particularly with Western men.

Also, the younger Croatian women allow you to approach at any time. This is because they love male attention.

The west has the edge!

Western men usually have a better viable edge.  If you are from a Western country like the US or the UK, then you are sure to have a lovely time in Croatia as it is obvious because the Croatian women love western men. Most of these beautiful Croatian girls are happy to speak in English as they learn English from a very young age. Also, if you feel Croatia women interesting, then they also see the same in you, which means the attraction, is mutual, and you will have an amazing date for sure.

Daygame VS Nightgame

You can approach Croatian girls during the day as well as at night.  Gradually start the conversation, and stay away from the women who give you a hussy look. Even if they look drop-dead gorgeous, stay away because they are generally not good. Nobody likes to waste their time, right?

Like in any other country, girls go out with their friends. Don’t be surprised to see a group of girls or two girls walking together on the streets of Zagreb or Split.

Even if they are with friends, you can still approach them. Select the best from the group and tell frankly that she looks sexy and beautiful.  You can directly ask them to join you for a cup of coffee as you don’t need to sugarcoat anything, Straight to the point is what they like. This might be a bit intimidation if you are an introvert – but practice makes perfect. And if you don’t do it, some other guy will!

Once you hooked a girl,  you should ask a bunch of questions for the first twenty minutes or so. All the basic stuff like ask where she lives, and tell her why are you there and what are you doing in Croatia.  This kind of conversation can lead you to take your topic further and plan for a night game at her place or at your place. I noticed that these girls lose interest quickly, therefore you want to invest no more than 20 minutes to see if it is going anywhere.

Otherwise, move on!

They act like a lady

Croatian girls are very feminine, and they are always ready for westernization. These girls like to wear heels and they love to do make-up a lot and try to allure Western men with their gorgeous looks and shapes. Very similar to Russians and Ukrainians.

Don’t get me wrong – Most of them are darlings, but you will surely encounter a few with negative attributes. These girls can be picky, crass, lazy, and very critical. In my opinion – They are pickiest girls that you might have encountered in your life. And that is kind of ironic as they have no issue talking to you when they are already in a relationship.

Also, these girls do not hesitate to comment on your physical flaws opens and not just that, they judge you constantly, but also they will do it in tactless terms. If the girl has more confidence the more she will show her negative behavior traits.

Thankfully, I can count these negative encounters on one hand. If you do encounter such a women, turn around and just walk away. F*ck it, and find a new chick.

Party scene and one night stands.

Men who want to date Croatian girls for a one-night stand, and then they should look for them in Zagreb the capital city of Croatia. In summer, the best place to visit is great islands such as Korcula, Hvar, Split, Zrce, where you can enjoy beach parties all through the night. On these islands, you can find a lot of tourists as well.

Worst place to go? Dubrovnik! I loved this city for its architecture, beaches and scenery – but goddamm is it a boring place when it comes to picking up girls. If you are into Asian, you will have a blast as every 5 minutes you will see a new Game Of Throne Tour Bus stop full of Asians.

What About Mature Croatian Women?

The older women attitude is rough, and they like to play a lot of games, and the major irritating part is they try to test you constantly. In reality, these women start behaving weirdly as they believe that younger counterparts are their biggest competitors. Sometimes dealing with them can be very annoying and in simple words, they are a pain in the ass that is why to choose the girl between 19 and 30 years old so that you can have some fun.

Long story short – I would not bother with anything over 30.

Final Words

Remember, Croatia is not like other Eastern European countries where women are usually honest and upfront with their intentions. But, the Croatian women play you like anything if they get the opportunity, particularly the higher-end venues. In general, if you find a lady without a hussy look when you approached her for the first time, then it is clear that you can buy her a drink and start the conversation.

Good luck!

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    • You have come to the right place, Evan. Take a look at this blog and read as many blog posts as you can. They will provide you with great tips on how to meet girls! 🙂 Good luck!

  1. I’m looking to visit the best city in Croatia, looking for the best time to visit. I’m looking for the best sandy beaches and three best cities for finding the most women. I’m 62 years old, and still active. How do younger Croatian women between 25- 35 years old view older men? Is it considered a taboo subject?

    I’m also an American who happens to be black. Is that a deal breaker in finding and meeting Croatian women? Please share your thoughts about how best to approach the situation. Thanks.


    • Hi Larry, unfortunate that is way out of your range. You might get lucky, but almost 30 years younger? I don’t see it happening to be honest.

    • They are a quite racist agains their own people let alone other ethnicities. You will be prejudiced against . It will be quite annoying . You may get lucky but it’s stacked against you .

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