Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Prague [ Take A Girl Back to The Room ]

girl friendly hotels in prague

Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Prague [ Take A Girl Back to The Room ]


Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Prague [ Take A Girl Back to The Room ]

Congratulations! You hooked up with that Czech beauty from the bar or you decided to pick up some nightly entertainment in one of the clubs. Whatever your choice might have been – it is now time to get the party started in your hotel room. You take the girl through the hotel entrance – but all of a sudden you are being blocked by the receptionist.

They will say that the girl is not allowed as the hotel does not allow any guests to the room.

Shit! – You made the classic mistake of not checking beforehand if you are staying in a girl friendly hotel!

And because of this mistake you have to send the girl back on the streets and you will be having a “solo” adventure up in your room. Thankfully, I will describe in this blog post the best girl friendly hotels in Prague.

That way you will never have to encounter another lonely night in Prague again! 😉

Do You Want A Hot Sugar Baby Czech Girl Waiting For You Once You Arrive?

Where to stay in Prague?


Location: Wenceslas Square

This beautiful hotel is located on Wenceslas Square. It is located about 500 meters from the Old Town Square and just a 5 minute walk from the public metro station. What I like about this place is that the bathrooms have a bath and a separate show. Perfect for your dates!

They also offer massages  – but please keep in mind that these are traditional massages. Not the ones you a probably looking for. The staff speaks English very well.


Location: Wenceslas Square

This classic hotel is located at Wenceslas Square. It is right next to the Czech Opera building. The public metro is only 5 minutes away. The rooms are pretty luxurious and come with a big flat-screen TV and a mini-bar. You will also find a lot of single girls in the bar down-stairs.

It is just as nice as the Ambassador hotel – but the cuisine is different. If you like the French kitchen, this is the place to be.

Radisson Blue Alcron Hotel

Location: Wenceslas Square

This is an easy one. Everybody knows the Radisson Blue hotel chains and they always provide excellent quality. They are also located at the famous Wenceslas Square – which makes it super easy to pick up women and take them back to your room.  The price is a bit higher compared to other places – but that’s why it is such a popular brand. They provide Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y!

K+K Hotel Fenix

Location: Ve Smečkách street 30

Good place – Also a lot of girls in their lounge bar. It is also located on a side-street next to Wenceslas Square. It certainly has the best gym of all the hotels. So if you like to work out after a long night out, you are in the right place.

Food was good, but traditional. Thankfully, I love the Czech kitchen so if you are interested in local food, this hotel is the perfect choice. The public transportation is a bit far though. You might want to book a taxi or decide to walk for 500 meters with your luggage.

Hotel Central

Location: Old-town square

Simple budget hotel. You get what you pay for and you can compare this place to Ibis hotel chains in Europe. It is located a bit further for the city square and you will need to take a taxi or bus to get to the bars and clubs.

Hilton Prague

Location: Pobrezni 1

Ah, HILTON! – Who does not know this famous brand. Although Paris Hilton is not included, you might find a look-a-like in one of the many bars located nearby. The location is perfect and as always the service is as well. It is one of the most expensive places of the list.

Crowne Plaza Prague

Location: Koulova 15

Great place and a good bar.  Duke’s Bar & Café, which looks out to Paris street, and serves delicious desserts. It is a located a bit for from Old Town Square. You will need to take a taxi or walk for 500 meters. The walk is not bad as it takes you through some amazing authentic streets that really shows the classic architecture of Prague.

P.S – Policies can change. Make sure you always check before you make a booking if the “guest friendly” policy is still intact. If you are interested in finding a date, check out the best czech dating site on the internet today!

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